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    Ancient and military history, especially armoured warfare. Krav Maga, bootcamp and running.
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  1. I'm planning to be there.
    Great work Splash! The M113A3/Medic in Auscam makes an excellent addition to the line-up of Australian camouflaged vehicles and can act as a proxy for previous A1 or current AS4 variants (minus sixth roadwheel). Similarly, the base M113A3 with gun shield fitted can be used to represent a current M113AS4 Armoured Command Vehicle (ACV), minus sixth roadwheel.
  2. Sorry guys, away this week as I'm in Sydney for work. Hopefully see you next week.
  3. The current edition of ARMOR magazine looks to have some interesting articles in it, including, but not limited to: Applied Combined-Arms Maneuver at Company Level Trends in Defensive Operations Battle of Debal’tseve: the Conventional Line of Effort in Russia’s Hybrid War in Ukraine I haven't read them yet but have printed copies to read at leisure. You can download ARMOR here: http://www.benning.army.mil/armor/earmor/content/issues/2017/Winter/ARMOR_Winter_2017_edition.pdf
  4. Nice one, thought it might have been. The benefits of training in a virtual environment no doubt
  5. What did you guys end up doing?
  6. Unfortunately I won't be there this week as I have a rather important wedding anniversary that takes precedence, or so my wife tells me anyway Next week's out for me too as I'm in Sydney for work. As far as I know I'll be back for the 30th though. Have fun in the meantime.
  7. Another great write-up D u k e, it's always nice re-living our Thursday night outing through your AARs I admit, the competition between I21 and I22 to disable a call sign in the breach lane was intense!
  8. Nice work Splash! I think you can legitimately say "Everyone look this way and say "Vegemite and cheese!" as some people apparently like that combination in their sandwiches...
    Another excellent skin for Australian armoured fighting vehicle crew. DPDU is perfect for Iraq or Afghanistan settings.
    A fantastic skin Splash and great complement to the Australian armoured fighting vehicles in Steel Beasts! I'll enjoy using this.
  9. Ha, ha! He may need to see a doctor about the angle though
  10. I look forward to catching up on TeamSpeak at 2100 NZDT tomorrow night. I thought I'd get ahead of the game with a trace and draft critical tasks for subordinate units (may still change). Tasks to subordinate units: V41A Establish covert mounted OP at GR 231 104. Identify enemy units in OBJ 1 (use 'Shift' + 'Ctrl' (Lase)). Return fire only. Establish covert dismounted OP with Javelin team at GR 225 116. Identify enemy units north-side of OBJ 2 (use 'Shift' + 'Ctrl' (Lase)). Destroy identified enemy units once T11 commences firing. When I21 and I22 firm on RL DRAGOON, consolidate at OP V41E and proceed to Support By Fire (SBF) position on RL DRAGOON. Be prepared to support assault and clearance of north-side of OBJ 2 by I21 or I22. T11 Assault to Attack By Fire (ABF) position and suppress OBJ 1 with direct fires. Priority of targets: T-80, BTR-80, Armoured Engineering Vehicle, bunkers, infantry. Over watch T12A and E71 during conduct of minefield breach and I21 and I22 during assault and clearance of OBJ 1. Advance via south side of OBJ 1 to RL DRAGOON. Be prepared to assault and clear south-side of OBJ 2 on order to BASALT. T12A Assault to checkpoint 51 and commence breach of minefield. After successful breach proceed to SBF position and suppress OBJ 1 with direct fires. Priority of targets: T-80, BTR-80, Armoured Engineering Vehicle, bunkers, infantry. Allow I21 to pass through for assault on OBJ 1. When I21 and I22 commence assault on OBJ 1, follow and provide intimate support. Clear any local barriers obstructing advance of assault force. E71 Breach Force commander. Follow 500 metres behind T12A to checkpoint 51. Proof breach made by T12A and position a vehicle at entry and exit to breach vicinity checkpoints 51 and 52. Upon proof of breach, confirm success and GR of breach entry to OC. Guide and coordinate traffic through breach. I21 / I22 When T12A reaches checkpoint 52, assault to checkpoint 51. When E71 confirms breach proofed, proceed through breach in order I21, I22. Proceed to GRANITE. I21 north of centre and I22 south of centre. On order, assault and clear OBJ 1 to RL DRAGOON. T12A will provide intimate support and clear any local barriers obstructing advance. Consolidate on RL DRAGOON. Be prepared for I21 or I22 to assault and clear north-side of OBJ 2 to BASALT. V41 will provide support by fire. T12 Combat Team reserve. Be prepared to reinforce T11 or T12A on order. I28 Be prepared to recover and repair any immobilised or damaged vehicles. Be prepared to recover any immobilised vehicles from minefield, including breach.
  11. It'll be great to have him join us again.