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  1. We don't really have a lightsource model in SB in the first place??
  2. NVG are quiete effective. SB models using starlight f. e. Depending on the time setting of your secenario, switchung on an active IR light would suicidal anyway. Nevertheless... IR lights would be nice to have from a historical p. o. v. But this would require a lighting model with multiple dynamic light sources. IMO much work for little benefit
  3. Here is where to go: http://www.vffwts.de/de/ueberdiewts.html
  4. He's in the other half of that sawn tank...can get you the pics next week. Or you come down here and take some yourself. The WTS needs (paying)visitors
  5. Just had the first Ex with the M577 replacements we've got. I can say: srew M577, it's the s*ck!! Boxer is great! No more traveling in unprotected vehicles behind the M577 as there is more room. No more of the grid for more then an hour because you couldn't keep all the nets when moving the HQ. No more beeing without air-condition and heating. And hell, its a smooth ride...you reach your destination very relaxed ...then you only need to pull out the tents between vehicles, connect a few patch cables, rise antennas on a button push. I love it. I can recommend to by some, and turn any M113 based vehicle into tooth-picks
  6. As I said: drop by anytime... i can give you a tour. ITEC is in germany next year..
  7. Thats the WTS, it where I live...
  8. A german steelbeasts player can be heared in this video:
  9. or here:
  10. 1.:CV9030, Good IFV with nice mobility, good FCS, and a better ammo loadout then the CV9035 2.: M2A2, good combination with the Gun and ATGM lauchner, very flexible, but the TiS system is not very good 3.: BMP-2, same reasons as for the M2A2, but lacking in night fighting capability and protection Note: The Marder 1A3 would be actually on spot 1. for me...if, like in real live, it had the option to use the MILAN mounted.
  11. The 2 go hand in hand. What I meant is, that the forest also should look different depending on its obstacle value: diameter and densety of trees should be different to indicate to the tank-commanders if its GO or no-go. The same factors (+more undergrowth) will also restrict line of sight.
  12. +1 A good step would be a scaleable tree density. So one could vary wood from "slows tanks down" to tank-obstacle
  13. The AI can not see through trees, but even a small "hole" , where it can see 1 or 2 pixel of an enemy tank, will be enough for it to detect and ID. Clear unfair advantage of the AI...but Ok IMO, as the AI sucks badly in many other levels
  14. Greetings to switzerland! Nice to hear from you after a long time. Just downloaded...will give feedback after testing
  15. The CG was phases out as "heavy" AT-weapon before I joined. It was replaced by the PzFst 3. Before that their was one CG per platoon, while the other squads had lePzFst-44 (so in a 4 squad plt, 1x CG, 3x-lePzFst-44) The PzFst-3 is in fact a disposable AT-lauchner, you only keep the Optics and the Trigger mechanism, the rest you throw away.
  16. What?? Or as we spell it in german: "Häh??"
  17. As a rule of thumb: an APFSDS loses ~4% of its speed over 1000m...so the loss of punch is not very big over distance.
  18. Hmm, I find referenced as "Panzerungsmodul.." +where it is placed. (Turret front, Hull, Turret side etc etc)
  19. One very evident BS indicator for me: The army has a certain lingo when naming things. And "Betriebsanweisung" is NOT what a manual for any military technical device would be named. At least not in germany, assuming from the german desktop surface, he is german. The Q. for me is, why would anyone go as far as creating some BS files on his desktop, just in order to "win" an interweb discussion. There are interessting specimen around ...
  20. I can name a folder_ "super secrit documents" too...seems legit