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    Kent, United Kingdom
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    Sales and Marketing Manager for AFV Sim.
  1. It would be rude not to take you up on your kind offer
  2. Lucky fella
  3. That's an interesting exhibit, similar to the sectioned Cent at Bovington, where is this one Grenny?
  4. The rest of my pictures from the day can be viewed here, http://s590.photobucket.com/user/crusty112/slideshow/War and Peace Revival 2017 And the LEO1 is for sale at 175000 Euros.
  5. A couple of weeks ago I went to the War and Peace Revival military show in Kent, I thought I'd share some of my pictures with you
  6. A nice video that shows to good effect the use of air burst ammunition.
  7. I thought I'd add a few pictures of the AFV Sim stand and the team, we had a Leo2 setup running. in the case were controls for, CR2 gunner , CV9030 Gunner, T72 Gunner, BMP, an OHWS control and a CR2 Gunners panel. Hopefully Ssnake or one of the eSim team will put some pictures up of their stand soon.
  8. This is good to hear, this is what you can do if you have Tanks in storage and not send them to be torched like the UK did. http://www.defensenews.com/articles/germany-beefs-up-tank-fleet-with-832m-acquisition?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=EBB 05.10.2017&utm_term=Editorial - Early Bird Brief
  9. You know the drill Irish, what happens at ITEC stays at ITEC
  10. Will do Mark I see what I can do about the video footage of the new terrain engine in action, but it might be so grainy you can't tell what you're looking at
  11. No problem mate, we're have a beer or two for you Maybe see you next year.
  12. we look forward to seeing you rump
  13. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Well it's that time again, ITEC is only a few weeks away, this year being held at the Rotterdam Ahoy. https://www.itec.co.uk/#/ I'll be there with AFV Sim on stand No.28 and the eSim guys will be there on stand No.6, if you are already attending do come and say hello, or if you meet the criteria and can come why not register and pop along and have a look for yourself. As usual I'll do a small photo report after the event, hopefully there'll be lots to show you.
  14. Thanks Wardog, the skins look great, I'll be downloading and using for certain, it's good to see the CR2 getting some love
  15. @ Wardog, no problem mate, I think you've done a good job, far better than I can do, I remember someone did a plain green CR2 a while back, I'll see if I can find it.