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  1. I believe that SB1 missions can be imported into SB Pro.
  2. Merkava 2 Leo2A4
  3. I have to say.... I think it's been years since I've had a vehicle drive off a bridge. i suspect the problem some people are having results from the lead vehicle turning too sharply after clearing the far side of the bridge, and follow-on vehicles' AI attempting to turn as well before having completely crossed. Or, similarly, the approach route to the bridge is at too sharp an angle to the direction of the bridge. So, in my experience, the nearly foolproof method is to create a route where the last 100 meters before the bridge approaches the bridge from an angle less than about 30 degrees from the direction of the bridge; hold the shift key down while plotting the portion that actually crosses the bridge (this causes the route to "snap" directly to the bridge); and make sure that the approximately 100 meters of route on the far side of the bridge does not turn more than about 30 degrees from the direction of the bridge.
  4. Last Friday's TGIF mission, REFORGER '85:
  5. Your humility is appreciated but misplaced here. For starters, TGIF is open to players of all skill levels. Moreover, as Brun said, even experienced players get unhorsed quickly at times. In my case last night, I managed to nurse my initial M1A1 through probably 2/3rds of the mission before getting killed. But then I lost another two in rapid succession due to boneheaded play on my part. Not the end of the world. And, finally, this particular mission contemplated that each company-sized wave would be largely attrited by the time the next company reinforcement wave arrived. It's not like I (or probably anyone) expected the initial allotment to last more than 30-40 minutes at best. Bottom line: if you skip TGIF, the AI will have to take your place. So, you only need to be better than the AI, and that's a pretty low bar.
  6. Wait....what?!?! You should have just asked for another vehicle! The mission (like just about all TGIF missions) assumes that a player will go through several vehicles over the course of the game. Don't be shy about asking.
  7. Since version 3.0 (?), there is no longer a need for port-forwarding by clients. That seemed to be the source of most of the connection problems. Anyway, there are usually people in the TS channel at least 15 minutes before the start (*cough*) time.
  8. Welcome! You picked a good mission for your first one. I designed it so that individual players would need to control only 1-2 vehicles at a given time. In many other TGIF missions, players are saddled with a significantly larger number of vehicles.
  9. I think you forgot to attach the .sce file, so here it is. REFORGER '85 v.08 (cap zones).rar
  10. I think something has been overlooked in this discussion so far, at least as far as the pre-SEP M1 series is concerned. In the M1 / M1(IP) / M1A1 / M1A1(HA), the commander, when unbuttoned, can use the override function to slew the turret onto a contact. In other words, when you're in the commander's F1 view and outside the turret hatch, if you spot a target (in binoculars view or otherwise), press and hold the palm switch ('p') key and move the mouse right or left to slew the turret to the direction of the target. It's not as precise as the override functionality on the Leos or the SEP, but as long as you can get the target into the gunner's field of view, the gunner is pretty good at identifying targets quickly. I believe this functionality is unique to the M1s, though.
  11. I think SSnake recently said that they currently expect to release it in late 1st quarter 2017.
  12. Welcome! Judging by your two videos, I would say that you and your teammate are certainly skilled enough to join in the weekly TGIF game. To add to what others have said, and besides the obligatory "RTFM" statement, I note that eSim will tell you that Chapter 8 is the most important one in the manual. It tells you about AI behavior on routes and at waypoints. As far as training missions go, I used to organize a weekly mission a couple of years ago and, frankly, struggled with the notion of how to conduct group training, per se -- i.e., an explicitly pedagogical exercise rather than simply firing up some normal mission and learning by doing. As someone else mentioned, you could start by looking at the US tank platoon and tank/mech company field manuals, as well as the ARTEP manuals. The platoon manual describes various battle drills and it probably isn't too difficult to create a mission where your platoon moves along a route and has various encounters requiring execution of one battle drill or another. Useful tip: you can set enemy forces to "impotent" (right click on unit, then options ->set status), meaning that they will fire at you but the munitions won't cause damage. Additionally, you could try the "Camp Hornfelt" mission series in the Downloads section here. I think that actually tracks some of the training tasks in the ARTEP manuals. Beware that the first mission is easily the hardest. Also, I like the idea of a "lessons learned" video series. It would probably be best to add a voiceover during the "teachable moments" in the video. At a minimum, if you are going to simply put the lessons in the video description text, I would also include links to the specific portions of the video relevant to each lesson. Good luck!