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  1. We love photos

    Or turrets ....from this years "tank biathlon" : Result of moronic tank jumping :
  2. Video Thread

    Que??...i sure hope you are not referring to the beautiful CV90s?..😉
  3. Sights on what.7z

    ????Hard to rate without a password for "blue";-) .....only red and green teams are playable.
  4. Video Thread

    I wouldnt exactly call 3 rounds in 30 seconds "burst" fire....its about half the ROF of real SPHs like K9 and PZH 2000. And unlike the latter, due to its slow ROF, the CAESAR doesnt actually have true MRSI capability. Good to know.....the painfully slow deployment of the spade was something i noticed too when watching the promo video. Its a process that shouldn't take more than 5-10 seconds max . Actually they have.....the Demo version of CAESAR 8x8 shown at Eurosatory last year , featured an automatic ammunition magazine and a loader arm that would pick up the shell directly from the magazine. For some inexplicable reason (most likely cost) we (DK) have chosen NOT to get CAESAR with that auto magazine. IDK....i tend to think that the exposed crew issue is somewhat overblown ....mostly because the chance of our SPHs ever being subjected to counter battery fire is very close to nil.....and also because the other tracked SPHs like PZH and K9 isnt actually THAT much better armored......their armor offer little more than splinter protection anyway. Wrt to enemy UAVs or helos , the entire Danish ground forces is going to have to learn how to deal with that threat anyway......a good start being the planned acquisition of GBAD systems and surveillance radars. While i too was hoping for a tracked SPH like K9, i must admit i kind of like the CAESAR......it has a very good gun, and is a proven system. Being a lot cheaper it would have made a lot of sense in twice the numbers......in other words, i would rather have 30 CAESARs than 15 K9s......but back to reality. We basically chose the cheapest SPH on the planet and still could only "afford" a measly 15 !...which tells me that we are lucky to get any new artillery at all......if only more expensive tracked options would have been available , there is a good chance that our entire artillery capability would have suffered the same fate as our submarine service(and the dodo).
  5. Is there a German word for the Leopard 2A5/6/7 wedge armor?

    Hmm....i have just had a dig through my old technical documentation on our Leo's ....in the manual "TDv 2350/069-10 DK ......Beschreibung, KPz Leopard 2 A5 DK" , KMW simply calls the applique armor "zusatzpanzerung turm /wanne ( as in add-on armor turret and hull) ...more specifically the front wedge is listed as "adaptive panzerung" and the side armor " schwenkbare panzerung. (because it swings open i guess)
  6. M1A2 SEP V3

    Huh?.....where does that come from? ....In the decade or so i have frequented this site, i cant recall ever having come across anybody "hating" on the Abrams. Quite the contrary in fact, The M1 is often highlighted as the best modern tank design, and used as the gold standard against which all other tanks is measured.
  7. Dien Bien Phu map

    Thats a bit rich, coming from someone whose country surrendered in a matter of hours in WW2 and which hasn't actually won a war since 1612 ! Militarily speaking , we might well be called the Italy of Scandinavia , except of course that would be an insult to the Italians. Whereas their reputation for lack of military prowess is of largely recent (as in 20th century ) origin , WE have been consistently useless and incompetent for centuries. A Dane mocking the French for military cowardice is the ultimate example of hypocrisy.
  8. M113 TOW thermal imager capability

    Well the Danish designation for T0W is M/87 suggesting a DOI of ca 1987 I seem to remember that our M113 TOW got their thermal capability before our Leopard 1s did with the A5 upgrade in 92-93. So around 1990 would be my guess...
  9. Dutch CV90s to receive active protection

    http://www.janes.com/article/67279/netherlands-outlines-afv-upgrades A small consolation price for losing the tanks....still better than nothing. Fingers crossed that the spike missile finds its way onto Danish CV9035s as well.
  10. Leo 2A4 in Syria

    No we didn't......after we lost a driver in an IED strike, the lowest row of ammo were replaced with concrete rounds, but the rest stayed. Later the hull ammo rack was replaced with a new 22 round armored version, as part of the full mine protection upgrade all our Leos in Helmand received.
  11. Leo 2A4 in Syria

    Absolutely......The performance of the latter concept in the real world (and in real combat) is very much still unknown. Just as the advantage of such a configuration is obvious on a linear, one-directional battlefield, so is the limitations and weaknesses when operating in an urban environment , or a 360 degree battlespace like in Syria.
  12. Leo 2A4 in Syria

    Exactly.....and as we are seeing in Syria, moden warfare is turning out to be a 360 degree business. In such an environment situational awareness becomes crucial, and it seems a step change in allround surveillance capability is just as needed as an active protection system is. Precisely the lack of SA seems to have been a weakness in the Turkish tank units, and have no doubt contributed to their losses.
  13. Leo 2A4 in Syria

    No....These 2 Leos and the armored car were captured intact by ISIS and subsequently destroyed by the Turkish Air Force weeks ago.
  14. Leo 2A4 in Syria

    I suppose it could have been a victim of a "friendly" air-strike......i believe the Turkish Air Force did bomb some of their vehicles after they were abandoned by the turkish crews.
  15. Leopard 2A5DK Armor Values

    SB wiki says : A4/A5 standard front hull armor 600 mm http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Leopard_2A5 A5DK/ 2E front hull armor ~700 mm http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Leopardo_2E Notice that is says greater than 620mm How well these figures actually corresponds to the values modelled in SB 4.006 is anybody,s guess (well Deja or Volcano should know of course ;-)