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  1. There is a very nice VASSAL module for the entire Assault series, if you want to play boardgames on your PC. And you can probably find an opponent to play via Internet.
  2. Interesting. I'm virtually certain I disabled enemy map updates. Maybe recent SB versions have somehow undone this? I'll have to check.
  3. Now that I think about it, I sent a non-passworded version to someone on request last year. Maybe he changed the map update settings and you got your hands on his mod? If so, it looks like he also fixed a bug where the mission would end if the players' platoon was split into sections or individual vehicles.
  4. Glad you liked it. I put a lot of time into this one but, sadly, it seems to get little love. My original objective was for this mission to serve as a multiplayer bounding overwatch exercise. I was actually worried it might have become unbalanced after the 4.0 update, because in-flight ATGMs have a much reduced visual signature now. I see that you modified it to show enemy contacts on the map. That's cool, but it might make it a bit too easy to distinguish between the main defensive line and the COP. Anyway, the enemy defensive line can spawn at any one of six positions, and I think many of the security zone forces can spawn in different places, too. So, the mission has a degree of replayability.
  5. In addition to the short time-limited license option, there are hundreds of YouTube videos of Steel beasts gameplay. You could try that to get a better feel for what the sim offers.
  6. There are many TGIF multiplayer videos on Youtube: TGIF You'll be able to hear everyone using TeamSpeak (well, at least one side's communications).
  7. Incidentally, they've finally gotten around to putting the 1965-1982 issues online. Donovan Research Library
  8. Oh right, maybe I should've hit "start" before checking the FPS. With the mission actually running, I get about 32.75 FPS. (Again, i7-2600K at 3.4GHz).
  9. Somehow I'm getting 60 fps on an i7-2600K running at 3.4 GHz. This was a powerful computer....five years ago. What am I doing right?
  10. I believe that SB1 missions can be imported into SB Pro.
  11. Merkava 2 Leo2A4
  12. I have to say.... I think it's been years since I've had a vehicle drive off a bridge. i suspect the problem some people are having results from the lead vehicle turning too sharply after clearing the far side of the bridge, and follow-on vehicles' AI attempting to turn as well before having completely crossed. Or, similarly, the approach route to the bridge is at too sharp an angle to the direction of the bridge. So, in my experience, the nearly foolproof method is to create a route where the last 100 meters before the bridge approaches the bridge from an angle less than about 30 degrees from the direction of the bridge; hold the shift key down while plotting the portion that actually crosses the bridge (this causes the route to "snap" directly to the bridge); and make sure that the approximately 100 meters of route on the far side of the bridge does not turn more than about 30 degrees from the direction of the bridge.
  13. Last Friday's TGIF mission, REFORGER '85:
  14. Your humility is appreciated but misplaced here. For starters, TGIF is open to players of all skill levels. Moreover, as Brun said, even experienced players get unhorsed quickly at times. In my case last night, I managed to nurse my initial M1A1 through probably 2/3rds of the mission before getting killed. But then I lost another two in rapid succession due to boneheaded play on my part. Not the end of the world. And, finally, this particular mission contemplated that each company-sized wave would be largely attrited by the time the next company reinforcement wave arrived. It's not like I (or probably anyone) expected the initial allotment to last more than 30-40 minutes at best. Bottom line: if you skip TGIF, the AI will have to take your place. So, you only need to be better than the AI, and that's a pretty low bar.