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  1. Whatch at minute 16:30. The ONLY practical use for an HS 30 [video]
  2. An Airforce soldier, after his first night in a bivouac:
  3. In this game where role playing. We where supposed to be a surprized, badly organized rebell mob. So we tried zo act like that. After all, we caused losses and entertained blue for 3 hours ;-P
  4. The golden shot :-)
  5. 1 times sce file: Operation Kuhkri_Kanium 15jan17.sce
  6. Marder gegen BMP2 Vergleichsvideo: [Video]
  7. To make an accurate recreation, there would be much more player needed, as the QRF was Bn size. I also would need a map stretching over hundreds of miles of jungle. So I assumed to it is obvious that it can not be a "accurate" scenario(...hence in the opening post "roughly based on".) I know that you're an expericenced SB player, so I understood your post more as a poke and not an advice offering, especialy after I repeated and clarified the "disclaimer".
  8. Again, you are able to read? ...You have something useful to say? Or are you just here for whining?
  9. It does no aim or claim to have an accurate ORBAT. Anything else we can help you with?
  10. Mark, thats not fully correct. At later stages the Rolad SAM system would do much of the "in depth AD" Also the "rear areas" where meant to be guarded against Airthreats by dislocation, cover camoflage and their own AD assets. CSS and HQ units had "security platoons" armed with 4-6 20mm AD canons (basicly the Marders gun mounted on a gun carriage) The Gepard groups where indeed intended to move and fight with the line units. They where not kept in reserve though, so units on the front line, had them, those just behind in reserve, not. But they where NEVER under TACON of the BN commander. They just happen to operate in his AOR and coordinate with him. So if the brigade(or division) decided its more important to protect bridges or other area...thats it.
  11. Ok you two. Just give a headup if I need change the Maning-list....
  12. Greetings. Manning List updated. As me is doing the inofficial "S1-work", its of course the CO's (Mirzayev ) decision if he wan't to change something. If someone has the feeling he'd be better suited as plt-leader, we can sort that on Sunday during the TS meeting.
  13. The downside of shoulder fired IR-homing missles like Strela/IGla/Stinger, is that you have to cool down the warhead(SB players know this from the Javelin)...so you need some warning before the aircraft pops up, if you start readying the missle once you SEE the aircraft yourself, it is usually to late. SACLOS missles like Blowpipe had an advantage in that regard.