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  1. I Took the Plunge

    Really? I thought it was(and always was) 365 days(real time) starting from licence activation. @Ssnake, can you verify?
  2. I Took the Plunge

    Well, welcome. Enjoy your steelbeasts time, and I hope to see you in the online battles.
  3. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Then how about some work on the ATGMs Hey, we implemented a new ATGM on the Marder before you managed to put on the "old" virtual one :-P
  4. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    I would love to see the MILAN in mounted use on Marder, M113 and Fuchs...
  5. Leo 2A4 in Syria

    Apart form the "survive when penetrated" problems that, as stated; would need a complete redesign of the tank (or simply: a new tank)...working on the "don't get hit" part of protection could also help. Active protection(hardkill) systems are the way to go! Or at least some reative armour on the hull...
  6. We love photos

    Besides...that does not look like and overheating problem.
  7. Video Thread

    SB videos are mainly in the SB thread...here if for off-topic stuff.
  8. Video Thread

    The problem is that in this type of conflict, you have to act "medieval like"...establish strong points ("castles") from which to expand zones of control. The tank may not be the best suited for the main role in this kind of warfare in the first place. There are better designs for this purpose from the aspect of protection against AGTM (mainly with APS like Merkava and T-90) or with crew surviability like the M1A2.
  9. Good work with that briefing. I enjoy the campaign very much...good immersion,
  10. Hello

    PoC would be "Gibsonm"....
  11. Video Thread

    Didn't have it running with sound for fear of high snackbar levels. Ok, its YPG, so not much snackbaring...
  12. Video Thread

  13. Again: Will you stick with that?(Why?) For the Time period the NLAW(RBS-56) would be the appt choice... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_equipment_of_the_British_Army
  14. Video Thread

    Cold war training video Best part starts at rough 06:00...mit cute RC tanks
  15. The NLAW or AT-4 as a standin for the LAW-80 would be more fitting. If you insist on 1980 equipment, You should add some Charly G... And some HE grenades(as hand grenades substitute) We have a very "nice" "IFV"...some control on the Infantry would be great
  16. Regarding the CV9035dk/NL

    Like they used to say in the army: "Vorschlag gleich Auftrag"
  17. eARMOUR Homepage

    Some interesting artikles around mechanized/armoured warfare http://www.benning.army.mil/armor/eARMOR/
  18. Hi 12ALFA, I do appreciate the effort and love for detail that went into the backroundstory an mission. A few point from me: - With a big secnario and mainly mout-action, use off map arty! This will bring down the vehicle count a fair bit. You have to rely on both parties not to abuse the "unlimited arty ammo", but I think we are mature enough for that(hopefully) -some advance info on which vehicle to use! We had these nice M113A1 canadian skins...only to ride in US-pattern M113A3s Other then that, our platoon had a very relaxed mission. We had time to practice security operation. I even had the time to relieve the sentinel post with a handover drill acc to "LANGEMAP" after one hour ;-) The only live enemy I've seen was a BMP-2 on our left wing, that was right then shot down by one of the tanks. And we "missed" enemy artillery! (Not want enemy arty tough :-P...also again, It should be used with sense. AFter all the infantry in steelbeasts can NOT DIG IN...so HE arty would cause a lot more damage then it would IRL)
  19. While cost effectiveness has some mertits...the arguments of this guy are absolutely bonkers.
  20. History of US Tanks.

    Al-Hull? These welds look very neat. If they pass the "red-white" test, I'd like to hire their welders!!
  21. Video Thread

    Part 2
  22. Video Thread

    Lightning ace. J├Ąger unit training in england
  23. So we finaly got our unit-citation ...thanks Was an interresting game! I'm just regretting that I send 12 up that hill where we couldn't overwatch and they died the virtual death. Looking forward to the next scenario if this campaign. I request this to be the official recon platoon motto: primus at hostem