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  1. The Off-Topic Topic Thread

    Rogue System is too much realism. Kerbal Space Program is more my kind of reality. I've been watching https://www.inovaestudios.com/Battlescape which is the latest attempt to get something into orbit since the tech demo way back when: I added you to Larry Skywalker's friends list in game.
  2. The Off-Topic Topic Thread

    I would not like to know how much time I spent playing that series. LucasArts made great games back then.
  3. The Off-Topic Topic Thread

    It's was on sale on Steam for $4 this weekend, probably a few hours left on the sale.
  4. The Off-Topic Topic Thread

    I've been looking for a space combat game for a long time now. Until they remake X-wing vs TIE Fighter, I found something that scratches that itch: Dreadnought. It's a online free to play game, near the end of beta development. Finding a match takes 0-3 mins. Lots of fun so far.
  5. The Off-Topic Topic Thread

    " More often than not, the Mark 1 would grind to a halt soon after starting - and there was no user-friendly error message. Once, it was because a moth had flown into the machine - that gave us the modern term "debugging". " http://www.bbc.com/news/business-38677721
  6. The Off-Topic Topic Thread

    Not ignorant, just British ??!?
  7. a short S.B. story.

    So, people who have neither a credit or debit card have no other convenient option?
  8. a short S.B. story.

    There aren't any pre-paid credit cards available for purchase at a local store?
  9. The Download area will now only accept uploads with the following extensions: 7z, rar, or zip. There is a possibility that you will be unable to upload a file regardless of the extension because you would think something labeled "copy setting value" would not disable the functionality of the destination of where you are copying those settings. What really sucked was the "copy to all" option. I swear if I ever meet one of the software developers, I am going punch him in the nuts. Anyway, if you come across this problem, please note the section you were attempting to upload to and send me a PM.
  10. 4.019

    For those who are not entirely satisfied with the current state of the graphics, try ReShade and tweak away.
  11. eSimGames logo is iconic and brilliant

    Rhomboid to be percise. You can't possibly be the only person in the world that feels this way about SBL. Live your passion and do what enjoy.
  12. SB 4.019 Update your graphics drivers

    Download this: http://www.wagnardsoft.com/content/display-driver-uninstaller-ddu-v17061-released Run it and set the launch option to "safe mode" Press "Reboot to Safe Mode" Once in safe mode, press "Clean and Restart" After restart, install new drivers.
  13. missing file in game installation

  14. Video Thread

    Sourced from a House Armed Services Committee hearing held on the 16th of February, 2017.
  15. Gameplay without the dust-trail

    Only edit colors 1 to 128.
  16. Forum functionality

    There's also a comment section that does not require downloading the file in order to post to it. Go to any file and locate the User Feedback section > The first line should read: "# Reviews # Comments" > Click on "# Comments".
  17. The Off-Topic Topic Thread

    After the Mass Effect 3 ending, they give us this on top of the shitty writing. What happened to you Bioware?
  18. The Pro PR Unit Templates download section has been moved into Pro PE Resources
  19. MAN SX45 for UK (4.010)

    Allow me to be the first to comment in the comments
  20. MAN SX45 for UK (4.010)

    Of the 2 textures that I have ever seen for this vehicle, this is the better one. Full marks!
  21. Complete Guides

    Allow me be the first to comment on comments
  22. Forum functionality

    Try it now. Download file Use file Return to download page and post comment or review (bottom of page) You can cheat after step 1 by pressing refresh which will enable the user feedback option.
  23. Black squares

    Steel Beast Legacy is limited to 256 colors (8 bits). All textures must use the same 256 color pallet. The black boxes are probably caused by using a 24 bit pallet rather than an 8 bit. 1. Open any original SB .bmp file and save its color pallet to a file. 2. Open and edit the SB texture file that you wish to change. 3. Before you save your texture file, load the color pallet from step 1.
  24. Each country designs their own tank but the other country handles the manufacture and sales. Do 3 shots and then think about it.