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  1. there is also the job of dismount team leader...
  2. to see the range dial in dight view, set the realism level to medium or low
  3. My mistake as eng.-leader was not to wait till they have their job. That did cost 1x M2+MICLIC
  4. Should be ok. I run it on worse hardware
  5. Probably not SB. The trainers a run with a software made by Rheinmetal themselfes. If the forests are "green walls of doom", then its the 1980's version ;-)
  6. Man, I'd love to see those polish T-"72" and...oh what basicly all it (Rosomak, Leo2PL) in Steelbeasts. Maybe one day Ssnake has some luck aquiring a contract with the MoD right of the Oder :-)
  7. hey, to the mission designer, or our CO if he already is working on the file...please make sure each Grenadierteam had 10 rounds for this baby: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/HK69
  8. Right, forgot about that one :-/
  9. Use Ssnakes link, the scroll down on the site...its domewhere mid(ish)
  10. Update to 4.010 would be 40$
  11. Might be differnt use a an english leanword. What is described would rather be called "Bauchgefühl" in german... or just plainly as "Instinkt".
  12. Well, Fingerspitzengefühl is the ability to handle delicate situations without upsetting people. For example: a CSM learned that the parents of one of his rekruits died in a horrible car crash. IOT inform him he lets the company assemble and shouts: "All orphans, one step forward...private Peters, this also means you or you!" That is the opposit of "Fingerspitzengefühl". Ok, it may not be what you mean , concerning the battle plan?
  13. Just everyone remember: copy that file into the Dk folder NOT the DE folder!!!
  14. Damn you! You must not write such stuff while I'm drinking coffee...