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  1. Nice sliding into firing position!
  2. Nice! Except the links for part 3 and 5 are still version 010...
  3. Happy new year guys!
  4. Wow! Finally a sensible decision in my country. What's next? Buying bullets so our soldiers don't have to shout "piew! piew!" on training?
  5. Interesting. Active protection seems a must to have these days.
  6. Nice! More info is always welcome!
  7. Great info guys, appreciate it. Froggy, what gen thermals did your Leclerc have?
  8. I think it is like hitting a wall with a car, only without a crumble zone and airbags. So major injury or even death would not surprise me.
  9. She's a sexy beast!
  10. Hi Froggy, Offtopic question: what would be a good stand-in for the VBCI? Thanks for the info!
  11. Oh, back in the day I was addicted to "Harpoon". I even bought a real pc for it because the newer version did not run on Amiga anymore :-) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harpoon_(series) Man I'm old...
  12. Assetto Corsa! I divide my game time between SB & AC :-) My daughter is driving a truck in Euro truck simulator. I'm also very interested in HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) so Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets some play time as well. Did some long sword seminars in real life too. Much more technical than Hollywood makes you think.
  13. That second Sabra got hit in the rear, wow! Like Maj. Hans said, no smoke, no SA. And it looks like the Sabra upgrade is not very effective against modern ATGM's? The first one got hit on the front, with the upgraded armor it seems.
  14. I'm having a great time and discover new stuff day after day! It is excellent.