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  1. Mortar pits...
  2. ...or propper infantry positions. -Foxholes -Foxholes with cover -combat trenches -combat trenches connected with covered running trenches etc etc etc
  3. We'll have to wait for the final product. But esim are working on improved efficiency. My laptop was quiete happy...
  4. Video of M1A2 and MILAN teams in life-fire-ex. See at 2:33, the MILAN fired from Tripod(long)...(the short tripod gets attached to the top of a longer tripod). Wish we had those in SB to get view over that f*cking gras :-/ [video]
  5. Rambler, you where damn lucky that MILAN did not splash. The little wedge below the crosshair is your aim-mark for launch...only after that you guide the missle with the center crosshair!!
  6. Never say this dirty word again! When a defence official or industry say "modular" ...you can shout "Bullsh't!!" right then
  7. Hmmm, don't think that this is needed in SB. The shoulder carry, is only done for march and when not expecting contact. Otherwise it is to be carried in front, or on the "long arm". In that sense, steelbeasts is quiete correct in modelling it as it is now.
  8. In a defence sce like this, it'd be handy to have some extra crew for the ATGM teams...
  9. Can you explain better what you mean by that?
  10. As long as everyone makes advertisement for his VU...everyone will be served. I don't see a problem here :-P
  11. Point is: how do you know what gunner/TC can use without getting "off sight" , without beeing trained on that vehicle?