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  1. Video Thread

    I did warn you about blood loss. I've never seen the inside of one.
  2. Video Thread

    Anyone remember this piece of crap? Turn off volume to save your ears from bleeding.
  3. Upgrade to Forum software?

    Added 2 new buttons to the toolbar
  4. RoundShot

    Version 1.0.0


    A basic exterior ballistics program.
  5. History of US Tanks.

    If there is a fuse and it is programmable, it would be done magnetically without the need for wires. I think it's a new primer setup. I don't see a primer assembly sticking up from the base. Maybe they discovered it's better to ignite the propellant from top-down rather than bottom-up?
  6. I found this which looks more interesting. Disassembly is at the end of the video. http://store.steampowered.com/app/262410/World_of_Guns_Gun_Disassembly/
  7. I would buy if it simulated the entire tank down to the bolt. It would be like a modern day 10000 piece puzzle taking it apart and back together.
  8. The Off-Topic Topic Thread

    The soldering iron one is a horrible idea.
  9. The Off-Topic Topic Thread

    As a male, I am ashamed to have known only two of them.
  10. Upgrade to Forum software?

    Profile photo generation from first letter of the member's name has to go. Too Googlely. Splash, I made a change sigs which hopefully will help.
  11. Log in before clinking https://www.reddit.com/personalization
  12. I'm Bummed

    Maybe this will cheer you up... US Navy: Penis in sky drawn by jet trail was 'unacceptable'
  13. Any experts on the T34 (early models)?

    ...and command tanks had an extra one on the right side. Even within production batches there were differences because of shortages of the PT sights early on. WW2 vehicles are very confusing.
  14. Any experts on the T34 (early models)?

    The L-11 armed units did not have a effective marked observation periscope.
  15. Video Thread

  16. History of Soviet Tanks.

    A history of BMPT http://btvt.info/4ourarticles/bmpt_future/bmpt_future.htm
  17. History of Soviet Tanks.

    https://thediplomat.com/2017/01/russia-to-upgrade-tank-force-with-deadly-new-fire-control-system/ This one has a bit more details
  18. Drinking less alcohol than us probably helps. Also, reading 1.3.7 Layering in Armor Basics in the SB Docs folder wouldn't hurt either.
  19. I don't doubt the claim it's a variant. If it was an original design, the Isreali manufacturer would have marketed the hell out of that fact. With the exception of the penetrator, everything else is almost the same designwise. I don't think the M111 has a monoblock penetrator. It looks like it telescopes (rod tube penetrator concept) which would help explain its performance vs T-72 frontal turret armor. Also, the SBwiki entry is incomplete and misleading because they did more than just add 16mm more armor to the T-72 glacis. It doesn't mention the 180mm additional laminate armor under the 16mm plate. From Armor, Sept-Oct 2006: The Soviets decided that the best solution was to redesign the glacis of the T-72A MBT specifically to defeat Hetz ammunition. Up until the testing at Kubinka, the T-72 series tanks were protected by a three-layer laminate glacis with an outer layer of high-carbon steel, 80mm thick, a middle layer of "steklotekstolit" or glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), 100mm thick, and an inner layer of high-carbon steel, 20mm thick, for a total thickness of 200mm. The Soviets decided to maintain this alternating steel-GRP-steel laminate design, but increased the number of layers from three to five. The new five layer glacis design had two outer layers of high-carbon steel, two middle layers of GRP, and one inner layer of high-carbon steel. Additionally, the Soviets added a very hard 16mm thick steel faceplate to the outer layer of the glacis. The faceplate is easily identifiable by the two "cookie-cutout" holes cut into the plate to allow it to be placed over the tank's two tow hooks, and welded directly to the outer layer ofthe glacis. For vehicle identification purposes, the faceplate became the defining feature of tanks fitted with this redesigned glacis armor. In effect, the Soviets had very quickly developed a new variant of the T-72, designated the T-72M1 MBT.
  20. Cold Waters

  21. Cold Waters

    Take a look at Dangerous Waters when you are ready for a more advanced sub sim. It has the features you desire; MP, individual crew stations and a bunch of other things you didn't know that you wanted yet. 688i Hunter-Killer is worthy of a look too. In my opinion, it's the superior sub vs sub MP platform.
  22. Cold Waters

    Description of events in pictures: https://imgur.com/OKnlpAn´╗┐
  23. BMPT to enter Russian service.

    It's going to be years before the armatas will be ready for active service. They are also buying upgraded T-90s and 80s.
  24. Video Thread

    "Now we don't want them shot at... not by the enemy at any rate."