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  1. My personal opinion on that: I think there is a fundametaly different motivation for playing Steelbeasts then Warthunder , World of tanks and the like. Steelbeasts players IMO come more from a wargamers perspective, and are interested in the RL tactial aspects of mechanized warfare. The players of the latter mentioned "tank"-games come from a first person shooter perspective of player vs players gaming. The the game avatars looks like tanks, is just pure coincidence. Also tanks are "sexy", and this sells. The successful buisness of worlds of tanks shows that. They want: -quick action -rankings to compare themselves against other players -a progression and status symbols (here in the form of "better" tank models) These game deliver all that, plus a "game lore" where knowledge of arcane game mechanics and minute details in the vehicle armour models give the player an advantage.(rivet counters heaven) As steelbeasts runs on different factors, I doubts many players of the "tanky games" will ever develop and interesst for it.
  2. The leopards modeled in Steelbeasts don't have the necessary Equipment to set different fuse modes. so only impact and delay can be used...
  3. . For an ongoing operation, you'll not wait for a leader to get somewhere on foot and climb onto a new vehicle. They'll be picked up by following forces. If the plt--ldr looses his ride, the 2IC will simply take over command and carry on with the mission. If he can see him, he 'll report the position to higher ups, so they can be assisted/picked up. To lead a plt via handheld, I think its not suitable for tankies. Its more for MechInf, that have a slower pace of operation once dismounted...when still fighting mounted, same drill as with tanks Still, having crew bail out would add to the immersion as a GAME , a training value is limited to non existant.
  4. But then what about the crew of that tank... they'd have to get out. Does tank crews have handheld radios? (we had them) that way they still can"control" the platoon... so clicking to next vehicle may count a valid abstraction. Besides., steelbeasts is meant as tactical trainer, not a "the life of a crew" simulator...
  5. It was basicly a proof of concept vehicle for a heavy "Scheitellafette"(apex mount??)...to test if a light chassis can carry a heavy gun that way. Nothing more nothing less. Yeah, the gun itself is completely open and not workable under field conditions, but that was not the point...
  6. Would be fun to watch you try... while driving over rough terrain :-)
  7. AT4 vs Leo2A4 test_11160_112617RONIN-MK31607.aar
  8. Personaly, I don't see what the problem is. The newer russian ATGM in steelbeasts have no problems offing Leopard 2A4 from the front. What exactly are you complaining about?
  9. The problem is the Voice must work in many different vehicles(and their ammo types) and a dozend(+) languages. Effort vs effect is rather one sided...so I doubt this will be done anytime soon.
  10. I'd run trough the initial tutorials that are part of the SB install. (there are ones for most vehciles) Also many players here recomment the "camp hornfeld" scenario's ...
  11. Hmmm, who suggested that sec to you? Mapview is disabled, you can activate units viea trigger (Shift+number(1-10)) Alt+F9/F10 gets you to other units...diescription/orders are very vague...IMO not a very good tutorial
  12. A bit more info is needed. Which tutorial exactly?
  13. Orders and Manning-List in the attached Link. Find also attached 2 mods to be copies into the DK woodland folder. Made by Falli (see and note attached licence) Finaly there is the terrain and player side scenario file as a planning aid... http://www.kanium.eu/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=102&t=4263 face2.dds license.txt Operation ALLIED EFFORT_planning only.sce GE_equipZUKUNFT.dds
  14. There are plenty of reasons to give the 2 maschine guns different designations: - different caliber - different barrel - different recoil enhancer - different sight setups/system - different spring - different belt types.... nearly no parts interchangable. What are your reason to call it the same?
  15. So an AR15 is the same thing as an M-16??
  16. There is no MG42 on any M113 in Steelbeasts.
  17. well, the dachs is based on the leopard 1. the BPz 3 is based on leopard 2. So you might as well stick with the Wisent/BPz2
  18. Good work by the CO's. Nice work meeting an hour+ before the game, and comming up with a successful plan. The RED Rgt CmD is reported to be on the way to Sibiria :-P
  19. Is there a tank that you can control from the outside?
  20. we have it availble
  21. Yes. And you have th sight extension of the gunners GPS, basicly the same as in the M1
  22. The model in SB is very true to RL. Leo2A4 had a better "overide mode" then the M1 models until M1A2
  23. Yes. DK woodland. This way the infantry has the right rifle.... Bw Olive +G36 just looks wrong