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  1. Fire Orders - "Brass up"

    "Brass up" is a squaddie colloquialism that I've heard/used for 20 odd years and remains a solid favourite. Probably stems from the amount of empty cases (referred to as 'brass') that you will be surrounded by after a firefight.
  2. "Supress"

    As far as I'm concerned 'brass up' is an effective fire control order. As for suppress in SB I've played around a bit and found that with a troop of Pizarros enaging from the flank to an enemy position (BTRs & troops in open) that if they have the suppress command they are hesitant about firing. It seems if they can see a 'legit' target they want to engage that rather suppress an area. In that example the 2 Piz that were to suppress the troops in the open didn't, which allowed a goober with an RPG to cause problems for the assaulting 2 Piz's. More testing this week I feel.
  3. "Supress"

    Thanks for the link. However, if you type 'suppress' into the wiki search box it produces a nil result, hence the question. So it does have an affect, thats good to know. With that in mind I'll do some more directed play testing to see how much it does FIX the enemy. Cheers all.
  4. "Supress"

    Hi All I'm trying to understand the uses of the fire control 'supress' within SB PE. I know what supress means in the real world, but I can't see how it is any use within SB PE over, say, 'engage'. I've been doing a bit of testing with some red infantry as the enemy located both outside and inside buildings. I split my platoon of APC's (Pizarro) and send two off to the flank to act as fire support with the 'supress' command. They will happily brass up any troops outside but happily ignore troops in buildings. My expirements with my dismounts give the same results. I can use the context menu in game (the white arrow) and 'supress here' for them to fire at a patch of ground/building but given 'supress' from the map using a BP they will sit and look at the building held by the red troops. I'd have thought a LAW through the wall would be on order. The method I was expecting/hoping to work was that the dismounts would fire on the house occupied by red which provides the target indication for me to assist with some 30mm instead of turning every potential enemy location to rubble. I realise this is an armoured simulation but is there any functionality using 'supress' and the use of dismounts?
  5. UKArmour Training Battle.

    You may wish to remove that bullseye painted on the side of your turret too.
  6. UK Armour recruiting closed

    An Officer Commanding (OC) is usually a Major and commands a Squadron or Company. The Commanding Officer (CO) is usually a Lt Col and commands the regiment/battle group (usually 4 Sqn/Coy depending on type/nationality/etc etc). The Brigadier commands the Brigade, (3-ish or more BGs) and if I see him looking at a map then I'm in the wrong place....or I'm making them all a brew.
  7. UK Armour recruiting closed

    It's a good point. The CO should be running the battle, not getting bogged down in running a platoon or finding targets for his gunner. It's easy to get target fixated on that BMP you're trying to hit and ignore the flanking attack by a squadron of T-80's...
  8. Videogaming - 50th anniversary

    Microprose Gunship from the mid-80's. Thats the game that really grabbed me and started my lifelong love of simulations.
  9. 'Team Yankee', there's a title I have not read in a few years! I remember having a copy of the book that was red with a black silhouette of an M1 on the front. Now, where did I put it......
  10. UK Armour recruiting closed

    Good to hear you've had such interest. I fired you a PM over the weekend regarding this subject. Regards, Ben
  11. Design Question

    Thank you both.
  12. Design Question

    Hi All, I'm a returning user of SB and am getting back to grips with the excellent mission editor and its control logic. I have a 'test bed' scenario which I use to experiment with using different triggers, conditions etc. It centres on a OPFOR motor rifle battalion advancing east to west behind a recce screen. Once the recce elements come under direct fire from blue units the motor rifle companies spawn and advance. This is my way of simulating/emulating the FIND, FIX and STRIKE. Rather than having the BMPs rolling fat, dumb and happy I use shorter conditioned routes that link BP to BP to have the platoons of the coy's moving forward, stopping for 10-30 secs then moving on again. I'm using distances of 1km or so for these bounds. I'm not from an armoured background (I'm army aviation) so what is considered a realistic tactical bound length for this sort of scenario?