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D u k e

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  1. until

    Have fun guys, see you next year
  2. Servus, I make a long outdoor weekend in Längenfeld, Ötz Valley. Cheers D u k e
  3. Servus, I'm out for this sunday, visiting austria. Cheers D u k e
  4. Servus, we have on or off map arty + mortars? cheers D u k e
  5. Servus, we have guests on Sunday, but I try to make it. cheers D u k e
  6. Servus, cool idea, hopefully one day they will have outdoor mugs. My wife told me, we need some for our next camping trip. cheers D u k e
  7. Hi guys, have fun, I'm still at a camping trip in the black forrest area. greetings from Enzklösterle D u k e @Major duck I saw you wrote a PM to Duke(911). I can't read these Messages any more. Write direct to D u k e.
  8. Sorry, can`t make it.
  9. Servus, can I Support in Red? Cheers D u k e
  10. hehe, must be something to do with the G36
  11. Servus, I try to be there. cheers D u k e
  12. Servus, have fun, I have nightshift. cheers D u k e
  13. Servus, tried it with no luck, also the UGV was not working too. chees D u k e
  14. Servus, can`t make it,summer time and school break is over and Duke Jr. needs my full attention. I will sitch to your Ad hoc mission, PM sent. cheers D u k e
  15. Servus, No game for me, I have to work. cheers D u k e
  16. Hi guys, sorry no game for me today, still at work and can`t make it in time. have fun D u k e
  17. Hi Brian, it`s Afghanistan`11. http://www.everysinglesoldier.com/afghanistan-11.html see you Duke
  18. Servus, I`m still fighting in Afghanistan but will join. cheers D u k e Lt Col US Army(v)
  19. Hi guys, someone needs a new map project? If yes, I have one for you. I was looking through the map folder and found the Dien Bien Phu map. Unfortunatly it`s a big forest. But I searched a little bit in the internet and found something. In the dropbox link you can download 9x 1:50000 maps of vietnam and laos. All you need to make the Dien Bien Phu map. The time frame of these maps is 1965-1968. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2acukpkrrd7qop1/Dien%20Bien%20Phu%201to50000.rar?dl=0 So if someone create the map, we can make some Vietnam War missions. Here the website were I found these maps and there are a lot more: http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/ cheers D u k e
  20. I totally disagree, we have new buildings, wire, claymores etc. do built up forward bases. We have chinooks, Uheys, Cobras for the aircav. We have M113s, we can downgrade M60 to M48s, we have PT-76, T-55. We can damgage the M109 engines and so we have Howitzers and we can use airstrikes. There are a lot of posibilities. The main problem is to create the enviroment for this map, like DarkAngel wrote thats need time, a lot of time. cheers D u k e
  21. nice MAN, were can I download
  22. Servus, unfortunatly can`t make it. cheers D u k e