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    Ancient and military history, especially armoured warfare. Krav Maga, bootcamp and running.
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  1. Sorry chaps, as mentioned, away for the next two weeks due to work commitments Hopefully I'll rejoin you 8 June.
  2. I see two boomerangs, perhaps Chanel ones.
  3. Planning to be there.
  4. This week we played Abraxas' very enjoyable 'JERXHEIM hasty defense reinforced platoon M1-M2', which makes for a manageable single-player or small multiplayer scenario: A couple of shots from the night's action: The Javelin team of 2-1E [Panzer_Leader] maintain watch in front of their knocked out M2A2 Bradley after destroying two T-80U and a BMP-3 of the Forward Security Element (FSE). Before the expected arrival of the enemy's main body, 2-1E's Javelin team start their 1.75 km walk to 2-2E [Japo32] to restock their Javelin missiles.
  5. Ah, OK, makes sense. Cheers
  6. The BRDM-2 AT 3D model was also updated in 4.019. Load it in the Mission Editor and take a look.
  7. Intending to be there this week.
  8. I'll bring Sangria next week
  9. Same I'm afraid, due to a work commitment. Back on the 11th.
  10. OK, you'll have to drop an image of that on the forum after the event for us mere mortals who can't make it to Europe or ITEC to pick up some exclusive swag...
  11. Thanks mate, the Aussies are doing very well out of your work. If Aussie vehicles have to have external stowage, it might as well be Auscam! Cheers
    Very nice indeed! It's great to have British AFV crew in Woodland DPM, which covers the Cold War period up until its replacement with the current MTP from 2009-11. These will bring an extra level of immersion to the British armour in Steel Beasts.
  12. Thanks @Koen. I hadn't come across this myself. I'm always interested in recce tactics so I've downloaded it for future reading. I like its focus on each of the core principles of U.S. doctrine in turn. Cheers
  13. No worries, it's one of the best crafted and enjoyable new scenarios I've played in a while. I'm looking forward to playing it again when I get a chance. Have you got any new scenarios in the pipeline?