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  1. Ending in RAR plus PLN

    Hi Gibsonm, apologize for not answering sooner, I was made a Grandfather to a 9lb 7oz boy yesterday. WooHoo. Yup, I followed your instructions and the units were resorted and routes appeared after I clicked on the pln file you posted. NOW I get it. Thanks!! Wax
  2. where do extract the single and multiple player scenerio files too??

    Thanks Ssnake and Gibsonm. I found the current manual where you told be to look. It would be nice if eSims would put a "read me first" txt in the SBPro download to tell us there are important text files buried in the file folders. See you on the field, Wax
  3. Ending in RAR plus PLN

    Wow, thanks Gibsonm. Your explanation should be kept as a forum 'sticky'. Your answer is very easy to read and understand. Very informative !! Wax
  4. where do extract the single and multiple player scenerio files too??

    Hi Ssnake, I again found a reference (above) you made to chapter 2 ,Installation, for an explanation of the File types in SBpro. As I stated in another post today, I have downloaded both the SB pro manual (ver.2006) and original SB manual (Ver. ??). There is no mention of PLN files. Is there a third version of the manual I am not finding?
  5. Ending in RAR plus PLN

    Hi Ssnake, I too am at a loss as what folder holds the PLN files. I downloaded both the SB pro and original SB manual. There is no mention of PLN files. What do you mean by, "PLN files can be loaded in the planning phase of a mission"? I don't know what PLN files do, if I need to 'load' them for a scenario to run correctly and, if I need to,.. how to 'LOAD' them. Could someone explain?
  6. HELP re codemeter

    not being a picky bas_ard but, we're up to version 6.60a, Firmware version 4.05 just sayin'..
  7. We love videos

    Hi Rotar, Was a fun session last night. Great video you made. Thanks for sharing. The joust between my unit (2/2/A) and you with CavGunner are in your video. We really tore into each other, eh? Funny it seems you disabled/destroyed two of my units and I shot two out from under you! My ass is still sore from the SABOTS. I have attached the excel spreadsheet of our contact. TGIF 4-6-2018.pdf
  8. SBProPE64 won't start

    Good for you. Glad that your up and running. Regards, Wax
  9. SBProPE64 won't start

    my two cents... It sounds like a BOOT problem. Had you deleted any other software, just before Steel Beasts started malfunctioning? If so, a Windows file needed by Steel Beasts may have been deleted. I don't have a magic fix but, if it were me (and I was desperate),.. click START, type CMD into the search box to call up the command prompt, then in the black command prompt box type sfc /scannnow . Windows will then search all system files and correct/replace any corrupt or missing system files. If Steel Beasts still won't run, I'd uninstall the game, then use the search function to find, then manually delete, all instances of all folders named eSim Games on my computer. I'd also run a search using the regedit utility for the word eSim, or Steel and delete the lines showing those words from the registry. Then, I'd restart and reinstall Steel Beasts. If the problem still exists, I'd call Microsoft support. There is a Windows 10 file corrupted or missing. I bought a 1 year service contract with Microsoft support for $150. Best money I EVER, EVER spent on computers. I get top notch Windows techs who remote into my computer and they've fixed everything 100% so far. Microsoft support is available 24 hours every day.
  10. Hi Volcano, wanted to thank you (and everyone) for the welcoming reception to my first TGIF on 23/Mar/17. Wanted to apologize to all if I was too loud when I'd speak up. I only recognized at the end of the multi-play that I had the in-game volume turned up and was yelling over the top of sounds in my headset. Real rookie mistake. I'll get the hang of it. Hope to visit with you online Friday after Easter. regards, Wax
  11. Multiple Versions of SB on computer?

    Hi Guys, I am venturing into online play. The current VU I joined is staying with ver. 4.019 for the foreseeable future. Today I found out that the Steelbeasts online server is requiring ver 4.023. Can I keep both on my computer or, will the different versions be butting heads? Deleting and reinstalling for different groups is not Best Practices. Thanks, Wax
  12. ..roger that. I'll keep an eye out for the post with the download.
  13. To Server Admin: Re: TGIF 23/Mar/17 Subject: New Attendee This will be my first time attending TGIF. Could you post the URL for the scenario download early so I can get it installed? Will I need to get anyone loaded into the Whisper channels for tonight's TGIF? Not that I have to another engagement but, how long do you expect the session to last tonight? Signed; Wax
  14. SB 4.023 - Marder gun sound loop problem

    Great detective work, Rotareneg! My boss always said, 'never bring me a problem without a suggested solution. Good, bad, or just nuts... at least you're trying to be part of the solution'.
  15. 911: a threat to SB-PE and your computer?

    Hi Rotareneg, thanks for your input. Good to know someone else on the forum saw the news release. Like you, I read that Windows 10 users would experience less of a performance slowdown than Windows 7 and 8 users. For me, the recently released 'fix' was a half-measure at best. I uninstalled Microsoft's alleged 'fix' because it was slowing my Windows 7 computer and causing glitches (not unlike a computer virus). My decision was to delete the 'update' and regain computing speed.