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  1. Whatch at minute 16:30. The ONLY practical use for an HS 30 [video]
  2. An Airforce soldier, after his first night in a bivouac:
  3. Greetings Gentlemen, This thread will be filled with info/manning for the 15jan17 game. I usualy try to do something new, and I hope you'll enjoy. We played as US/Brits/germans/danes/russians etc etc....I thought: Lets try India :-) So, pick up the blue helmets and fly to africa. The mission will be roughly designed around the events of Operation Khukri*, scaled to a playable version for the expected player count. *(actions of the indian QRF with parts of the 14th MechInf BN) See wiki article here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Khukri Equipment for blue: T-72B1 (T-72 Ajeva substitute) BMP-2 BTR-50 (engineer paltoon) +some BRDM and MRAP type vehicles More info and manning list will follow. Situation: Backround is a UN Peacekeeping mission in an African country. The UN mission is there to monitor and enforce a peace deal between the goverment and major rebel factions. INDBAT (Indian-Battalion) of is deployed as part of this force, and consists of Rifle(5/( Gurkhas) units as well a Mechnized element (14th MechInf BN) as a QRF(quick reaction force) Lately tensions have been increasing, and the Rebels no longer see the UN as a neutral force. On several places they ahve taken action against the blue helmets, but INDBAT have not been informed. As a consequence, a detachment of 5/8 Gurkhas has been surrounded and besieged in there Base near Kevu village. Negotiations on a peaceful solution with the rebels failed, so the Indians decided to take robust action IOT releave their cut of unit. The QRF is trying to link up with 5/8, while they a making a breakout attempt from KEVU-base. Several Rebel "brigades" equiped with heavy weapons (Technicals, and some(few) APC, T-55 tanks have been reported) are operating in the area. J2 estimated at least 200-300 enemy fighters in the area. In preperation,Helicopter-gunships attacked rebel positions on route to DORU and an airborne operation secured the only passable bridge a the town of DORU. The town if secured but fighting continues in the western parts of it. The rebels have set up the bridge for demolition, and EOD specialists are need to open the bridge. Rebel activity around the town have made more airdrops impossible. INDBAT QRF is to: -advance along the black route -establish contact with commando units in DORU -open the black route to ensure FOM of own units -open the bridge at DORU -link up with 5/8 near KEVU-village -secure the retreat of own units back to the staging area Note:- Heavy rainfalls have softened the ground, movement is adviced only on route black and close to it -enemy is making heavy use of IED/roadside bombs...all obstacles must be suspected of beeing reeforced with explosives
  4. In this game where role playing. We where supposed to be a surprized, badly organized rebell mob. So we tried zo act like that. After all, we caused losses and entertained blue for 3 hours ;-P
  5. The golden shot :-)
  6. 1 times sce file: Operation Kuhkri_Kanium 15jan17.sce
  7. Marder gegen BMP2 Vergleichsvideo: [Video]
  8. To make an accurate recreation, there would be much more player needed, as the QRF was Bn size. I also would need a map stretching over hundreds of miles of jungle. So I assumed to it is obvious that it can not be a "accurate" scenario(...hence in the opening post "roughly based on".) I know that you're an expericenced SB player, so I understood your post more as a poke and not an advice offering, especialy after I repeated and clarified the "disclaimer".
  9. Again, you are able to read? ...You have something useful to say? Or are you just here for whining?
  10. It does no aim or claim to have an accurate ORBAT. Anything else we can help you with?
  11. Mark, thats not fully correct. At later stages the Rolad SAM system would do much of the "in depth AD" Also the "rear areas" where meant to be guarded against Airthreats by dislocation, cover camoflage and their own AD assets. CSS and HQ units had "security platoons" armed with 4-6 20mm AD canons (basicly the Marders gun mounted on a gun carriage) The Gepard groups where indeed intended to move and fight with the line units. They where not kept in reserve though, so units on the front line, had them, those just behind in reserve, not. But they where NEVER under TACON of the BN commander. They just happen to operate in his AOR and coordinate with him. So if the brigade(or division) decided its more important to protect bridges or other area...thats it.
  12. Ok you two. Just give a headup if I need change the Maning-list....
  13. Greetings. Manning List updated. As me is doing the inofficial "S1-work", its of course the CO's (Mirzayev ) decision if he wan't to change something. If someone has the feeling he'd be better suited as plt-leader, we can sort that on Sunday during the TS meeting.
  14. The downside of shoulder fired IR-homing missles like Strela/IGla/Stinger, is that you have to cool down the warhead(SB players know this from the Javelin)...so you need some warning before the aircraft pops up, if you start readying the missle once you SEE the aircraft yourself, it is usually to late. SACLOS missles like Blowpipe had an advantage in that regard.
  15. All kinds of engineer work...breaching/bridging obstacles...searching/securing IED. And of course self defence etc etc...
  16. There doing this per random numbers...depending on number of wire rows, vhicle type and vehile speed...you have a different chance of getting track damage
  17. Only the dragon team? Other dismounts worked??
  18. Sorry to hear that. Are there indicatiosn what caused the troubles? Would be nice to know IOT avoid it in sce design!!
  19. In the old days, before the german army scrapped Air-defence in total (very foolish IMHO) there was the following strukture: AD units are a brigade asset, one battery got attached to each BN, as Ssnake said the (kind of) equals 1 Gepard Group per company. The battery got onyl attached...they where not TACON of the BN. The difference is, that the battery CO will sit in the BN briefing, but he will not receive orders from the BN CO...he only get requests for AD from the combat units which he then may or may not follow IOT keep in mind the overall AD plan made by brigade an higher up...So often the AD plan would not shape to the BN's planned course of action, but the other way around. Also one Gepard group would consist of: 1x AA-Tank Gepard+1x Gepard crew 1x2to Truck (UNIMOG) +2x Gepard crew +1x Stinger AD-missle system So the Gepard could operate in a 3 shift system 24/7 For the average Gepard crew on Ex with the combat troops the day looked like this: 8-hours inside the Gepard=> 8 hours outside the Gepard with a Stinger on their Shoulder and a MG3-on AD tripod next to them => 8 hours rest...rinse and repeat As it is very very warm inside the Gepard(big as computer and 2 Radars inside the turret) and they quiete cold outside ware they stand around for hours sans moving...you could usually recognize the AD soldiers by their running nose/cough etc etc
  20. Manning list updated. @Zaphod/Chrisreb Drone Pilot and engineer platoon leader would be very important jobs for that mission. Do I have to takers`? (given the "anywhere" label)
  21. found it: http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Missile_team http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Using_the_Mission_Editor
  22. Many of these things are explained in the manual and/or the SB.wiki. I again would recommend reading them, as its saves a lot of time for you or the repliers here... In the sce editor you have the general options for nationality in the by choosing in "camoflage" options (in german ist "uniform..." so not entirely sure of the english naming) But this changes mainly the colours/rifles of the infantry. For an ATGM team...right click on it, then choose the "optional weapon". This should give you all the playbale ATGM versions to choose from
  23. we have visitors... don't know if we make it in time