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  1. Hmm you mean the PDF? Do you have Adobe Reader? It's free... Hope this helped!
  2. Company CO or any other commanding post
  3. I can be C11 if nobody else will. I have a busy day so don't have time to plan or give orders...
  4. That word is in German almost as good looking/sounding as in Finnish: Näppituntuma
  5. LOL... Yeah I always lead from the saddle making things up as the attack progresses and depending on my mood.
  6. if somebody wants to be the FO it would be nice. Kapy wouldn't have to be both XO and FO.
  7. Cancel my sign up. Need to be at work early so it's a nogo for me.
  8. Rgr 😉
  9. I'll be there too. CO or any position in a tank platoon thanks.