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  1. Afghanistan Recon

    Version 1.0.0


    Marine Corps armored recon in Afghanistan. LAV company with attached mortar and tank support.
  2. African Coup M1A2 SEP

    Version 1.0.0


    Army factions have joined rebels in coup. Fight your way to the capital (Objective) so follow on forces can clear captial. Get 4 or more units into objective and hold for 5 minutes. Expect regular and unconventional forces, possible mines/IEDs etc. 3 X M1A2 Platoons w/CO 3 X MRAP mounted infantry platoons 1 X M109 Artillery battery (3 tubes) 1 X M981 FIST FO Supply and ARV support.
  3. Bug-Transparent Graphics

    Transparent graphics display as yellow.
  4. Custom vehicle controls

    Example. For the Leo, I want button "1" to be dynamic lead, and button "6" to fire. I want button 1 to "fire" for the M1s. Fire command is shared by all vehicles, and cant be independently programmed for each vehicle. There are other commands like this as well. Like views....I want ALT-F2 to be "x" button in one tank, but "z" button in another (The M60 has 2 primary sights, no other tank does). ALT-F2 is shared among all vehicles. We need to have seperate control setup files for every vehicle.
  5. Custom vehicle controls

    Is there a way to assign different keyboard/joystick controls to different vehicles, without overriding common default controls of other vehicles?
  6. Aiming advice for the Leopard 2E

    Not necessary to hold lead on the GPS. Hold the lead/moving target button while tracking the target, then laze and fire.
  7. Sound Problem (4.019) [solved]

    Solved. Problem was with headset only. Updated drivers for Logitech G360 software, did the trick.
  8. Sound Problem (4.019) [solved]

    Engine and gun sounds not present in external view. No engine or gun sounds in unbuttoned commander position. No crew commands being heard in any position.
  9. Control Axis (foot pedals)

    I use foot pedals/rudder for other games. Steel Beasts recognizes them, and I have an uncontrolled view spinning around (toe axis, both toes, one is horizontal, the other is verticle). I dont see any axis assignments in steel beasts to modify. I would like to stop unplugging my pedals everytime.
  10. No mouse pointer

    I figured out my fix. Windows scaling, I set it to 125 percent (was set to 150). You will need to reboot system after changing setting.
  11. No mouse pointer

    And the bug is back, no mouse cursor. Alt-Tab doesnt work. It will show in windowed mode. I would think this is pretty important bug to fix no?
  12. Is SB Wiki down?

    Im having no luck, disabled my firewall, tried universal DNS, nothing. I can access the entire internet except for SB WIKI. Strange one. Thanks for the help.
  13. Is SB Wiki down?

    I'm getting a weird error. This site can’t be reached refused to connect
  14. No mouse pointer

    It has inexplicably returned (to normal), in full window mode, and i made no changes to the system.
  15. No mouse pointer

    Game was running fine/normaly. Then restarted game and mouse pointer is gone. System restart didn't clear it up.