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  1. 1. No 2. Its under ground clutter on the terrain types in the theme editor.
  2. I've uploaded an alternative version of the height map made from 30m srtm data sampled at 12m. Link to follow.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Another version of the Golan Heights revised Height map. This is made from srtm 30m data re-sampled at 12m
  4. Thanks
  5. yes
  6. Suweon-Osan too
  7. 2 i think.
  8. yes its a new change which was required because of some changes to the handling on infantry.
  9. Only the PL or PSg of an infantry formation (mounted or dismounted) can have/use it.
  10. just timed it at 17seconds with wisent arv.
  11. Is now fixed (our end) Thank you!.
  12. Catch up with me on TS at some point and I can probably help you.
  13. Will check it out. Thanks.