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  1. As I'm not so much into fly-games. How is it solved there? If you want to play online, and you wingman or your OFOR show up in plane models, that a not installed on your client?
  2. Well kanium is(?) the biggest on GMT friendly time setting. I mean I would get up for TGIF at 6 in the morning...but 03:00 in the night...nah😣
  3. So, what about this sunday?
  4. If it was due to my response to Rad's repeated racial slurs...I'd have expected removal of my post and/or sanctions against me. Removing an organization thread seems to be a bit over the top as its a collective punishment against uninvolved players...
  5. I have used "if number of destroyed tank/ifv/troops in region x > y... then". Works like a charm
  6. When one of your AFV brews up, there is not much you can do in a mobile battle anyway (apart from reporting it to COY/BN net so the medic AFV know there is "work") In infantry operations, often 1 guy wounded, will bind minimum 1-2 soldiers for 1st-aid and /or evacuation. So in a 25-men platoon, 5 wounded can have a huge impact on your combat effectiveness(esp. if the "rescue-chain" is not working well)...even if you don't take the moral effect into account.
  7. just a note:ASLAV 25 has no dismounts. If you want to have mechanized inf... the NZLAV is the better choice
  8. LAV 25 is not crewable in Steelbeasts. You can use the ASLAV-25 or the NZLAV as substitutes. NZLAV also has dismounts,,, In general, the unist greyed out in the selection menue, are not crewable. Those in black letters are.
  9. Do a wiki on it... its a french ATGM. Successor to the MILAN.
  10. missle moyenne porteè
  11. Thanks to MAJ_fubar for setting this up. http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Marder_1A3
  12. I'd rather artillery rounds like bonus or SMArt in Steelbeasts. As for that ban... cluster ammo is frowned uppon for its high dud rates. These can leave the ground covered with dangerous UXO. New ammo with better fuse system could fix that... an therefor be "legal"
  13. Fire control systems lineup [video]
  14. Greetings... Sry for going of the radar. Maybe I'm a bit paranoid, but I didn't want to post: my house is unattendet for 3 weeks on the interweb Had some interessting times in england. Meet with Crusty who gave good pointers to a nice pub :-)...thanx for that btw Anyway, back in the fatherland...and ready to mount up again. See you next sunday(?) br
  15. Well, just in case anyone doubted this... Good CSS units a key to stay in combat.
  16. Ssnake, can you comment on how the SB terrain model influences hit areas on a tank?
  17. Very interessting footage. Solid hit on the gun :-P How long till the tank was back in the fight?
  18. will do my best to be there... 85% certain
  19. Maybe it only works well when i'm not involved
  20. traffic looks bad.. autobahn is full. Need at least 1,5 hours home. Sry... i'm out.
  21. ...and why this is not in the wishlist thread? as for $, € etc etc...I think that only part of the problem. If they got programming time left, much can be done (see: T-72, S'hot etc etc), but the payed for developments must come first.
  22. Greetings gents, Will probaly not be able to be back on sunday in time. Also I have no time to do any planning this week(so no leader position anyay). Would be nice if you list me as "maybe"
  23. You've posted this bevor, whats your point?
  24. That I understand...
  25. Greetings I used FRAPS and windows movie maker on my laptop. On my new maschine I wanted to go for the same combo, but the latest version of the moviemaker seem to be unable to open *.avi files. Or am i doing something wrong? What would be an alternative software??