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  1. It wasn't my fault, I swear~! Twas the quadriplegic, blind, ninja squirrel that made me do it~!
  2. I didn't expect the thread to endure for so long. I think the initial suggestion of such boundaries are now moot and it being just a wish list is fine.
  3. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    I apologize if this was mentioned before, but I could not find anything on this with a cursory search. What was the feasibility of possibly implementing two reverse speeds? A slow reverse and the current 'full' reverse. This could possibly be helpful in certain cases such as when one does not want to back down a slope at full reverse, and perhaps even this issue some people have in backing into trees, treants and small innocent furry creatures with blood-red, demonic eyes and razor sharp teeth and talons.
  4. wheat fields

    The addition of such a crop into SB would be great. One of the greatest joys of having been with SB since the beginning has been watching the evolution of this program, albeit from the sidelines. Thank you for giving this a go. I know you will be successful in its implementation erelong.
  5. Video Thread

    Cheers on all your videos Matsimus~! Hope you don't mind me posting this one.
  6. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Basic, untextured 3-D modelling of the more commonly used crew-able AFV driver positions. (i.e. Abrams, Bradley, Challenger 2) Or textured, if you're feeling exceptionally giving.
  7. Water thermal texture problem - 4.004

    Woot! Time to open up Oriental style bath houses!
  8. Newbie (imminent) questions

    Welcome to the community good sir! I will have to agree with enigma6584 in that if there are particular units that interest you the most, work with those first and get the hang of them. Once you are pretty comfortable with those units, then I recommend expanding out and giving all the other crew-able tanks whirl. They each have their personalities and quirks which are fun to learn and experience. If you do end up playing a lot of offline mode, you will eventually have to work with many of the units available anyway. Also, if you like creating scenarios, the Mission Editor is a wonderful tool. Coupled with the Map Editor, there isn't much you are not able to do. (P.S. Friendly reminder, make sure you are running in Administrator mode.) One thing I really enjoy is that we have people from around the world that get along, gather, have fun and generally enjoy each other's input and knowledge. And the amount of knowledge to be gleaned makes one want to giggle uncontrollably like a deranged necromancer about to raise an army of dracoliches. Again, welcome to the community, glad to have you aboard! Cheers!
  9. Could this help attract new players to SB Pro PE

    What?! I am unique... like everyone else?!
  10. SB Pro PE 4.004

    True, but there is always the possibility it was there but my brain didn't register. Has been known to happen... shhhh.
  11. SB Pro PE 4.004

    True, mainly just a reminder in case my post concerning this was missed or forgotten.
  12. SB Pro PE 4.004

    Hmm, didn't see any mention for the CDR's forward peri on Leo 2A5 and 2A6 variants that do not have the up-armored turret tops. It is currently set to be the same view height as all the other cupola periscopes.
  13. Well, humans do seem to have a habit of repeating historical mistakes. And global situations remain fluid. The ironic thing is how political leaders tend to up the tensions between nations, and alas, then it is the people that end up suffering because of it.
  14. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Borderless windowed mode that can be setup per monitor on a multi-monitor setup.