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  1. Thanks for the advice. CTLT is probably the summer training that I'm looking forward to the most. Besides that, I only have CLDT (14 days in the field) and my leadership detail to do. Hopefully I can frontload all of that next summer and get the summer before my Firstie year to be all leave.
  2. Well now that's definitely news to me. Honestly, I'll probably end up doing something like ADA for my CTLT.
  3. Is that CTLT you are talking about? I did hear a story about how some cow (junior) was an actual PL for three weeks because his host PL had to step out for some reason.
  4. As a part of USMA Cadet Field Training, I conducted a exercise in an M1A1 SA mock-up trainer, serving as the TC. Pretty good time! Only managed to get one photo, though.
  5. Thank you all for your replies. I'll probably be asking this same question next year when I have to brief an OPORD hehe.
  6. Hello all, got an assignment coming up where I have to read an OPORD, then make and present a WARNORD in fifteen minutes. Any prior service members have an opinion on what's important in the OPORD that should go into the WARNORD? To give some background, the OPRORD we are using describes a platoon-level attack, and we need to make a WARNORD intended for a squad. I've mostly gone over the ADRPs and class-provided power points covering WARNORDs, just looking for personal opinions/how to read the important parts of an OPORD quickly. Thanks all. Jazjar
  7. Is the dutch organization for tanks accurate? It says that the company is organized into six tanks with a command tank but doesn't specify how the company is divided into platoons, and isn't six tanks a bit small for a tank company?
  8. This got me interested in the acceleration question, how fast does one tank get to a certain speed than another etc. and I decided to test the M1 family on flat, green ground. Since I noticed 0-20kph happened in a blink of an eye for all of them, I decided to use 20-45kph. ( I wanted to use 50 but the SEP didn't even go that fast. ) M1: 9.2s M1(IP): 9.4s M1A1: 11.8s M1A1 (HA): 14.3s M1A2 (SEP): 16.6s Do take these with an uncertainty of ~0.2 seconds, my reaction time. Hopefully I will soon get the chance to compare this with the Leopard.
  9. These are great, the only ambiguity they leave (I have been through them) is in how the commander designates targets and the specifics of operating the TOGS. Other than that, I love them.
  10. This is one of my favorite missions. never gets old for me. The trick is to butcher as much of the enemy as you can without losing too many of your units. Notice that the terrain is very European-rife with hills and the such that can be very effectively used, that is if you can get your AI to hide behind them (What Tacbat said, go MP). Just move between them, don't stay static, then artillery will get you.
  11. With Apache Longbow, just pop the radar mast up, detect ALL the attacking vehicles in the formation, cross reference with RFI to see which ones are hostile, and then take out the ZSUs, and leave the tanks defenseless.
  12. This is really interesting. Makes you think who would have won. I don't really see how WarPact could have taken over all of France, but I could see a prolonged, bloody battle over Western Germany.
  13. Thank you Invader, I was going to say that. Especially in cases where it is a very minimal difference (44 v 48) Ammo is going to have a MUCH bigger impact on accuracy than the gun itself is.
  14. Vuurlijnen Lijn van vertrek Strijduitpost Overkijk
  15. I would go into a dictionary and look for the .mil translations. I have experience doing it with German, so hopefully this might be similar.