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  1. Upgrading the CR2.

    http://www.defensenews.com/story/defense/land/vehicles/2016/01/16/uk-surges-ahead-challenger-2-upgrade/78841260/ And before anybody gets antsy and says 'Old news - we all know about this', please note that this informatioin is dated 17 Jan 2016.
  2. Regret I will be unable to attend. Going to an airshow and won't get back in time.
  3. Tough Rider 2012

    An enjoyable evening. Many thanks to Gladiiator for the mission and to Grenny for stepping up to C.O - once again. The LMV/RWS/Spike combo was err, interesting. It wasn't so bad setting up defensive/covering positions on the treeline to overwatch our final assault, but going tank hunting in the much more open southern valley was a different kettle of fish. The LMV is soft-skinned, so moving forward to contact has to be done extremely cautiously using the RWS TI and hoping you see the enemy before he sees you. Pure, dismounted advance doesn't work for two reasons. 1. The squad is so slow and 2. While walking they have no means of identifying trouble ahead. Setting up and breaking down takes so long it isn't practical to do it every hundred metres or so. IMHO, ATGM teams are of limited use in offensive operations and if they have to be used, they need an APC at least for protection. What's the view of the professionals?
  4. SB Pro PE 4.0 - Discussion thread

    How very unfashionable. You're obviously not an accountant.
  5. Simple question: how does one person, handle a 'battalion plus' Red force, including being his own F.O, single handed? Particularly in a terrain where close tactical control at platoon level would appear to be vitally important. And bearing in mind that the Blue C.O was getting a bit nervous when it looked as if his F.O might not show up. Most of us (well me certainly) find being a platoon commander in that sort of mission a full time job. Personally, I was gobsmacked and can't adequately express my admiration for Swordsman's performance. He may have lost, but not by much.
  6. Strange graphic bug

    A very strange bug has appeared on my computer, but I don't think it's actually SB-based, more likely a computer graphics problem. Basically. my external view goes to looking at the ground directly behind the vehicle and does not respond to the usual directional commands. At the same time the map almost disappears off the top of my screen. I can drag it down for a few seconds before it floats up to the top again. If anyone has any ideas what might be causing this I'd love to hear. Other views such as TC, driver and gunner are unaffected. Any ideas anyone?
  7. Strange graphic bug

    Thanks for the suggestion. But it only does it in the above two ways. There is no problem with erroneous arrow key commands in any other instance.
  8. Strange graphic bug

    Thanks for your reply. A screenshot would only show the ground or the map stuck at the top of the screen. Not changed anything on the PC recently. But it looks as if reinstalling the graphics drivers may have solved it. Time will tell.
  9. New gun for Warror/Ajax

  10. Tough Rider 2012

    Request change to A40 - the missile team platoon. Tnx.
  11. Apologies for dropping out. A very strange bug has appeared in SB, but I don't think it's actually SB-based, more likely a computer graphics problem. Basically. my external view goes to looking at the ground directly behind the vehicle and does not respond to the usual directional commands. At the same time the map almost disappears off the top of my screen. I can drag it down for a few seconds before it floats up to the top again. If anyone has any ideas what might be causing this I'd love to hear.
  12. Not sure if I will be available or not. If I am, I'm happy to fit in where needed. Mech Inf preferred, of course
  13. Foam Armour?

  14. WARNING ORDER Where: TS Server: teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 When: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20160320T19&p1=1486 UKA will be running Panzer Leader's CT Heavy Delay mission this coming Sunday. We did this a few weeks ago and failed to successfully break contact and withdraw as per the briefing. So that will be the focus of the mission this time around.
  15. Presumably, the fact that at least three of the largest groups/VUs no longer use the SB Teamspeak server is seen as evidence of a fractured community. As Connaugh says, it would be nice if the 'original' VU channels could be restored, but Ssnake obviously feels that to do so would risk another outbreak of bad behaviour. Personally, I doubt that; the personal animosities that were the cause of the original problem seem to have faded with time. However, there's another reason why some VUs have set up their own TS servers and that is because it gives them more control over aspects such as Admin rights and useful priviliges such as Channel Commander. Frankly, I doubt if those VUs would now be willing to relinquish those benefits. However, it's encouraging to see that some players are now happy to participate in missions publicised by other VUs on the SB forum, rather than stick strictly within their own community. So perhaps things are not that bad after all.
  16. Pleased to participate as needed.
  17. APOLOGIES FOR SPELLING KANIUM INCORRECTLY IN THE THREAD TITLE BUT I CAN'T SEE HOW TO FIX IT. WARNING ORDER This Sunday we are doing a first mission by Xboxtrollen of Kanium but as Swordsman and Co are busy working on upcoming Kanium missions UKA will do the admin - like creating this thread and managing the manning list! When: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=UKA+27%2F03%2F2016&year=&month=03&day=27&hour=18&min=00&sec=0&p1=%3A Where: TS Server: teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 The Town That Was Callsigns updated.sce Excerpts of the Battalion Commander's orders for defending the town against a heavy and sustained assault. 1) SITUATION: a) Enemy: Reports indicate a large number of tanks with support vehicles and APC's coming from the north. We have no indication of then enemy's primary attack direction. b) Own: 3 Platoons of Leopard 2A5 1 Platoon of CV9030-Fi plus additional CV9030-Fi with Javelin team 2) MISSION: Defend the town at all cost. Reinforcements have an ETA of 1 hour. 6 Apache's are on their way to assist but their ETA is unknown. 3) EXECUTION: Move your assets around in order to meet the various threats as they appear. There a number of scrapes for enhanced defense. Ammunition usage will be heavy so be sure to preserve your resuply trucks and manage your replenishment programme carefully. Although the idea is obviously to kill as many enemy as possible at long range, the Mech Infantry may come in useful if any make it to close range by clever use of approach routes etc. 4) Game: The Scenario will end in a little over an hour or if Red gain control of the town.
  18. My post is intended to make it quite clear what UK Armour's policy in respect of recording is to avoid any misunderstandings and to save discussion of ad-hoc 'workarounds' prior to mission start . As such it stands.
  19. No problem Matsimus. We ALL respect the fact that some people can not attend multiplayer sessions that are recorded because they consider that to do so would violate their 'terms of employment'. The problem in this case was a misunderstanding of what was intended as a joke, nothing more. However, it will be UKA's policy in future to not only allow recording but to encourage it, because post mission analysis is such a valuable training tool. Also pefectly happy for people like yourself to publish those videos outside the SB Pro PE community for entertainment and promotional purposes.
  20. Other Blue as required for me. Mech Inf if there is any.
  21. NARRATIVE AAR Despite a lower turnout than recent missions (almost certainly due to interference from Easter bunnies) it was a good night. The .sce file, including plan graphics can be found here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/37947215/The%20Town%20That%20Was%20Callsigns_%2Bplan.rar Basically, 1st Plt (Major Duck) got EA1, 2nd Plt (Swordsman) got EA2 and India Platoon Mech Inf (Katie) got EA3. 3rd Plt (12A, all on his lonesome) was held in reserve. His Plt was eventually split into 2 sections; one going to support 1 Plt, the other to support 2 Plt. Good shooting, rearming and resupply resulted in the very heavy and sustained assault being defeated before any vehicles were able to penetrate the town bounndaries. Game ended at H+1:05 when the Apaches arrived - finding nothing to do! Notable points were: 1. Katie getting his platoon well forward on the right front in the short time before the enemy started pouring in from the North, and bushwacking them as they went past. 2. Swordsman finding out that the scrapes provided were, to use his word, 'deathtraps'. The lesson being: Don't trust a defensive position provided for you buy someone you don't know! Recovery of his platoon to better positions with the loss of only one vehicle was very well done. 3. Excellent coordination between 2plt and India in the latter stages to protect the right flank. 4. All round excellent communication 5. The decision by the C.O not to interfere with his platoon commanders and let them get on with it. The .aar file can be found here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/37947215/The%20Town%20That%20Was%20Callsigns_%2Bplan_032716GAMES_11904.rar Link to Swordsman's Movie. Sound is apparently double-tracked for some reason.