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    Stamford, CT
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    Former Armor Officer
  1. Version 1.0.0


    Attack to seize key terrain. Must breach an enemy fortification to reach the objective
  2. debug log DebugLog_Rhyfel_03DEC2016.txt
  3. ability in the scenario editor to disable the 3d world view during the planning phase. this would make the UAS feed even more of a valuable enabler.
  4. Version 1.0


    Attack to seize a small town crossroads and defeat an enemy CATK. Enemy is randomized and has up to x15 possible courses of action! Situation mission briefing is also available online to assist in planning under FRAGO 001 River Rumble video. Link: Constructive comments are welcome to help improve scenario
  5. thank you for the heads up on the ignore function. much appreciated.
  6. Marko, do us a favor and take your own advice and be quiet.
  7. Hey us tankers need to know how to use the farm equipment as well (rollers, plows)
  8. yeah... tanks are cool
  9. I wish people would spend all this energy working on scenarios or mods to make the community as a whole better. Ruck up and move out, and lose the chip on your shoulder, its computer software.
  10. good times
  11. I think this story board is a great follow up to Gibsonm's original post. The 2D map in the story board has the students company level operations graphics.
  12. hmmm I wonder. shhhhh don't tell anyone what happens!
  13. thanks! I tried the search keyword function.
  14. hmm that might work. i think i will sketch out the thread diagram and post the concept to see what folks think. Couldn't find the rolling thunder link from the search function, didn't get any returns. Can you post the link?
  15. I like the battle book idea. seems similar to a thread. first posting would be the briefing and video, then sequential posts for each mission set.