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  1. Can we have midgets?
  2. It doesn't matter if fatalism is real or not. From our perspective, it's pointless to even consider it. If holodecks ever were to become reality, I don't think it would impact society that much. They would be much like today's theme parks because they wouldn't be cheap to build and operate.
  3. That was a great time for flight sims when the shelves used to be full of them. I was able to squeeze out 624k of conventional memory for Falcon 3. Expanded memory and a really small mouse driver were the keys. They need to remake Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe.
  4. We're talking about wonky AI behavior in a computer sim, not trying to find dark matter. Why are you equating the two? That's like the Xth time you compare apples to oranges. I did answer your questionmarkless question (you even highlighted it). How am I wrong when we know someone who can actually provide ALL the information? Not that he has to because if you did a search, you probably would have found your answer.
  5. Your 3 option might be correct or not. You cannot go on to conclude that they MUST BE the only 3 possible excuses to explain their incompetence and indifference answers. No conclusion can be drawn because we don't have all the info. It's as simple as that.
  6. In case anyone is keeping count, I hope this never gets fixed. To me, SB wouldn't be SB unless one of my vehicles go for an occasional swim. We have seen and dealt with this behavior for so long that it has long since stopped being a problem and is more of an inconvenience. Geez dude, your post hurt my brain. By your own admission, you no concept of what the problem is but you are able to see its effects which is enough to allow you to imagine what the problem is. Armed with this and a bit of non-linear logic, you are able to formulate a hypothesis: eSim is unable or unwilling to fix the behavior, and you double down by suggesting that they are incapable of fixing it. You go as far as putting words into their mouths in your conclusion. Really? I'm not against people being critical against eSim but you have make sense at the very least.
  7. You're anything but stupid. Save those sad moose eyes for another time. I do let you have your fun too. If you noticed I did not say anything the first time you brought it up with the moving to Canada thread. I was glad to see the community rising to the occasion instead of rolling in the mud. It's when you decided to go for another round, I had to say something.
  8. 12A, Personally, I don't have a problem with this post although it was kinda strange it was coming from a Canadian The only thing I found offensive was John Cleese's name being attached to it. If you found this funny, be sure to check out the counter replies at snopes.com. Officially, I also don't have a problem with you expressing your opinion but you need stay within the confines of the forum rules specifically no politics and no trolling. It doesn't get more political than the US Presidential election. I know you like to push buttons and there's one Yuge button in front of you that's blotting out the sun. I was asking you to stop pushing the button because someone will get triggered eventually and I get to be the asshole who cleans up the mess.
  9. 12alfa, Please stop poking at the subject of US Presidential election. Out of the likely things that could happen if you continue, the probability for a bad ending is more than above average.
  10. T-14 is currently $6.8 million. The $3.7 million is the estimated unit price for a production run of 2300 tanks. This is the construction cost only and does not include R&D, testing, etc.
  11. I don't know what it is based upon but this isn't the first or second time I have heard a similar proclamation. Here's how silly it is: http://www.businessinsider.com/russia-claims-t14-armata-tank-is-in-production-2016-3 This is the most interesting part of the article if it is an accurate quote: "Money has already been invested, and if we stop without finishing, then that will be lost money. Everything that has been started will be finished, and money will be allocated to it," Chemezov said.
  12. So full production in 2017 is a bit optimistic. It's usually the manufacturer that makes this claim, not the government.
  13. What's the status on the T-14? Last thing I read was after their 2015 May Day debut, the first batch of 32 tanks was returned to factory for more testing and improvements. The west has better trained crews.
  14. It would bring us one step closer to Star Trek's holodeck.
  15. Last week when I was working on a mod for the new Skyrim Special Edition. Just try putting objects on a shelf by eyeballing it... I didn't notice the date of your post nor thought that it mattered.
  16. “Here’s what I’ve learned so far dogfighting in the F-35”: a JSF pilot’s first-hand account This Norwegian pilot seems to like the F-35.
  17. Firefox is eating your SSD – here is how to fix it I changed the value to 600000 (10 mins)
  18. My brother brought me a little piece of the wall after he went there for his job. Aside from the graffiti paint, it's wholly unremarkable and worth about 10 secs as a conversational piece.
  19. Do you have any links that are not a couple of years old? I guess you did not read that report that I mentioned in my last post. I know some of the problems have been fixed already and I don't about status of the rest. Do you? I've seen those and they are pretty good. There are a couple of points relating to the STOVL variant that I don't agree with.
  20. Every metric? How can you make that claim when so much about the F-35 is unknown? For example, what is the F-35's best instantaneous and sustained turn rates? What are the rates at sea level and 35,000ft? 1. Show me 3 pilots who says it's not flight worthy? Of the vids I've seen with pilot interviews, they have nothing but praise (a little too much actually). 2. Gun location is not unusual. No different than current US fighters. During the development of the A-10, it's cannon produced so much smoke that it regularly caused one engine to flame out. It got fixed. Is the vibration problem unfixable on the F-35? 3. You do know that the F-35 has a 360 optic system that lets do stuff like look through the cockpit floor? Not to mention it will automatically track and identify all air threats within visual range. Do a search for "F-35 DAS". 4. "costs a trillion so far" no it hasn't. 5. Some ways the F-22 is superior, some ways not. 6. The F-35 has never had a dogfight with the F-16. Did you read the report your claim is based upon? The whole purpose of the testing and evaluation program is to identify problem and fix them. With the F-35, every problem identified becomes a AH HA! WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT! even if it only happens one time to one airplane. RT is not a good source for the F-35. At least it wasn't the interview with Pierre Sprey.
  21. What's wrong with the F-35 beside being expensive?
  22. Long term storage is the problem with the MICA because refrigeration is needed.
  23. Paint Shop Pro is horrible working with layers. I switched to Photoshop just for that reason alone.
  24. Logitech bought Saitek from Mad Catz last month. I don't recommend buying a Mad Catz products any time soon because their future is not looking too bright. Earlier this year, they lost their partnership with the Rock Band franchise which was their bread and butter. The CEO, president, and a senior sales VP resigned, 37% of workforce was cut, and they started saying stuff like, “lowering operating costs, increasing efficiencies and better aligning its workforce with the needs of the business.” Now they are selling off assets...