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  1. That would have meant missing an amazing dinner at Aqua Dining under the harbour bridge with my boss and AU peers... as much as I'm sure smithcorp or Rocky's hospitality would have been pleasant... Hope you had a fun session.
  2. Sorry, another week away with work - in Sydney this time - but should be back next week.
  3. Thanks. The scenario in the pipeline features a Royal Canadian Dragoons combat team in 1985 with a potential M113A1 TOW section from the accompanying infantry unit, so I'll leave the thermal imager enabled in that case. Cheers
  4. Thanks @MikeKiloPapa and @DK-DDAM, that gives me helpful dates for the Danish M113 TOW and means I don't have to make changes to my 'Armoured Infantry Company Attack at Rydsgard 1991' scenario, which has thermal imagers on the TOWs. I'll be interested to see if 12Alfa or anyone else can shine more light on when the Canadian vehicles got theirs. I know their Leopard C1s started receiving retrofitted IRS 100 thermal imagers from 1986 so suspect it may be around that time frame for the TOWs too, but that's just an educated guess on my part.
  5. Thanks @12Alfa. Let me know if you find out when the thermal imagers were added and in service.
  6. Hi Team A question for the Canadian and Danish Cold War experts: When did the M113(A1) TOW variants in your respective countries receive thermal imagers? It's hard to tell from my research. I'm guessing mid-80s through to early 90s latest but it would be good to have more specific timeframes if possible for existing and pipeline scenario work. Thanks in advance!
  7. Sorry guys, unfortunately away for the next two weeks again due to work commitments. Hopefully back on the 29th.
  8. It was a good one! It got me. Bring on the FV432 then
  9. Sorry, I have to respectfully disagree. I'd love to see an FV432 in-game and it's actually #5 on my personal Wish List... Still, that's the thing about wish lists, everyone's is different!
  10. Planning to be there.
    Another high-quality, customised crewman skin from Splash for Danish AFVs. It can be used to represent Danish AFV crew from the mid-1980s until at least 2013 when the M/84 pattern represented began being replaced by the M/11 MultiCam variant.
    An excellent skin of the M113A1 in Danish service. Use it to represent Danish armoured infantry of the Cold War through to 2004 when the A1 was superseded by the G3 DK variant in Danish service.
  11. This evening's function may end earlier than I expected so there's a chance I may make it, TBC. I may be later than usual so don't wait for me. If, for whatever reason, I don't end up making it I expect to be there next week.
  12. I agree. I've thought about using the truck as a static ground-based ZSU-23-2 anti-aircraft gun in scenarios and though I haven't yet, I would find a vehicle emplacement in the Mission Editor you can park the truck in so the gun is at ground level, disable the truck's engine, and you'll have a workable proxy for the ZSU-23-2 on its own, as if the truck wasn't there.