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  1. MAN SX45 for UK (4.010)

    Allow me to be the first to comment in the comments
  2. MAN SX45 for UK (4.010)

    Of the 2 textures that I have ever seen for this vehicle, this is the better one. Full marks!
  3. Complete Guides

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  4. Forum functionality

    Try it now. Download file Use file Return to download page and post comment or review (bottom of page) You can cheat after step 1 by pressing refresh which will enable the user feedback option.
  5. Black squares

    Steel Beast Legacy is limited to 256 colors (8 bits). All textures must use the same 256 color pallet. The black boxes are probably caused by using a 24 bit pallet rather than an 8 bit. 1. Open any original SB .bmp file and save its color pallet to a file. 2. Open and edit the SB texture file that you wish to change. 3. Before you save your texture file, load the color pallet from step 1.
  6. Each country designs their own tank but the other country handles the manufacture and sales. Do 3 shots and then think about it.
  7. The Off-Topic Topic Thread

    Located on the facade of the cathedral of Notre Dame is the inspiration for the rabbit scene in Monty Python's Holy Grail. Source
  8. Video Thread

    Since you like Gun Jesus, you will also enjoy this channel: C&Rsenal (Skip the "Anvil" vids unless you want to spend 40 mins watching someone manufacture a screw)
  9. Is PSR.EXE still there? It's located at C:\Windows\System32\ for Win7 but might have moved in Win10. Thanks
  10. Question for a Windows 10 user

    That's one way to look at it. It's a nice alternative for a remote desktop session because there's none of the invasiveness which can freak out some people.
  11. Question for a Windows 10 user

    Records user inputs along with screenshots. You can use it to see what someone is doing step by step or you can use it to show someone what do step by step.
  12. Question for a Windows 10 user

    Everyone should have it because it's been there since WinXP.
  13. Question for a Windows 10 user

    I meant: "It's strange that you have multiple copies when all you need is one if the occasion arose where you had to use it. Such an occasion might occur if you ran it and saw what it can do. I made this suggestion because in the past, using this program has saved me a lot of time and a lot of typing when dealing with computer problems, and thought you may find it useful too."
  14. Question for a Windows 10 user

    I doubt you need them all. Run it and check out what it does.
  15. Upgrading the CR2.

    The Avro Vulcan was not ugly. I think was one of the more handsome British plane that came out of that era. Ugly is the Hanley (Handley?) Page Victor.
  16. CNC Type 99

    You have to show me a £70000 model because I need to see that before I can believe it. Nothing in their store comes near that figure. I can imagine a price like that if they produced a fully functional tank, inside and out, in 1/6 scale. That would be freakin awesome.
  17. CNC Type 99

    Or you could charge out the wazoo like these guys. http://www.metalboxmodels.com/goods.php?id=14

    https://www.humblebundle.com/store/dirt-showdown-free-game?hmb_source=search_bar You need a Humble Bundle and Steam accounts to redeem this offer. Don't lag because the free giveaway expires on Saturday.
  19. Would instant action auto end?

    Wait... We've had arty in instant action all this time?
  20. Child Civilians are missing.

    Can we have midgets?
  21. The future. Do we want to live in it?

    It doesn't matter if fatalism is real or not. From our perspective, it's pointless to even consider it. If holodecks ever were to become reality, I don't think it would impact society that much. They would be much like today's theme parks because they wouldn't be cheap to build and operate.
  22. "Zipuli" interview at rockpapershotgun.com

    That was a great time for flight sims when the shelves used to be full of them. I was able to squeeze out 624k of conventional memory for Falcon 3. Expanded memory and a really small mouse driver were the keys. They need to remake Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe.
  23. Will THIS ever get FIXED?

    We're talking about wonky AI behavior in a computer sim, not trying to find dark matter. Why are you equating the two? That's like the Xth time you compare apples to oranges. I did answer your questionmarkless question (you even highlighted it). How am I wrong when we know someone who can actually provide ALL the information? Not that he has to because if you did a search, you probably would have found your answer.
  24. Will THIS ever get FIXED?

    Your 3 option might be correct or not. You cannot go on to conclude that they MUST BE the only 3 possible excuses to explain their incompetence and indifference answers. No conclusion can be drawn because we don't have all the info. It's as simple as that.
  25. Will THIS ever get FIXED?

    In case anyone is keeping count, I hope this never gets fixed. To me, SB wouldn't be SB unless one of my vehicles go for an occasional swim. We have seen and dealt with this behavior for so long that it has long since stopped being a problem and is more of an inconvenience. Geez dude, your post hurt my brain. By your own admission, you no concept of what the problem is but you are able to see its effects which is enough to allow you to imagine what the problem is. Armed with this and a bit of non-linear logic, you are able to formulate a hypothesis: eSim is unable or unwilling to fix the behavior, and you double down by suggesting that they are incapable of fixing it. You go as far as putting words into their mouths in your conclusion. Really? I'm not against people being critical against eSim but you have make sense at the very least.