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  1. i7 would be a waste of money over i5 for gaming. All it offers for that price increase is hyper-threading (and some stock OC you can safely do yourself) which is useful only if you are doing some CPU-intensive work in some professional software - but for gaming it usually ends up decreasing performance
  2. In a mission I've played just yesterday it was the opposite. The platoon leader went straight into the river, while everybody else, no matter their place in a wedge, waited for him on the shore.
  3. M60 filter certainly helps a lot in many conditions in Steel Armor but in Steel Beasts I somehow feel as if they are out of place and don't help much. Probably has to do with Steel Beasts lighting being so "flat" vs. SABoW's one with hdr
  4. Getting hit in the balls with a depleted uranium dart traveling a mile per second takes some special kind of luck. Ouch.
  5. Whenever I try to switch to any event in this AAR, created freshly after clean install of 4.010, and check it in 3d world - the game crashes In fact when I'm looking at non-events even in 3d view - it's fine, but the moment an 'event' happens - the game crashes. AAR and a pair of crash dumps included crashdumps.7z
    A simple but really fun scenario, with a heavy focus on playing it like a strategy game, utilizing infantry to its fullest. Starts fairly easy but progressively gets tougher for vehicles to survive with the need for all units to cooperate and cover each other due to heavy urban fighting - especially when darkness, that is favoring western thermals, gives way to a morning light. Though I had to pick off enemy infantry one by one at the objective with the IFV, due to it using buildings for cover, which by the time I got there were all on fire and thus my infantry had trouble attacking them - and then for some reason mission didn't end, but after manually quitting I got a "major victory" outcome. P.S. definitely needs a US version too (I have then converted it to use M1A2s and Bradleys - and woods totally destroyed any major advantage that M1A2SEP's advanced thermals usually have - really fun. Plus TOW missiles for some tank in the bush hunting)
  6. What I mean by a better briefing - is to make it look more like official ones from SB Pro PE, perhaps with more detail on the situation (and perhaps some hints on when the mission ends?). Because apparently when checking out the AAR - I've had 2 BTRs left at the very far right edge of the map (they ran away there) and 1 Tunguska hidden in the forest not far from them - certainly above the "less than 3 forces left" condition - even though tactically it's a victory, no? Basically for me as a player - briefing gives no clue at how to "win" a mission (condition-wise) - especially since f.e. finding Tunguska in a forest is tough even with thermals - and just searching for those very few enemies all across their "side" of the map is not very fun and is very time consuming. After all I've stopped all enemy's attacking forces and it made no further attempts at it for 30+ minutes. Perhaps "victory" logic should allow for more enemy troops left? Like when all BMPs and tanks are gone - it's pretty much a win. Can't do much with only BTRs in a war.
  7. After defeating a few waves that come ~5 mins apart I've traveled across almost all the battle area up to the right border of the whole map trying to find enemies, even killed those (marked as non-enemy?) BTRs and then proceeded to go and wipe out remnants of the arty to the north east - and still the mission didn't end. It also needs a better, more detailed briefing. Also a funny bit: at some point in the mission I've lost my UAV and was wondering who exactly shot it down since I've pretty much cleared the area (and UAV itself was made invisible to enemies, no?). Turns out.... It got shot down by my own HE shell travelling to strike a BMP 4 km further down south...
    Good defense mission, great voice overs add to the atmosphere. However it lacks a clear and meaningful briefing and looks like the mission does not end - I went as far as scratching the right side of the map with tanks trying to find enemies that I've missed and all I've found was a pair of BTRs, probably marked as non-enemy for some reason.
    A solid 'combined arms' mission that seems pretty straightforward at first, but actually requires tactics and a surgical control of infantry - very important, as most of your vehicles are nearly blind in this cluttered environment and prone to getting ambushed.
    It's an OK shoot 'em up M60 mission, where one can train his gunnery with the new SB Pro 4.0 tank, but I wish the amount of enemies wasn't as overly high (120-something) and the mission itself was something more.
  8. I have the same issue to a point I have to overuse the savegame system (and thus losing all stats every time I load). Here's my crashdump (edit: and another one) SBProPE64cm.exe.8692.dmp.7z SBProPE64cm.exe.3248.dmp.7z (win10 x64 - i7 4700HQ - GTX760M - 8s GB RAM)
    It's a nice small scale defense mission with many close calls and multiple enemy approaches making you maneuver your tanks, instead of finding a good position to dig into. A plus is that infantry plays a major role as well and has to be used effectively due to otherwise limited firepower you have available.
  9. Got meself 4.0 a week ago and have to say, the thermal DOF improves the 'game' side for me greatly. Now, unless it's M1A2 SEP, I often have to jump between thermals and daytime sights, which while requires more actions, gets rid of almost mandatory green view, which before was the only way to play SB in a most efficient way. It still takes me an effort to get used to, but at least some color is back to the game world for me. In fact I also find it fun and intense how when a tank is dug in in a hilly, grassy area or is simply hull down - it's almost impossible to spot in thermals unless tweaking DOF, but can be seen in a daytime sight, sometimes resulting in an unexpected ambush if overly relying on thermals. However what bothers and sometimes annoys me - is that while to me, as a player, the game has become more interesting, with much less downtime while seeking enemy - AI seems to not really be bothered. Back in 2.x and 3.x with pre-M1A2 thermal sights resolution the enemy was hard for me to identify, let alone target and track effectively, often looking like a few pixels in thermals - for AI it was not a problem and using exactly the same vehicle AI was engaging the enemy with good aim. Now it has become even worse - especially when taking bad weather conditions in consideration where thermals is often the only way to spot the enemy. Meaning AI friendlies just steal all the hits and kills too easy.