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  1. yep, i plan to enjoy the "day off". .
  2. Well our trailers are there to transport combat ready tanks sans crew /ammo. I guess the US HET should fit the same slot.
  3. Video...Just a Note: I do not like driving tanks... [video]
  4. I don't think its a good comparison. The DLC aproach allows for some flexibility, and enables players to get only the stuff they want. Esim offers the whole package...buy or leave. Less flexible, but better for online play. Imagine you want to make a mission with a Leo2A5 company in attack...and half the players only bougth the 2A4 or only own a T72 😂
  5. Some finnish-german cooperation: [video]
  6. there is a lot thats not finished...a lot that can only be controlled in 3rd person view and a lot thats not in the game at all. And we can talk about it all day...
  7. Thanks for the help suggestions here gents. I just had the Microsoft help in chat here...seems like the last Win10 update caused damage. I had to reintstall windoof :-( But now it works again
  8. ...and they are easily solved. Just see post #2. There some very clever and good looking guy already gave all needed information.
  9. Nah, it was probably the last windows update that blew my system...have to do a reinstall
  10. PS. The NVIDA userinterface also does not work anymore...shows no text also :-(
  11. I just updated my NVIDIA drivers, and now everything is just fucked up. I can not start Steelbeasts....and I don't know why, as the error message pop-up(basicly ALL popups now) do not show any text :-( Anyone seen something similar? What could be the issue and how to fix?
  12. there are several vehicles that do not have fully modelled interiors...CR2 is one of 'em
  13. Was not one of my good ones...we got stomped in our 1st contact. Got to do an analysis on how to do it differently :-/
  14. You should have received an email with link for licence activation. Did you? And: did you download an install the latest steelbeasts version?