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  1. I didn't have anyone to play board games with but that didn't stop me from buying a few sets. I was mostly limited to admiring the box art, counters, and maps however. I've rarely looked back after I got my 486 and I'm sure I wasn't the only socially inept teen that welcomed AI. It is no surprise, however unfortunate, how the PC spelled the demise of the board/miniature game industry. Thanks for sharing your experience with Cold War era games/scenarios, Streakeagle. My fascination with the era lives on in SB. Oh, I had to share these:
  2. Point Alpha?
  3. It's very meticulous work. I bet you rejoice when you come upon a grid square that's mostly trees or vegetation.
  4. Awesome work, Mogwa. Can't wait to see the finished product!
  5. I remember hoping no one would pick up the phone between the hours of 1am and 6am so I can finish downloading a Steel Panthers patch.
  6. The stock installation file (at least 4.109) does not include a corresponding .ter file for the Uijongbu Corridor Korea .hgt map. As far as I know, the Suweon-Osan map is the only stock Korean terrain file.
  7. I'm curious about what kind of scenarios and maps you used for the 80s games you played.
  8. Duly noted, Ssnake.
  9. My apologies for making light of the unofficial dollar figure/statement. At the time, I wasn't thinking about how such statements could affect the business.
  10. Ah, LARO = Land Rover. Thanks for the enlightenment and for the convenient links.
  11. Yes, we already have that awesome Humvee. But the LARO, I've never heard of, however, my focus is on German theatre in the mid 1980s.
  12. So purchasing 3000 Steel Beasts mugs per desired vehicle should cover the cost. Place your orders folks! I believe I've done my share (four mugs) for one single track pin. WP inventory already there. M60A1 and you're golden for US.
  13. I'm not as filthy as I'd like to be, so I'm relieved and thankful for this! Thanks for the other areas being polished in order to accommodate us. Great customer service as usual.
  14. I'm hungry for official updates too, but I sit on my hands instead of typing. Besides, eventually someone will ask for me anyway (so thank you )!
  15. I didn't include French armor because I'm not sure they would make an appearance on a Fulda or Hunfeld map in a mid 1980s scenario. Thanks, Azure Lion. How does it feel to be the author of the longest running thread around here? You've created a monster!