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  1. Coming back to SBPPE

    Thx guys! Rotareneg, Thx for the help!
  2. Coming back to SBPPE

    Hello all, It has been a good long while since I posted or even perused the forums or thought about SB. Coming back because nothing else seems to satisfy the itch. Wow has a lot changed, a new release and new forum/community software. So a couple questions. 1. Is there a search function on the new forums? For the life of me I just could not find it. Perhaps I have become daft. Please help. 2. Is there a concise and complete list of playable vehicles in the sim? I found the 'newly added in this release' stuff, but no seemingly complete list. Thx!
  3. Upgrading my computer

    all you have to do is install the software on the new computer and move the dongle to the new computer. That is if you have a permanent license and therefore dongle. If you have the time limited license (monthly, tec.), you should probably go to the support forum and ask.
  4. Close to buying but help

    agreed, point taken, and my offer is only old version and certainly not going to be long term. if I can help someone decide to buy the game I think it is a win for all, and who, after playing it a bit, can resist? last thing I want to do is torpedo a new sale.
  5. Close to buying but help

    I am also in a situation where I can loan 2.654 licenses. that should be more than good enough for someone to try out the game and decide they want to buy it. no strings, willing to help! PM works to contact me.
  6. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    too funny! but I did really do a search on the thread. I wonder if google might find something where the forum software does not? ugh, no not really. so either I was the first to post (not very likely at all) or google does not crawl the forums.
  7. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    seconded - or at least seconded for this particular request number for this vehicle! same deal though - I searched and I am SURE they are here and they did not show up in my search: playable T80's and T90's.
  8. M1's return

    hey, those make good 'gas fireplaces' in the winter. we did not mind it at all.
  9. New to SB

    just a small group of people that have been playing together a long time. pretty relaxed group for the most part, we play a gamut of games. http://www.rlgaming.com
  10. New to SB

    MDF, Thx for this. I have copied and pasted into our forums for myself (getting back into SBPPE) and a couple of new guys getting interested. great way to start off.
  11. Map reading and terrain analysis in SB

    I am going to say it is both more difficult and easier in the game. what a conundrum! it is easier because there are tools in the planning phase to analyze the terrain quite well. the LOS tool and just plain old 3D to take a look around. you get to pick a spot on the map and just pop in. in RL, you have to go there to do the same analysis. this is intrinsically more difficult, you have to walk, drive, and spend the time. i did many 'terrain walks' in the cold war period to analyze terrain vs. battle plans, revise said battle plans, confirm said battle plans, etc. it does take quite some amount of time to do. but there is nothing like boots on the ground. period. it also takes some amount of experience to analyze the terrain vs your units capabilities vs the mission at hand. the good news with SBPPE and such is you get to learn without any risk of loss of life. and it does equate to RL at some level. that is why it is a good training tool not only for armored crewman, but lower level command staff as well. i say lower level because of the sheer number of objects that would be required to put a division, or even a brigade, in a scenario. it would probably kill most if not all computers. plus the higher up you go the more support capabilities are present at those levels - also somewhat of a challenge to emulate. my guess is GibsonM will have more insight as to the level of command this 'game' is useful at, and others may as well. hope this helps and i am not too far off, these are my observations.
  12. Have Purchased upgrade no what?

    Skyshark, where are you located? if you like someone (at least i would) will get onto teamspeak or maybe even the phone with you and talk you through it if you like. might be lots faster than posting in fourms. heck your cd might be there by now!
  13. Have Purchased upgrade no what?

    also, if you have not done so yet, uninstall your current version first. after you are done uninstalling, ensure you have all of the files (all 7 of them) in the same folder and run (double click) the .exe file (it is the part 1 file).
  14. Code meter runtime

    seems like no difference between updating on linux vs windows then - assuming you two are running the tools on windows?
  15. Code meter runtime

    is there a different firmware version available for linux tools? i tried a firmware update with cmu -d, it said it was successful. but since it is linux i did not see any command available to check the firmware version of the dongle - so i think i found it in the web GUI. but it said CMContainer 1.18. the output of the cmu-d command only said successful, not the version it was able to update. thx! edit: found it. cmu -vv command gives lots of good info. but it looks like on linux it does not update the firmware to 2. There are 1 CmContainers found CmDongle with serial number 1-1059198 and firmware version 1.18. any ideas? it was at 1.1, so it did do an update (yes SSnake - i had NEVER done it).