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  1. Hello Everyone - I'm looking for a few Steel Beasts enthusiasts in Colorado or Western United States. I'm looking to host some games after 5pm MST weekdays and after 12pm MST on weekends. Some smaller newbie scenarios, mostly US armor, from 2 to 6 players. Please PM me. Thanks.
  2. Random Attack programming?

    Thanks for the replies fellas but I think I'm gonna need a bit more help here... There are events + triggers + conditions for the control logic, all I want to do at this point is drop in 4 enemy tanks and have them attack from a different location each time. the X1, X2, Xnew etc... not exactly sure how this works> seems like this works in conjunction with the quartile brackets and dictates the "probability" of the random event. do i put in X4 if I want to have 4 enemy tanks? Does the X# correspond to the number of enemies I am trying to have in the game? How do I specify that the random variable is infact the origin of attack and not something else? I read the tutorial on SBwiki from the link provided- its only 3 paragraphs; gives a nice overall explanation of capabilities of the logic system but provides no concrete examples of "how to"- so I am still pretty lost here. This is one part of SB that I wish had more documentation to make it a bit more user friendly to create scenarios - Could one of you please toss up a screen shot large enough to read with the settings to simply have 4 enemy tanks attacking from a different location each time? How about giving the enemy 4 different types of vehicles- how do I program in to have them attack in different combinations? ie, enemy has a tank, heli, apc & rifle platoon. 1st battle the rifle platoon + heli attack me. 2nd battle the apc, tank + heli attack. 3rd battle its just the heli attacking.. & so forth. I'm sure for you SB veterans out there this is pretty easy stuff but for me, with no examples, just starting out building missions & adding in simple variables to make it interesting is like trying to troubleshoot a circuit board with no schematics! Thanks for your assistance Treadheads!!! Twistfish
  3. Random Attack programming?

    thanks for thr quick reply! wow that looks like quite the read, looks like I have my work cut out for me! Twistfish
  4. Random Attack programming?

    Hey Treadheads, I have been trying to practice my mission building skills and am wondering how to create an enemy force that has random attack patterns... There are a few missions out there that have this embedded, but when I try to crack them open in the mission editor to see how they are built in the control logic section, the mission is password protected. Living in the US I am pretty much using American Armor - M1, M1A1, Humvees and Bradleys and stacking them up against all the other armor available in the program. So far I can create an opposing force of 'bad guys' but since I'm the one building the mission I always know where they are and the mission lacks any element of surprise.. Specifically, how would I give the enemy say - 6 T80 tanks, a few helos, 10 APCs + artillery and then program the mission to have them attack me from different locations & in different strengths every time? Thanks for your help Twistfish

    Hey Fellas sorry I'm late getting online.. I'm fixin' to host a simple co-op mission running US forces into Bahgdad- anyone want to join in just hop on the TS server and look for me there I'll kick off the game at 1:pm MST/20:00 GMT
  6. Hello Everyone! Just wondering what sort of rig & Graphics settings everyone else is running? I built this monster originally for FSX flight simming action/:biggrin: My Specs EVGA x58 Classified Motherboard Intel Core i7 975 3.33Ghz / Overclocked 8% to 3.60Ghz ProlimaTech Megahalem -CPU cooler (2) Noiseblocker Ultra Silent PWM Fans for Megahalem -Push/Pull Config Corsair Dominator 1600Mhz 12Gb (2) WD Veliciraptor 10K /300G SATA Windows XP Professional x64 LG DVDR/CDR 8.5G/ 22x w/ litescribe SATA PCPower & Cooling 1200w Turbo Cool Power Supply EVGA GTX285 2Gb DDR3 GPU -HDMI to left/right 19" auxillary monitors EVGA GTX580 3Gb DDR5 GPU - HDMI to 23" main/Center monitor (2) Noiseblocker Ultra Silent PWM Fans for Megahalem Noiseblocker Ultra Silent Fan -(Case Exhaust) Thermaltake Armor + (Full Tower - Aluminum) Thrustmaster HOTAS - still working on mapping out a comfortable config for SB CH PRO pedals - for FSX flight simming Boston Acoustics Sound system/ USB headset I'm using the latest NVIDIA nspector program to tweak in the graphics; I use zbuffer 24 & Windowed settings in SB itself, with the VSYNC turned off- forcing it to ON instead in the inspector program. Nspector has no preset profile for SBPro, so I've been experimenting with the settings and so far this is what I have: Antialiasing- Behavior Flags Disable AA at NVIDIA Control Panel Gamma Correction - ON Line Gamma-Enabled Mode-Override Application Setting Setting- 32xS (Combined 2x2SS + 8xMS) Transparency MultiSampling-Enabled Transparency SuperSampling-AA_MODE_REPLAY_MODE_OPTIMAL Texture Filtering Mode- ANISO_MODE_SELECTOR_COND Setting-16x Filter Optimization- ON Sample Optimization- ON LOD Bias- 0 Negative LOD Bias- Clamp Quality- High Quality Trilinear Optimization- ON Common Max Pre-rendered Frames -8 Multi/Mixed Mode - choose single/multi [dependent on your setup] Power Management - Max performance Threaded Optimization- Auto Tripple Buffering-ON Vertical Sync- Force ON Whats in your SIM-Cave?? Twist

    Thanks very much to SeanPatrick & Gibsonm for your patience today- I learned alot more about the sim look forward to some more games! Getting some practice tonight, then planning on brewing up some coffee and hitting the M1A1 just about all day tomorrow. Look for me on the TS server about 9 or 10am MST(-7GMT) thanks again fellas/ see you on the battlefield Twist
  8. Greetings fellow Tankers... A hardcore flight simmer since the mid 90's, I recently have gotten into TANKS and have had Steel Beasts for a very short time. I went through some of the tutorials for the M1A1 and need some online practice with other newbies... joined in the friday night battle last night and was sorely unprepared it.. I'll be on the Steel Beasts Teamspeak channel "looking for a game" and will be willing to host small practice sessions for the next 4 hours or so. Stop on in & lets get some trigger time!!!!