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  1. All vehicles I had contact with during my active time where multi-fuel. (Tanks, Trucks, IFV etc etc)
  2. 105mm HESH right to the TC-hatch :-)
  3. Trackpad changing, you know, I'm happy that this part of tank-life is not modeled in computer games :-D
  4. Wasn't the BV a standart equipment?
  5. yes and yes
  6. We are working on it. think I'll organise AD and eng. in a way the player have fun...and the CO usable assets...
  7. Request from the engineers: need something with amineplow for lane-proofing. Prefer an M60, armed with 50% HESH 50%WP(SMOKE) as stand in for eng.-vehicle. Wisent with mineplow will do too
  8. Rocky terrain is hell for the roadwheels...
  9. Against tanks, sabot rounds are first choice anyway, and the M830 would not be very usefull against modern armour. So going for HE is a good move IMO
  10. The enviroment in SB( and pretty much all computer games) do not provide enough "clutter" and movement. So it is very easy to spot Antennas or RWS. IRL thats much much harder. You'll not be able to see it before its too late.
  11. Q: What type of dismounts are in E plt? Only enginees? Infantry? A mix? What kind and number of AT weapons?
  12. 1st section of 2-platoon: [video]
  13. Wait one: You want me to go into fights with that MICLIC trailer behind my M2??? :-O
  14. Hey, I was beeing as unspecific as possible :-P
  15. I can just add that I was VERY VERY impressed by the performance improvements, and I hope they will work out that way, or at least close to it, in the final product.