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  1. Protractor

    Nice feature. Will help to remeber what 1800 actually means :-) Still hoping one day esim will add something that has all the features of this device (see pic) when working the map. (PS: I know why this one is on e-bay, the bubble renders it nearly useless)
  2. Hey guy, Sorry, It's summer...I'll be outside ;-)
  3. We love screenshots

    working on new sce, cold war stuff
  4. We love photos

    Source Bundeswehr, Grenadiers training
  5. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    hope to get this for steelbeasts: http://www.deutschesheer.de/portal/a/heer/start/multimedia/videoaktuell/!ut/p/z1/hY_NDoIwEITfiC1F_o5gJRoJGjBqezENNIjBljSVePDhLTHhRtzDJDuz-20WGFyBST52LTedkry3PWXBLY3yU45jjEmYbVASr4mXkC1CkQdnuPwbYTZGC5UgqBoB1DLCRcYhgAoYsEY4tZLCTGqENJ3VVnOjtDMobfopeWltE6drgCKXpMifT7mfFO_zdRmtMNml5QR88JG_511eT08DvXPZ9OKo6uRnDM8sKgq__QJc-Mg-/dz/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/#Z7_B8LTL2922D7FE0A9CD3ADH00O6
  6. Video Thread

    Marder training with Spike ATGM (German name for it: MELLS) http://www.deutschesheer.de/portal/a/heer/start/multimedia/videoaktuell/!ut/p/z1/hY_NDoIwEITfiC1F_o5gJRoJGjBqezENNIjBljSVePDhLTHhRtzDJDuz-20WGFyBST52LTedkry3PWXBLY3yU45jjEmYbVASr4mXkC1CkQdnuPwbYTZGC5UgqBoB1DLCRcYhgAoYsEY4tZLCTGqENJ3VVnOjtDMobfopeWltE6drgCKXpMifT7mfFO_zdRmtMNml5QR88JG_511eT08DvXPZ9OKo6uRnDM8sKgq__QJc-Mg-/dz/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/#Z7_B8LTL2922D7FE0A9CD3ADH00O6
  7. Mugs! Posters! Mousepads! Magnets!

    Worth more the 10€? Go to jail for trying to bribe the tax man
  8. Infantry volume of fire or lack thereof

    That would already be a good range for a bajonet-charge ...ah yes, the Infantry(AI) can be sooo anoying. The accuracy problem with the G36 are also worse then we thought :-D
  9. Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018

    Wouldn't switching off Stab and FCS solve that? SO you can then shoot with the GAS?...I mean, what are you going to hit with this wobbly gun?
  10. Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018

    Our official propaganda video...
  11. Infantry volume of fire or lack thereof

    ...hread this called "Beruhigungsschießen" once :-P
  12. Video Thread

    sweating tankies:
  13. If I get the sce file, I also can do ze CO'ing
  14. I take an M3. Either in one of the Scout troops or I support command section in the XO...
  15. ETA on terrain patch?

    ...deleting my video ;-)