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  1. Virtual Reality support?

    1. The Rift has 1080 x 1200 per eye (in sum 2160 x 1200). It's just a few years ago that i played on a 22' tft with 1280 x1024. So if your theory is true than simgaming wasn't possible then. 2. The cv1-version of the rift is the first consumer version. Cv2 with a much higher resolution will come in 2019 maybe earlier. From my point of view: If you want to prepare your software for that "revolution" then you have to make strategic decisions NOW. 3. The benefit of it all? Well, not on the tactical side (for that i'm playing a lot of "ugly" looking 2d hex-based wargames and have a lot of fun). But on the sim side: Immersion and the look (and feel) of beeing inside a tank and manage the systems would be a complete different story. 4. I played DCS since its first module. On my opinion VR is/will be a sim-gamechanger.
  2. Oculus Rift/ VR

    Hi, just want to ask if there are any plans to support vr. All i can say playing IL2 or DCS with an Oculus Rift is stunning. It would be great to get SB in the same direction. Thanx, Hafer
  3. A simple SB CPU benchmark

    64 FPS 7700k @4.8 1080Ti 16GB RAM Win10 2560*1440 All Standard Settings
  4. Mouse smoothing/invert

    Hi, is it possible to implement an option for mouse smoothing? Especially when using binucolars it doesn't feel like an natural movement. And second: I'd love to see an mouse invert y-axis option (like in many other games). Possible? Cheers, Hafer
  5. No mouse pointer

    Solved it for me! I had to deactivate gsync in the nvidia controll settings. Now i have no issues with a flickering mouse pointer! :-)
  6. Read this if you have Windows and an X-Fi sound card

    Good question. I remember i was looking for some good sound mods in the download area. I found a really good one (Leo Sound) and somehow i landed on this thread. Weird. And i though maybe i missed something cause i ve an old creative titanium Xfi-soundcard and the ols alchemy... PS. I couldn't give the sound mod my kudos. It wasn't possible system-side
  7. Read this if you have Windows and an X-Fi sound card

    Is this fix still a must for Win10 and XFi?
  8. Joystick recommendations.

    Why not the Warthog for SB? IMO the extra buttons are an big advantage.
  9. Joystick recommendations.

    I can recommend the Trustmaster Warthog. It has a lot of buttons, a high resolution and feels very smooth. But it is expensive... http://www.thrustmaster.com/products/hotas-warthog
  10. Camera view in tactic mode (double F8)

    give us +25 degrees and i'm happy! ;-)
  11. No mouse pointer

    mine is 100% - having still the problem..
  12. I really love the new camera mode! It would be perfect if we could enhance the panning limits to look further ahead. Is it possible? Thx, Hafer
  13. No mouse pointer

    how the heck????
  14. SB Pro PE 4.0 - Discussion thread

    Sorry, i posted it in the support section
  15. SB Pro PE 4.0 - Discussion thread

    ok, thanx for the tips. Tried them without luck. IT's the engine and i ve to live with that, i guess. "Widen the bottlenecks" - good approach, but my i7 has 4+4 cores and runs with 4.6 GHZ. It is quite as fast as the newest intel 4 core. So NO chance to widen. My GTX980TI Amp Extreme is one of the the fastest GTX980TI - so no bottleneck to widen. I ve a fast SSD, and an expensive mainboard. Last but not least my ram: 16 GB - i'm not sure but it cant be a bottleneck. I cant image that increasing ram to 32 gives me 10+ fps... nevertheless i love the game! Thanx!