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D u k e

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  1. Servus, sorry I´m out for the next 2 weeks (holiday). cheers D u k e
  2. yes
  3. Rotar you are right. I was visiting Point Alpha today. Here are some more pics. cheers D u k e
  4. Here the view from the other side:
  5. good and you have an idea where?
  6. greetings, to all cold warriors: Where am I. (yes it is in germany) cheers D u k e
  7. Servus, wife at work, son in holiday, looks like I can play. see you cheers D u k e
  8. Hi guys, nice pics, how was the static weappon show? Like last year or they presented new or other stuff? I fixed my holiday for next year, see you... cheers D u k e
  9. Servus, cool idea, hopefully one day they will have outdoor mugs. My wife told me, we need some for our next camping trip. cheers D u k e
  10. Servus, can I Support in Red? Cheers D u k e
  11. Servus, have fun, I have nightshift. cheers D u k e
  12. Servus, tried it with no luck, also the UGV was not working too. chees D u k e
  13. Servus, can`t make it,summer time and school break is over and Duke Jr. needs my full attention. I will sitch to your Ad hoc mission, PM sent. cheers D u k e
  14. Servus, No game for me, I have to work. cheers D u k e
  15. Hi Brian, it`s Afghanistan`11. http://www.everysinglesoldier.com/afghanistan-11.html see you Duke