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  1. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    I would love to see this improvement to the information environment as well. The immediate obstacle is (I suspect) that the simulation does not perform detection (e.g., line-of-sight ) checks between units that are friendly or neutral towards one another, in order to conserve computing resources. And this would explain the occasional AI fratricide -- it occurs not because the victim was misidentified, but because a unit generally has no conception of the whereabouts of friendlies/neutrals. (The main exception to this ignorance would be that platoon members know where the platoon leader is in order to maintain position in formation.) This is all semi-educated guesswork on my part.
  2. Video Card Recommendation

    I just built a powerful gaming PC: i7-8700K @ 4.8GHz, GeForce 1080 Ti, 32GB DDR4-3200 RAM, 2 x Samsung 960 EVO SSD. Running SB in 1440p, fullscreen mode, terrain detail sliders set to 80, graphics settings set to default values. Testing using the detailed Fulda map, which can run very slow in places. In commander's unbuttoned view, get between 40-60+ FPS. Roughly the same in GPS day sight view with narrow FOV when looking at cluttered terrain. Drops to 30-40 FPS when looking at same terrain in day sight/wide FOV. Using GPS FLIR channel/narrow FOV in same terrain, drops to 25-35 FPS, and drops to 20-30 FPS in FLIR/wide FOV. However, I will say that in unbuttoned or F8 view, the terrain definitely looks a bit nicer in 1440p than it did in 1080.
  3. Video Card Recommendation

    Because I sometimes fantasize that I win the lottery and am in a position to fund such an endeavor . . . . how much do you think it would cost for a complete ground-up rewrite of SB?
  4. Nine out of nine.

    I think that if you can consistently kill at least 1-2 enemy in Tanks! Again before dying, you're ready for multiplayer. The weekly TGIF game is fairly casual in nature. As long as you can operate the vehicle and are familiar with the map interface basics (plotting routes and BPs; creating and sending graphics), you're good to go. As others have pointed out, the first Camp Hornfelt mission is by far the hardest. I've actually multiplayered it several times and lost each one. So the mission series is an odd progression. You shouldn't feel that you need to master Hornfelt 1 and then finish that series before you're ready for online play.
  5. Nine out of nine.

    I made this one in (IIRC) 2014. Since then, I've made only multiplayer missions because that is my preferred mode of play.
  6. Nine out of nine.

    Glad my mission has inspired you so much. "Tanks! Again" seems to have made a big impact on the SB community. It makes the dozens of hours of scripting and obsessive route plotting worth it.
  7. Video Thread

    Sorry, just saw this post. BRDM-2 ATs play an important part in the REDFOR security zone in this mission. So if they're broken, that would definitely make things easier. One day I'll get around to updating this mission, and I'll post it unpassworded. There is one very big surprise in the mission that I wanted to keep close to the vest. Also, the F8 view is...well, let's just say it's a pet peeve of mine and I wanted to force people to use the TC unbuttoned view.
  8. There is a very nice VASSAL module for the entire Assault series, if you want to play boardgames on your PC. And you can probably find an opponent to play via Internet.
  9. Video Thread

    Interesting. I'm virtually certain I disabled enemy map updates. Maybe recent SB versions have somehow undone this? I'll have to check.
  10. Video Thread

    Now that I think about it, I sent a non-passworded version to someone on request last year. Maybe he changed the map update settings and you got your hands on his mod? If so, it looks like he also fixed a bug where the mission would end if the players' platoon was split into sections or individual vehicles.
  11. Video Thread

    Glad you liked it. I put a lot of time into this one but, sadly, it seems to get little love. My original objective was for this mission to serve as a multiplayer bounding overwatch exercise. I was actually worried it might have become unbalanced after the 4.0 update, because in-flight ATGMs have a much reduced visual signature now. I see that you modified it to show enemy contacts on the map. That's cool, but it might make it a bit too easy to distinguish between the main defensive line and the COP. Anyway, the enemy defensive line can spawn at any one of six positions, and I think many of the security zone forces can spawn in different places, too. So, the mission has a degree of replayability.
  12. In addition to the short time-limited license option, there are hundreds of YouTube videos of Steel beasts gameplay. You could try that to get a better feel for what the sim offers.
  13. New Player

    There are many TGIF multiplayer videos on Youtube: TGIF You'll be able to hear everyone using TeamSpeak (well, at least one side's communications).
  14. ARMOR magazine

    Incidentally, they've finally gotten around to putting the 1965-1982 issues online. Donovan Research Library
  15. A simple SB CPU benchmark

    Oh right, maybe I should've hit "start" before checking the FPS. With the mission actually running, I get about 32.75 FPS. (Again, i7-2600K at 3.4GHz).