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  1. Greetings. I won't be able to make and organize a game this weekend. Hopefully someone will step in...
  2. We love screenshots

    And the east german side:
  3. We love screenshots

    Under fire(from last Sunday kanium game):
  4. Sunday 16sep18 game?

    Thanks for the game. Hope you enjoyed it... LIPPERLAND_10056_091618RONIN-MK32002.aar
  5. Sunday 16sep18 game?

    Sce file. OPFOR is flexible... if we are only a few people; we can scale it down and play a plt size mission. So see you tomorow at 2000B LIPPERLAND.sce
  6. Just a try, lets see if anyone is up for it....and if Cavgunner or one of the danes can do ze hostings... Proposal for one of the comming sunday games (16sep18) I'll be doing OPFOR and in parts HICOM. Anyone intersted in doing D66? any questions regarding the sce? Situation: Enemy: MRB 121(+) has been defending on the left wing of MotSchtzRgt(Mech-rifle Rgt) 12, along the State-Road 191 between HABIGHORST and CELLE since 140400Baug88 against own attack towrads BEEDENBOSTEL. At 140600Baug88 ,MRB 121 is estimated a´t 50% strengt and defending with 2 companies abreast, one company(-) in reserve. Also remainders of the 4th company together with the last units of the AT-detchment have detected north of LACHEDORF, probaly a flank guard. 2 companies are in heavily fortified positions in and north of BEEDENBOSTEL. Position of enemy reserve still unknown. An enemy Tank-BN, strenght 80% has been spotted just west of EHRA-LESSIN, and is estimated to become effective in the combat area not ealier then 0700B. Possible CoA for MRB 121 is to hold the line along ASCHAU river the reeforced/relieved by TankBN IOT prevent own breaktrhough at BEEDENBOSTEL. Most dangerous CoA is MRB 121 hold line along ASCHAU RIVER including bridgehead at LACHENDORF IOT enable enemy counterattack in right flank of our own BN...to destroy PzGrenBN 212 and prevent further attack towards BEEDENBOSTEL Own: PzGrenBn 212(+) is attacking towards BEEDENBOSTEL with 2 companies abreast, 2 follwing.(2.212 and 3./203 front, 4. & 5./212 following) After intial success in pushing trough the enemy delay area, the attack has stalled in deep minefields and heavy indirect/direct fires just west of BEEDENBOSTEL (B)2./212, northwest of BEEDENBOSTEL has taken 20% casualties and can not advance further (C) 3./203 +/- (tank), west of BEEDENBOSTEL has been stopped by mines, currently lost 2 tanks and 2 IFV, can not advance further .... Mission: PzGrenBN 212 is to take crossings over the ASCHAU and neutralize MRB 121(+) IOT to enable further attack of PzBN 203 towards STEINHOST, HAKENSBÜTTEL and to neutralize MechRgt 12 Intend of Co 212 is to regain initiative with attack by (D)4./212(+/-) followed (E)5./212 around the right shoulder of (C)2./203 IOT take positions east of the ASCHAU and neutralize MRB 121 positions before enemy reserve BN arrives. Tasks: 2./212 will hold position and bind enemy north of BEEDENBOSTEL 3./203 -will hold current position and bind enemy in BEEDENBOSTEL - will, on order(trigger) gain support by fire position to support 4./212 4./212(PLAYER unit) will attack over GLOCKENHOLZ towards LACHENDORF - will destroy enemy flank guard - will take and hold positions in LACHENDORF against possible counterattack IOT secure precondition for further attack of 5./212 5./212...will follow 4./212, will attack ...IOT destroy MRB 121 reserve ... RECON paltoon: - continues recon mission with 2 patrols - provides observation of own right flank against possible enemy counterattack Co 212 needs to know: - where is MRB 121 reserve company - what are possible attack rountes for 5./212 - when and where, and which strenght does enemy reserve BN arrive C Fires support: organic fire support from(F) 6./212 (4x mortar M113) 1x battery (2xplt, 4 tubes each) from ArtBN 141 One fire mission (ble, suppress) at enemy AT-units, pre-plotted via trigger. Available not before 0615B Command/coordination measure: Callsigns according to kanium standard D66 (Marder 1A3)...ya know, IRL it would have been a Marder 1A4 ;-) Marder1A3 D11 D12 D13 D14 D21 D22 D23 D24 ...Marder1A3 (3xMG3, 2x MILAN, 4xrifle team with 6xPzFst-3, +40mm grenades...) C31...Leopard 2A4 (DM33 and DM12 rounds) C32 C33 C34 RECON Platoon: A11 A12 A21 A22 2x Pinzgauer as a "Wolf" substitute 2x2men squads a recon teams
  7. German Marder Milan

    The problem with the MILAN is a long time "bug" that will hopefully get fixed one day. One thing: there are several "skins" for vehicles and infantry available. There is an olive mod to get this german uniform. If you copy this into the danish infantry folder, and use danish uniforms during the mission...you'll even have a G3 rifle. The skins are avilable at https://www.steelbeasts.org/downloads.php?do=cat&id=5 You need to create an account there tough.
  8. Greetings; I'll be away this sunday, but there has been no game published anyway. So, any of the danes here next week? If needed, I can prepare a scenario...but a host and a CO is required.
  9. ULAN systems

    Well, there has to be a line...A fully modelled vehicle will be unplayable without a manual. Many of which are not public, and a software with those function will likely not be public too.
  10. NATO Reticle explained?

    Rough Idea is enough for this game. Detailed information would breach my NDA(and that of most people who know this stuff really)....so stop asking.
  11. Sorry I could not make it...but we had to beat back an invasion of evil tin-men ;-)
  12. Hi, can anyone upload an AAR from this mission??
  13. We love screenshots

    Didn't have a good time in the last kanium game...and here is the guy whos fault that was:
  14. A21 is left? I'd take it. ...or just put me where needed...a PL position is nice though :-)