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  1. Just my 2ct: We would need some drill nights to cope with such scenarios. Switching to a hasty defence quickly(and without mapupdates), is beyond our current skilllevel. It needed a lot of coordination from the CO's (and was well done), but the development of the platoons in that situation was hard for the players. Maybe we try something similar to thsi with map-updates on as training?
  2. No problem, I'll PM you the link. But be careful, after reading the website, they'll flash your brain so you don't remember
  3. Bah, easy to find. They are on the same page, together with a detailed description of their Fire-control system and sketches of their armour layout
  4. Question concerning skins/mod: Will the scenario be in Winter or summer setting? Need to set of the Mods for the 2S1/Mortars/ MTLB and such
  5. Thanks for filming this! Alsoe thnaks everybody for playing this mission. Got some valuable feedback! Next asymetric battle will be shorter or split into more missions.
  6. Whatch at minute 16:30. The ONLY practical use for an HS 30 [video]
  7. An Airforce soldier, after his first night in a bivouac:
  8. In this game where role playing. We where supposed to be a surprized, badly organized rebell mob. So we tried zo act like that. After all, we caused losses and entertained blue for 3 hours ;-P
  9. The golden shot :-)
  10. 1 times sce file: Operation Kuhkri_Kanium 15jan17.sce
  11. Marder gegen BMP2 Vergleichsvideo: [Video]
  12. To make an accurate recreation, there would be much more player needed, as the QRF was Bn size. I also would need a map stretching over hundreds of miles of jungle. So I assumed to it is obvious that it can not be a "accurate" scenario(...hence in the opening post "roughly based on".) I know that you're an expericenced SB player, so I understood your post more as a poke and not an advice offering, especialy after I repeated and clarified the "disclaimer".
  13. Again, you are able to read? ...You have something useful to say? Or are you just here for whining?