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    Ancient and military history, especially armoured warfare. Krav Maga, bootcamp and running.
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  1. Planning to be there. I have an updated scenario for play-test if there isn't a quorum for Chong Ju (unlikely).
  2. The dismounted scouts of V41E [Panzer_Leader] destroy a BRDM-2 AT in an overwatch position on OBJ 2 with their Javelin, taking advantage of its superior target acquisition capabilities in the rain. The same scouts of V41E observe smoke falling on OBJ 1 as the breach of the minefield to its front gets underway. T21A [D u k e] of the breach force on the west side of the minefield waits for the assault force of the Combat Team to shake out as the assault on OBJ 1 commences. V41E maintains watch on OBJ 2 and beyond as clearance of OBJ 1 takes place, vigilant for any signs of a counter-penetration.
  3. Agreed, nice little AAR D u k e. Cav took a few selfies during the mission so I'll post those over the weekend when I get time. I'm really enjoying our second round of TEWTs and seeing how people approach the same problem as CT commander after some introductory theory. It's also nice that this one is based on a real firepower demonstration of the Australian Army.
  4. Intending to be there.
  5. Great! Sounds like an interesting plan. I look forward to next week's iteration and wilco re: conducting the breach.
  6. Yes, definitely an interesting challenge given the terrain and fairly obvious avenues of approach...
  7. Thanks Trackpin, good tip (https://ospreypublishing.com/the-modern-russian-army-1992-2016). I've pre-ordered a copy too as the topic's of interest and relevant to contemporary scenario building, plus I'm a big fan of Osprey reference books, usually as a visual / equipment / organisational complement to more in-depth material, and have maybe 100 or so (through the ages of military history) in my library.
  8. Excellent! I'm looking forward to this and am swotting up on public-domain Australian and U.S. doctrine as preparation (sad, I know).
  9. Yep, planning to be there.
  10. I remember you telling me about those. Looks like a fun day out. I don't think I've ever seen a bay that busy that wasn't a marina though
  11. Ah, Chong Ju, sounds interesting. I'd better start swotting up on 'Attack' doctrine to help my planning for this one.
  12. That's a lot of boats! No room for novice skippers there...
  13. Nice AAR D u k e and glad Thor answered your prayers!
  14. I hope you had a good Australia Day? We ended up celebrating as virtual Danes and had a fun session play-testing the latest iteration of 'Armoured Infantry Company Attack at Rydsgard 1991'. Gibsonm's plan was on target and its execution was good but got off to a rocky start, and there was a point, about one-third in, where it felt like it hung in the balance. Still, we grit our teeth and pressed on and ended up with a 100% Major Victory; gongs all round! Here are a few snaps of the action. M113A1s of 22 [Panzer_Leader] form up for the advance in low ground. M113 TOW of 36 [D u k e] fires into the rising sun at a BMD-2 on feature 09 from behind a destroyed platoon-mate. 22 breaks from behind feature 06 to begin its assault on feature 11. As it assaults towards feature 11, 22 watches as a Leopard 1 DK of 14 [Jumo213] pops its turret after being hit by a Spandrel from feature 09, two kilometres north-east. 22 conducts a mounted clearance of feature 11, finishing off the dismounted survivors of a BMD-2 picked off by 14 with bursts of 12.7 mm. Dismounts of 32 [Panzer_Leader] stalk a BMD-2 in dead ground to the east of feature 19 while friendly mortar fire suppresses the target. The BMD-2 was ultimately dispatched by the OC of 2nd Company [Gibsonm] after being flanked by his HQ track from the north.
  15. One Aussie in New Zealand will be there