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  1. I do but it's not mine to distribute.
  2. Why not a T-55?.
  3. in TS there is a Scenario design help channel. If you get stuck go in there, put something like "Need help" at the end of your name if you don't see anyone around.
  4. ok thanks.
  5. What is the R for? I assume Radiation but isn't that covered by the N (Nuclear)?.
  6. Unfortunately there isn't a lot of public domain data for that region (that I can find). There may well be a Korean GIS source but I don't speak korean.
  7. No one made a terrain for it. That was Elf's project ad he hasn't been around in years.
  8. already in the install.
  9. Not I as I still have it installed.
  10. Best moment for me with cold waters so far was wiping it off my HDD.
  11. I'm not exactly sure why you are quoting me here. I was just explaining to Nike Ajax why its unlikely you will see LIDAR data based maps (for the community), at least in the short term. I'm not going to be making anymore community request maps until the New Terrain engine is closer to release. Partly because I don't have the time at the moment. The other factor is that there is little point making maps for 4.x, with the NTE they will all need converting to new formats. I have enough of those to do without making more work for myself. For me the map making process is this:- Accumulate Data. For a standard map I go and collect the data I need Height data from SRTM or NED/NEMA (10M US data). For Vector data my first stop tends to be Open street map or one of its data access sites. Process data. This is to make sure it is all in the right projection also to separate the data types into their relevant categories (Roads, rail, buildings, terrain types). I remove any extraneous data and then aggregate the data into similar types (SB types that is). Create the Heightmap in SB Pro, Load a theme and import the basic terrain types ( separated in stage 2) Load the map as created in stage 3 into my SB mapper Pro program. In there I can import Roads and have them automatically join sections together. This is a necessary step which used to be a long and tedious task. In SB mapper Pro I can also import walls and, if the data contains suitable data, import building files. Various tweaks and effects can be added too if i want, again using SB mapper pro.
  12. Hmmm LIDAR is sort of a mixed bag. It takes quite a bit of grunt to process it (preparing for an sb map). There is not a lot of it available in the public domain, some countries make the data available (Sweden and a couple of others). The map sizes are going to be HUGE unless it is a very small map.
  13. One thing you might want to check too. When using a jump to end route which ends in a battle position it is best to make the route multi node and have the last leg in the direction you want the unit facing. This may have been fixed but it always used to be the case. Because instead of spawning at that BP they are Arriving at it.