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  1. Version 4.019


    Anderslöv! This is my first mission uploaded here so would love some feedback. You play as a platoon tank commander in the Swedish armed forces. The bn is taking a village named Anderslöf to prevent enemy from using the terrain north of Anderslöv. The mission is in Swedish. But in the summary you can read a small explanation and I hope that will suffice. If not please send me a message or comment and I will try to fix it.
  2. Haha Lucky me that we lost many good men today then
  3. Thank you so much for pleasent evening. This was my first online session in SB and to do that on my home soil (living about 50 km from where we started) is just lovely. Both B1 and B2 platoons was just amazing host for newbies like me. Hope I didnt slow you down to much. I didnt expect the debriefing afterward. Loved that. 👍 INCIDENT: One thing that I did notice was that in front of B-2 platoon and the front line of the company, at two times I observed B-66 littarely in front of us. At the second time I saw the heat signsture behind trees in form of tracks of a vehicle (see picture). Near another vehicle we had just destroyd. It was shooting in a direction towards our infantry. Our platoon was in the front so my instict told me to fire. I did. Then I saw at the AAR that it was blue on blue. So Im very sorry for that B-66 Grenny/Ronin. Big thanks to KT! Hoping for a Swedish platoon soon. =)
  4. Hi guys! I would love to join my first (not lan) mp mission. Have the SP updated and ready. Im familiar with both strv122 and the cv9040 systems (Im a Swede in a "tincan", living just about 50 km from the battle). Again sorry for my noobyness. // Niklas
  5. Thank you SOOOOOO much! Now I know what to do the next couple of days =P
  6. Thats right To the left you see the file in win. viewer and to the right the file in photoshop. [ATTACH]14149[/ATTACH] If I save the file in photoshop, it would stay as the picture to the right. Do I need to do change some settings while Im saving it?
  7. I downloaded the nvidias texture tool. So I cap open dds in photoshop. And other textures looks just fine when i open them. But the leo2a4decals.dds looks wierd.
  8. Hi there! I what to change the Leo2a4decals.dds in photoshop. But when I open it most textures disappear in fields of colours. Background colour is now black. When I look at the picture with window photoviewer, the background is white. Can sombody help this noob by explaining why and what to do?
  9. Nice! =) I bought mine on ebay. Search for "cvc helmet". Do you need external power?
  10. Of course =)
  11. Hi there! Me and my friend have played this simulator for a while now and Im thinking, wy not nerd things up a notch? So Im starting a little projekt to integrate two cvc helmets into the SB simulator. For now Im just building it upp so they will work as two headsets. Im going to build two "intercom" boxes where you connect the cvc helmet to two original 183/u connection, and plug it in to the computer with aux 3,5 mm. A "downside" with using it as an headset is that there is no surround in it. But it can easily be done. On the plus side, I've connected the cvc helmet with the threads of the aux cable to test the helmets speakers and the poor sound quality makes it just great for intercom. =D I just wonder if theres a way to filter the sounds in the game so just the sound of the AI will be heard in the helmet. Rest of the sound should be coming from another speaker. [ATTACH]14144[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]14145[/ATTACH]
  12. Hi! It seems that tank and cv gunners aim poorly at infantry with coax-mg at short distance. The bullets doesnt hit the origo of the sight. And the gunner doesnt compensate his aim to knock down the infantry. I'll buy if the two first bursts doesnt hit, but on the third.. I just love this simulator! STRV122 and the CV9040 with 3P
  13. Question! Enemy infantry is not visible in buildings. Neither with IR or daysight. The only thing i can see is the flash from gunfire. Is this ment to be a simulation of infantry hiding in building or is it something thats going to be fixed in the future? Best regards Ohlsson
  14. Thanks alot! The .png file did the trick! Best regards Pansar_skytte
  15. Hi! I whant to remove/change the decals for the L2A4! "Leo2a4decals.dds" -I open the Leo2a4decals.dds with amnoid ddsview and saved the file in a .bmp format. -Now I can open it in Photoshop and paint the "Alpha layer" totaly black and save in .bmp format. (Not sure about the configuration in save as .BMP, 16bit, 24bit or 32bit???) -I open the new bmp file in amnoid ddsview, but now its seems that the layers has been lost. I cant se choose to "show image alpha blended". Ive tried to save the file in .dds and add it. But then it wont be transparent. Can someone help me?