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  1. M113, Battle of Marawi

    Do they look to you as if they know shit about maintenance?
  2. 4.023 FASCAM FUBAR?

    Well that was intended humorously.
  3. 4.023 FASCAM FUBAR?

    2 words.. USER ERROR!!!!. Just checked the AAR the Fascam falls around 3-4 minutes into the mission and correctly self destructs at 33 minutes.
  4. 4.023 FASCAM FUBAR?

    Thanks. Will investigate.
  5. 25mm Bushmaster STAB question

    Thanks!. trying to work out which is the correct behaviour.
  6. 4.023 FASCAM FUBAR?

    Yeah sorry, Didn't spot the post. Can you upload the scenario file as well please.
  7. Shot' Kal ammo indexing?

    and then it's the other way round when the enemy is in the open and it keeps going to AP when HESH is better.
  8. 25mm Bushmaster STAB question

    I think you'll find the AI are just using superfast manual traverse
  9. 25mm Bushmaster STAB question

    It seems like this might be intended. The ASLAV-25 and the Bradley have the same effect. This is to the best of our knowledge how these vehicles are.
  10. 25mm Bushmaster STAB question

    Will investigate
  11. Shot' Kal ammo indexing?

    OK Huge difference on the tank range where penetration isn't considered. If a round hits it kills. Its a very different thing when you are in a real fight then you are wasting ammo on the whole with either round @2000m.
  12. Shot' Kal ammo indexing?

    or trust the TC... In most cases given a Shot kal and a t-55/t-62 as a target HESH is the better choice.
  13. Gudauta Map?

    No, it's a private project.
  14. SB 4.023 - Overhead view dust and exhaust visiblity

    Will check... thanks
  15. Gotland, SE map

    I think it would make the file too large for feasibility.