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  1. Where to hit? As I'm driving a CV9030, the answer is: Not!
  2. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    tbf...Mark is staing his opinion in regards to a suggestion of features. That's not censoring in my book.
  3. Ending in RAR plus PLN

  4. Defence in Sector

    Thanks for the work done...
  5. Just came back from vacation...too much to do in ze house, won't make it
  6. I'd like to listed as a maybe...where needed
  7. Bundeswehr Unit Callsigns and Titles

    The Mortar FO and later even some Arty FO where mounted on Marder-FO vehicles. Basicly converted Marder 1A3 or 1A4 with additonal SEM 93, ADLER and the MILAN launcher replaced by an ZOG. Would be cool to have those in SB as well! (could be modelled by replacing the dismounts with an FO team and giving FO functions to the Marder TC position)
  8. Running into a time problem here. Can't be on the first mission....but would like to be in the second one. Are there any estimates when battle No#2 will start? Hope to be there! Have fun guys...and remeber: Even if the enemy presses hard, always play clean and fair...just like the australian cricket team ;-)
  9. Should AP-FSDS be effective over 2 km????

    What version of steelbeasts are you using??
  10. Video Thread

    Kongsberg will be happy...one more item to make/repair for a customer :-)
  11. This was harsh...at least Max got a kill :-P
  12. Bundeswehr Unit Callsigns and Titles

    Yeah, you got it right.
  13. Video Thread

  14. Land 400 Phase 2 - and the winner is .....

    reduces vibration and increases accuracy of the gun esp. in burst fire...