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  1. My schedule has been confirmed and I'll be arriving on time. I can take the XO position.
  2. Yay I'll join you guys but there is a possibility of me arriving late so nothing fancy for me.
  3. The Finnish 2 A6 commanders can be, ahem, hard to understand sometime. Believe me, I know...
  4. Just tested it by dropping one tank in front of a T90 platoon. It lasted about 4 secs. Did you Colebrook remember that the 1st of April was yesterday?
  5. err? How come this is the first time I hear about this? Atleast on my test run the T90s managed to destroy couple of my tanks (dist aprox 800m). Are you sure about this because this will mean a change of the unit type, new plans for the COs etc.
  6. Summer, and no, atleast I haven't seen an 2 A6FIN skin of anykind.
  7. This is my contribution for the great scenarios Kanium has been hosting. Lots of forests and narrow roads that require the units to attack wisely. And a lot of engineer action also!
  8. Game launch at 1900, short brief with leaders at 1830.
  9. Hmm you mean the PDF? Do you have Adobe Reader? It's free... Hope this helped!
  10. Company CO or any other commanding post
  11. I can be C11 if nobody else will. I have a busy day so don't have time to plan or give orders...