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  1. Thanks for the update Mark. I hope they don't keep you too late. I should be there next week.
  2. No worries mate, if we don't see you, we understand. There's always next week! Good luck with the exercise.
  3. Planning to be there.
  4. Planning to be there.
    A very nice USMC camouflage skin for the ASLAV-25 by Splash that does double duty as a proxy for the USMC LAV-25 (minus dismounts) or original trial LAV-25 of A Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment of the Australian Army from 1990-95 when Phase 1 ASLAVs began arriving in the default camouflage provided in Steel Beasts and superseded the trial LAV-25s.
    Agreed, another fantastic Australian skin by Splash, this time for the workhorse M113A1. Like Splash says, right click on an M113A1 icon in the Mission Editor, choose 'Options' > 'Vehicle specific options...' and tick 'Gun shield' and 'Cupola shield' for a reasonable approximation of the T50 turret fitted to Australian A1s from 1966 onwards.
  5. Sure did. Good stuff there, thanks for that. Also, OPFOR in the latest iteration of the scenario duly changed to historical 390th Naval Infantry Regiment of the 55th Mozyrskaya Red Banner Naval Infantry Division of the Soviet / Russian Pacific Fleet. v0.2 being playtested at the moment.
  6. Planning to be there.
  7. Tankers of the Musorian Naval Infantry are renowned for their accuracy after intensive training by their Soviet advisers!
  8. On a slightly less cosmic timescale, I have a playable Alpha of my new 1994 Australian scenario (a Combat Team of 5/7 RAR (Mech), no less) ready for preview (or is that "playview"?) tonight if there's interest
  9. Great, I also have something (using the good old Beaudesert map) that could be worth a verbal or visual preview or perhaps even an early Alpha test run if there's appetite (I took my own advice from the email I sent you and Shaun). No problems if not, it will improve with another week's ageing too.
  10. Planning to be there.
  11. Ah, right (it even says "LAV-25" in the dialogue box in the screenshot now that I look closer). I just assumed because of the new 3D model it was an ASLAV... my bad.
  12. @Boner what's the camouflage scheme you're running on those ASLAV-25s? Is it default with 4.019 or a mod? I've tried some different schemes in the Mission Editor, e.g. 'US 2000' among others, but its doesn't change the default Auscam. I'm keen to try the USMC scheme on the ASLAV-25 to represent the original Australian trials vehicles in the c.1990-94 time frame, alongside Leopard AS1 and M113A1.