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  1. The terrain isn't the problem. What is being asked for is someone to digitize all the roads (and other potential vector objects ) by hand. This is a massive amount of work (I know i have done it before).
  2. Well the problem is that it would require 100% manual digitizing there are no shortcuts available. You could be looking at several months plus to do the work and I simply don't have that time available.
  3. There is an order in which SB checks for vehicle textures to the best of my knowledge:- nb: when I say theme I mean other than woodland (ie desert, winter, autumn). [Mods](theme)-(nation) (theme)-(nation) [Mods](woodland)-(nation) (woodland)-(nation) [Mods](theme) (theme) [Mods](woodland) (woodland) So for example if the scenario is on a map with a desert theme with a US side SB will look in:- Mods Desert/us Desert/us Mods Woodland/us Woodland/us Mods Desert Desert Mods Woodland Woodland it will use the first texture it finds.
  4. Sorry I mis-read your post I thought you were replacing the infantry textures.
  5. Be aware we did spend a fair amount of time researching the colours for the original files.
  6. You keep bumping this. Are you going to do all the digitizing required?.
  7. will investigate. Thanks
  8. Will investigate. Thanks
  9. Hi Rotar. Pretty sure this is in BZ but I will check. Thanks.
  10. https://www7.ncdc.noaa.gov/CDO/cdopoemain.cmd?datasetabbv=DS3505&countryabbv=&georegionabbv=&resolution=40
  11. Just a note. Be a bit careful with changing individual tanks in a nation. Where there is multiple units present for that nation we tried to keep them using a common / generic camouflage pattern and colours. While this isn't entirely correct we are faced with a one size fits all paradigm. If you change one vehicle in a set it will no longer match the other vehicles. The other option is making textures for all of the vehicles in a nation and that is a lot of work (I know!!).
  12. What paladin says here is important and probably got missed.