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Everything posted by DarkAngel

  1. Should be fixed for next version.
  2. Does it have smoke launchers which aren't on the OWS?. I will have a look at it. thanks.
  3. not possible. you can only have trees as forest or individuals
  4. you can add stand alone tree objects
  5. In the system but not fixed yet. The apparent workaround is to click on a different graphic and "Send all".
  6. I think this has already been fixed. I will check. Thanks
  7. Using my well documented psychic powers.... I will CO red
  8. 14:00 clocks changed in US
  9. How are you establishing that it is removing the Navmesh?. I am seeing the file size reduction but there is no way to verify that it is in fact the navmesh which has gone. I still get the purge navmesh option but there is no Add navmesh option (it is greyed out).
  10. Will investigate... Thanks.
  11. It's more about things which would change the underlying height data.
  12. template uploaded
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Dejawolf's T-55 Template (A few of my camo layers are in it too)
  14. I do but it's not mine to distribute.
  15. Why not a T-55?.
  16. in TS there is a Scenario design help channel. If you get stuck go in there, put something like "Need help" at the end of your name if you don't see anyone around.
  17. until
    OpFor Meeting and Training.
  18. ok thanks.
  19. What is the R for? I assume Radiation but isn't that covered by the N (Nuclear)?.
  20. Unfortunately there isn't a lot of public domain data for that region (that I can find). There may well be a Korean GIS source but I don't speak korean.
  21. No one made a terrain for it. That was Elf's project ad he hasn't been around in years.
  22. already in the install.