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  1. This friday is a go for me...wife is on 24h duty :-)
  2. Yes, a bit off, but not to far. Considering that "their mission" is usually "interfering with your operation" that in matches in some way. For example: We smack a enemy MechInf hard and inflict damages/casualties so that they'll be busy with CASEVAC for the next 1,5 hours (the time we need to bypass them and do our mission/tasks)...We'd consider them "Neutralized". The german term we learned a equivalent of "neutralize" was "Zerschlagen"...and be different from "destroy" = "Vernichten" which would mean: take care of them permanently (permanetly unable to carry out missions)
  3. That might be an option worth considering ;-)
  4. Destroy would do the trick as well ;-) I meant neutralize as in "unable to continue its mission" or "forced to retire"
  5. Yes, should have been more clear. The Pumping station is a terrain feature sans any direct tactical value. It was a thing more in the campaign setting of that time.... So, main effeort on neutralization of the ENY force...
  6. Manning list updated. Did you know there are brand new TOW missles? Range 4500m...will be fun in this terrain!!
  7. Well, I got 3 days...so plenty of time to check out the navy stuff that Thales, L3 have to offer. Then its time for some RnR at the esim stand :-)
  8. If that thing has a working MILAN launcher model in the turret ring, you'll need a crowbar to get me out of it 😎
  9. But you do realise, can only be an aid to training value. If the software can only run with 10 units on the map(given the hardware) but has top notch graphics, its training value for company training = zero and therefor also the experience will be shitty. Again, no argue that good looks are great, but their are not in the highest priority.
  10. ...but you to roll a 12 in willpower to counter a wishπŸ˜‹
  11. the thing is 90% of tanking can not be simulated in computer inviroment anyway. F.e. mud, you rarely can tell from the visuals if the mud is go or nogo....you need to dismount an check. But would never disagree with you that better graphics or added features wouldn't improve the game. Its a wishlist thread after all. But I also try to consider what priority a change /feature should have and whats the price of it.
  12. Roerbaek got drafted(again) 😊
  13. I'll ask swordsman for a test...if it fails i'll change it to standard setup
  14. my mistake for posting in wrong thread, sign in here: http://www.steelbeasts.com/topic/11503-sunday-30apr17-kanium-game/
  15. Manning list: CO A =1 Dismount(the actual CO A) + 1 CMD section of 2x M3A2*(1-A) :Apocalypse XO M113 Command -post vehicle A-squadron(CSS, CS) -2-A Supply section plt 4x HEMTT -3-A ARV section 2x M88 -4-A Eng section 2x AEV -5-A MEDIC section 2x BOXER AMB "Charly": MN-recon squadron CO(M3A2)* (may change to M1A2 if requested) XO(Centauro) 1-C M3A2 Troop 11 C(plt ldr) 12 C 13 C 14 C Wiglif 15 C 16 C 2-C M1A2 plt 21C Cavgunner 22C Connaugh 23C 24C Roerbeak 3-C(IT) Centauro troop 31 C 32 C 33 C 34 C "DELTA" UK Armour Squadron(+/-) CO Mirzayev XO 1-Troop (CR2) 11 Short&Sweet 12 13 14 2-Troop 21 Hedgehog 22 23 24 3-platoon (as a tribute to Cimetar, who rode 6 mission without a single engagement) CV9040 as "upgraded Warrior" squint harder!! 31 Cimetar 32(+javelin) 33(+javelin) 34 "FOXTROT" Battery CO F (Pirania TACP)...not fitting realy, but is has this cool extendable mast a looks good a CMD post :-) 2x 6x M109 CSS plt (4x MAN 10 to truck) 2x M113 FO 1x UAV (KZO) Where needed: Zaphod