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  1. refresh map in 4.023

    Hi guys, I think I found a little mistake, not a big one. I was working on my Certain Strike projekt and wanted to refresh the map in the misison editor. Klicked on refreh map and in the second picture you see in the grey window, the editor asked to replace the theme and not the map. In the end I clicked yes and he was refreshing the map. Maybe easy th replace theme with map. cheers D u k e
  2. refresh map in 4.023

    ah ok, thank
  3. Servus, here 2 ANZAC versions for this scenario: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w46azlog3r1a1eb/Snappy Serval.rar?dl=0 Leo AS1 vs T-64B M1A2(SEP) vs T-90 have fun D u k e
  4. Servus, I played a lot of Long night of Tanks, but a 6h mission was a new experience for me. I want to say thank you for all guys who organized this and the guys in my BG and OPFOR. Awesome mission. If I find the time I make an AAR from my CO view, but my back pain has to leave first. (jesus I´m to old for this) After the mission the Ambulance picked me up. cheers D u k e
  5. Schwarmstedt-Bergen-Munster_summer.ter

    Excellent work
  6. Ola Amigo, you are more than welcome in the Leo1 recons. @Gibsonm, you can have the Luchs section, if you like. cheers D u k e
  7. Servus, We need one more guy in the Leo1 recon plt maybe Zaphod and one for the Luchs section. Maybe DBoy can switch to B22, I tell the guys tomorrow why. cheers D u k e
  8. Servus, I will use these skins. Most of them are made by Falli(911) and I think the M113s are made by DK. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/r4nquzk9tasm1ti/AAAcALM3LgV58OjJ4O86SUn8a?dl=0 Win7 install to: C:\Users\yur pc name\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\mods cheers D u k e
  9. Servus, thx for the game, my favorite mission. I will do an ANZAC version again. This comrade had enough after his BN died. cheers D u k e
  10. Servus, I`m 100% in, wife at work, son in school. cheers D u k e
  11. Hi Mark, yes BG ANZAC Reforger, a mission with a platoon of 5 LeoAS1 against a couple of T-64s. cheers D u k e
  12. Hi Mark, count me in, put a mission in the dropbox. A not so easy one. cheers D u k e
  13. Sorry can`t make hit, beauty sleep after nightshift. have fun D u k e
  14. Moin, count me in. cheers D u k e
  15. Bug report

    Hi, joined the weekly BG ANZAC session this week and found something. I wanted to mark a possible crossing point with the brigde map icon. All good till now, I did it and wanted to send it to all players. This was not working. Right click on the icon, but I got no option for "send to all". If I marked the bridge icon on the map, in the submenue down left corner he showed me the texture for the Abatis "Baumsperre". cheers D u k e
  16. Sorry, can`t make it, have to do my beauty sleep after nightshift. see you next week
  17. Yes fun and challenging. I have to practise my mikromanagement skills and bridging...
  18. Servus, good mission, thx. cheers Duke
  19. No excuses, there is no rugby game on thursday.
  20. Servus, FO please and please 2 platoons with 3 tubes mortars. cheers D u k e
  21. Servus, so we have winter time now and I have a time slot to play with you guys. Count me in. cheers D u k e
  22. Servus, sorry I´m out for the next 2 weeks (holiday). cheers D u k e