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  1. Sorry, can give you a 100%..for reasons ;-) But Fri or Saturday would be best
  2. Well, we may be at home over the easter weekend, so I might be able to join in...
  3. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    1st, I think noone disagrees with you that it would be a good idea to have that in game. But as I said, a simple dice roll will not be sufficient. There are very many (too much)variables to make this work in a way to have a learning curve at all...and not only added frustration. Steelbeasts has no "AI" by definition. Its just a simple software and not selflearning. To achieve the desired goal, it is still necessary to train and play with other humans...you should try it ;-)
  4. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Getting the AI to make mistakes, is going to very difficult. You want it to make "correct" mistakes, or the training value will be small. You would want false positive and false negative ID. (Mistake an enemy unit as a friendly one , and fire not or too late) A simple random/probability based approach would not do the trick. It will only serve to frustrate players. Factors: -traininglevel of crews -fatigue level of crews -have they been engaged in that area -how long since the last contact -what kind of equipment does own /enemy units have (Luchs es easier to mistake for a BRT-70 then, say a Warrior) -what is the situation for neighboring units -visibility levels -terrain character And all factor, constantly monitored, with different weights, depending on the situation again. => Humans are much better at making this mistakes. So if you want them in game, join online sessions!
  5. While the combat units just had their fun...we where working in the rain
  6. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    ...the M2A3 would be a blast too.
  7. Well im thinking of using the safed AAR to create a follow on scenario with the players only controlling the attacking force and move over the lines of the spanish Cav IOT strike at OPFOR. There are still one or 2 game slots left for 2018... Mirzayev was right, not enough time to do both in one scenario. But, if the Recon would have been very fast and lucky or OPFOR to good at stopping them I feared the sce over to soon. So, I'm still good with my decision to put the follow on forces in as a backup. I just hope noone feels that the mission was a "loose" for blue...as recon wise you've done what you needed to do. And also stopped a counterattack in the north.
  8. Thanks for joining the game gentlemen. Question: someone filmed the mission??
  9. Don't worry. We have a phase 2 in CR2s...so if you die early in the light Cav, there is still the heavies for a second chance :-P
  10. Uploaded screenshot, Also one mistake in Manning list. The 1st recon squadron is not Cxx but Axx!! Please find the sce file attached here WAR FOR TERRITORY_kanium callsigns_01.sce
  11. Thanks for the help MD. I'll upload a map screenshot as soon as i haveaccess to my pc.
  12. The Battle of the Bulge Movie 1965

    nah... ya know, this song is with me since basic Training. Hearing this movi version makes my toe nails roll up...
  13. The Battle of the Bulge Movie 1965

    No, it has only the 1st verse in repeat... which sux
  14. There are 2x more combat loadouts for the smallarms an board the Marder f. e.... so reloading rifles on the IFV and or supply truck should be an option. Unlimited. yes. until you guys figure out a way to track the ammo loadout for the dismounts