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  1. if somebody wants to be the FO it would be nice. Kapy wouldn't have to be both XO and FO.
  2. Cancel my sign up. Need to be at work early so it's a nogo for me.
  3. Rgr 😉
  4. I'll be there too. CO or any position in a tank platoon thanks.
  5. Great video. Especially liked the dramatic voice in the beginning. And thanks to all for the game from my part, especially Cavgunner, Chrisreb and Grenny.
  6. Well I could make an exception to play with an bmp with you 😁
  7. Hey bro, come with me to an bmp2 platoon 🚜
  8. I'm free this evening so I'll be there too.
  9. Edit: Sorry, got mixed up the words invade and occupy.
  10. Sold! Prepare to be abused... Apoc still can't sleep properly...