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  1. Cold Waters

    Description of events in pictures: https://imgur.com/OKnlpAn´╗┐
  2. BMPT to enter Russian service.

    It's going to be years before the armatas will be ready for active service. They are also buying upgraded T-90s and 80s.
  3. Video Thread

    "Now we don't want them shot at... not by the enemy at any rate."
  4. Cold Waters

    I guess it was someone else. I avoided the game for a long time because I took his opinion to heart.
  5. Cold Waters

    Sprint and drift is another viable search tactic. Subs of the Skipjack era used mainly high and medium freq sonar arrays which have detection ranges from 4000 to 10000 yards. 6000 yard sprints (flank speed for 6 mins) followed by all stop and drift to shallow using positive buoyancy would be a good starting point (Six minute rule: yard distance travel in 6 mins = speed x 200). Diesel subs are most dangerous only after they reached their patrol area. If you can catch them in transit to their patrol area, they should be snorkeling and making a lot of noise. Remember they have sonar that is crappier than yours.
  6. Cold Waters

    Use torps as bird dogs. Set them to the slowest speed, dog leg your shot and have them approach an area from a different bearing. This should get you the same results with less risk. Also consider using active sonar. It only gives them a bearing while you get their exact location.
  7. Cold Waters

    I recall you had the same opinion on Dangerous Waters. Is there a sub game that you actually liked?
  8. The Business of Shot Traps

    Could the burst charge be detonating and the shrapnel penetrates turret ring?
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Operating and maintenance instructions for the M47 Patton.
  10. The Business of Shot Traps

    It depends on how the game mechanics work. For example, is a shell able to ricochet 2 times? How does it handle the burst charge?
  11. Old tank gunnery manual

    Anyone interested in the M47 manual?
  12. For 75.2% of you out there, right click on desktop > nvidia control panel > help > uncheck "allow experience improvement program" Note it will turn itself back on during vid driver updates.
  13. Cold Waters

    Should we start addressing you as Marco Ramius now?
  14. Cold Waters

    Finally, a competent commander.
  15. Video Thread

    Range guess?
  16. http://www.esimgames.com is out of memory..

    Memory leaks are rare since PHP 5.3. It's more likely being caused by trying to load more into memory than what PHP is setup to handle in one process. A likely suspect would be the page monitor he is running.
  17. http://www.esimgames.com is out of memory..

    Don't increase the memory limit.
  18. Mugs! Posters! Mousepads! Magnets!

    I was scratching my head because I thought the same thing.
  19. Video capture and editing software

    K-Lite Codex Pack is regularly updated.
  20. ITEC 2017 Rotterdam.

    Did someone lose a contact lens in the 4th picture?
  21. Pictures ITEC 2017

    I just realized the only German I understand are AFV control panel labels.
  22. eSimGames logo is iconic and brilliant

    It's not that bad considering it a 90% reduction of a video screengrab.
  23. No LAHAT missiles on Leo tanks?

    I should have mentioned that I was referring to ALL missiles of this type, not the LAHAT specifically. I am very curious about these and want more information especially combat performance. Other than the Shillelagh missile, there is a lack of any sort of information on the combat uses for this entire weapon class. I mean, nothing. More significantly, you don't see phrases like "combat tested", "battle proven", and "in service with the XXX army" in the manufacturer's brochures. All available evidence points in one direction. I am not wrong to claim that a weapon that hasn't been used in combat in over 40 years kinda makes it a useless weapon for combat.
  24. No LAHAT missiles on Leo tanks?

    How long has these missiles been around? 30- 40 years? How many times have they been used in combat? ....That's how useful they are.