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  1. One of the first things I did on the internet was to download (with a 1200 baud modem) the shareware version of Wolfenstein3D (728kb(!)). it took me forever (on a Compuserve connection, 12 DeutschMark per hour). When it was finally finished the zip file was corrupted ... Jens
  2. Hi, those of you who are interested in tanks and love to listen to a podcast every now and then, might take a look at this weeks episode of Reuter's War College. LINK Jens
  3. Regular view when I was a kid back in the 80s Jens
  4. Luchs, then the Luchs and after that the Luchs. Jens
  5. Is there any chance for a little Luchs video (internal and external)? Jens
  6. Hi Ulf, did you get my email? Jens
  7. Uh, I wasn't aware that there is actually a height map for Grafenwoehr. Well the area I'm looking for will be this one ... As I have access to Global Mapper I can download SRTM Worldwide Elevation Data (3-arcsecond Resolution) and export it into a DTED (0-2) file. Jens
  8. Hi, can anybody (who is in possession of the SB Pro version) produce me a hgt-map if I provide the corresponding DTED data? The area I'm interested in is the Grafenwoehr Training area in southern Germany. Jens
  9. Looks great Snorri!! Jens BTW: Nice avatar ;-)
  10. +1 I have to report the same problem... 'An internal error has occurred. Please try again later. Error Code = 0x18080001'
  11. The former home of the PzAufklBtl 4 from Roding in Germany has one on static display as well LINK (scroll down a little bit). Jens
  12. Hi, does it come with some kind of editor (like ArmA), where you can place units on the map just as you like to? Jens
  13. Sorry to bring this up again. But is there a final decision if the board will support tapatalk? Thanks! Jens
  14. Hi Ssnake, I havn't seen any ads while I browse forums with tapatalk. It's the same content I see when I browse the groups on my PC, just with a special interface that makes navigating a lot easier. The only form of "advertisment" for the app is a little hint when you enter a tapatalk supported board with Safari (on the iPad) for the first time. The hint just tells you that this board supports tapatalk. From a users view I havn't found any disadvanteges. The great advantage is the very userfriendly way to read any navigate the forums on your mobile device. I don't know how many times i clicked on the name of the topic-creator instead of the topicitself when I use Safari to read newsgroups. Jens
  15. Ok, I now have VMware Fusion 4 running on my iMac. Made a WinXP machine for VMware and installed SB Pro PE 2.538. Plugged in the Codemeterstick, virtual WinXP found the stick without a problem. Started Steelbeasts. Runs without any problems inside the virtual machine. Now I sit grinning in front of my iMax ... ;.) Jens