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  1. Looks like I'm good for this weekend, preference for Mech, but anywhere I can fill in gaps is OK. DBoy
  2. Mech please, or anything else really. DBoy
  3. As my PC has locked up and disconnected on 3 out of the last 5 missions and was acting up in last weeks mission I am going to spend this weekend doing a complete windows rebuild. So I'm out for this one I'm afraid. DBoy
  4. Ummm, tank please. DBoy
  5. Happy to help :-) DBoy
  6. I had this once, for me it turned out that at some point the system pagefile had been set to a fixed size which was less than the amount of RAM installed. You could check your pagefile settings, which are buried under - control panel - system - advanced - performance - advanced - virtual memory, probably best to have it set to System Managed Size. DBoy
  7. But less so for Recon if I'm a week late!! DBoy
  8. Ummm yeah - for some reason I misread the title and thought it was next week
  9. I see that Mech Inf is now full, so I'll go Recon instead DBoy
  10. Mech Inf please. DBoy
  11. Mech Inf please DBoy
  12. I'll take Marder A33 and keep the mech inf/recon team run going :-) DBoy