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  1. Video Thread

    sweating tankies:
  2. I take an M3. Either in one of the Scout troops or I support command section in the XO...
  3. ETA on terrain patch?

    ...deleting my video ;-)
  4. I hope we get to see it from the inside too...and they don't take away my camera :-P
  5. Just for the younger players here. He's talking about that guy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Six_Million_Dollar_Man Not that one: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stone_Cold_Steve_Austin
  6. Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018

    Sehr schön!!!
  7. sound is a bit off-sync, but only saw that after the upload:
  8. We love videos

    The japanese are just crazy...but here in a rather funny way :-)
  9. Video Thread

    Nicely done...
  10. Video Thread

    These where some pretty close range shots :-O
  11. Virtual Reality support?

    Well, just for example look at our FENNEK trainers: Basicly Fennek vehicles converted to simulators inside a dome-projector...the scout can even dismount and use binos and LRF :-)
  12. Virtual Reality support?

    I have an idea who these are ;-)
  13. Virtual Reality support?

    The idea is to use virtual training, to learn the very basics....not to replace BUT to support the field training. This can make field training more effective, as you start it "one level higher".
  14. Virtual Reality support?

    Don't waste breath on this Nike...not worth it.
  15. Virtual Reality support?

    Given that VR is mostly helpfull for use in flight-simulations or FPS-shooters, I can understand why gamers that mainly play these types of games, see it as the holy grail. For AFV based games, I see the ONLY usable part is for the TC's position. Even in professional training simulators, that emulate the TC position, and in parts the "out of vehicle work", a domed screen is still seen by most users as the better AND more economical solution. Where VR has proved a big hit in professional training was (at least in our place) mainly: - informational and procedural training for technical personel (maintenance soldiers, technical-ship crews) Application in infantry training was only implemented fro some very special/high-value cases.
  16. Everything Leclerc

    Sry man, I guess those who do know, fall under the same NDA that for example covers the Leopard...
  17. Virtual Reality support?

    Just experience from previous discussions with your person: flamboyant claims that upon checking turn out to be greatly exaggerated or simply plain untrue, no direct answers to clear questions etc etc. As in this thread, you right from the start followed that same pattern, it is hard to be supportive to your posts.
  18. Knife fighting
  19. Virtual Reality support?

    "We" have looked into this. And to get a VR system right (so you don't get negative training effects), is a lot more expensive then building an actual cabin trainer. You need to track head, hands, arms legs, torso of the trainee IOT superposition him in the right way with the (virtual) vehicles and its control interfaces.... In short: a cabin trainer works better and is cheaper. For the dismounted TC and dismout section leader, having a domed projektor is also still more effective then using s VR system. They still need to be able to see/touch and operate their hardware...so only a sort of "augmented reality" setup might help. and their solutions are not in a usable state right now.
  20. Virtual Reality support?

    I just gave you a friendly advice. Well, I guess you just don't have an answer after all...so you switch to strawman posts.
  21. Virtual Reality support?

    A simple and direct question, and your answer is "look it up somewhere"? That's your understanding of beeing polite?
  22. Virtual Reality support?

    Comfortable and undemanding? You don't know the custromers then. Point is, none of them see any benefit in implementing VR for vehicle crew or tactical training. Can you name one?