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  1. Yep, I found and reported it about 5 minutes after 4.019 came out as one of the first things I looked at was the new BRDM model.
  2. Another issue that's probably making it easier than intended is that BRDM-2 AT's are currently broken and cannot guide their missiles. Just played it through and won on single player, I liked the atypical objective of just finding where they are defending instead of the more common "KILL EVERYTHING!" Also, I forgot how different SB plays when the observer position is disabled, maybe some day they'll get that working for multiplayer sessions too. Oh, and one last thing: issues like the map updates changing are why I don't like password protected scenarios, it just means when they inevitably break due to some future update, they can't be fixed by anyone but the original creator who might not be around any more.
  3. That scenario was from 2.6, there wasn't an option back then to disable enemy map updates, it was all-or-none.
  4. Troops on the back of a technical are transparent to a LRF and are amazingly tolerant of 120mm HE rounds, some times even surviving a direct hit to the head. I'm not sure how much of that latter issue is the troops themselves, or the HE ammo acting up. I tested with DM11, Slsgr 95, M908, and OF-26 ammo, the worst they could do was just kill the one guy who got directly hit, there was no splash or frag damage to anyone else. I know the HE effects need an overhaul, I just figured I'd mention it in case there's something else going on here (frag rounds DO send out fragments if they hit trees, for example.) HE vs truck.7z
  5. I'm not quite sure where he was going with that either, as it's kinda obvious that you use music with emotional content similar to the media you're working with. You probably wouldn't use a lighthearted comedy soundtrack to sell a dark and gritty horror film (unless it involves clowns and you're trying to be ironic I suppose.) It does get annoying when, as in the movie trailer spoof I posted above, everyone uses the same cliched style defined by the current standard "recipe for success," but that doesn't really apply to someone picking some music they like for the end credits of a game they play.
  6. The manual azimuth function, triggered by the "K" key when in the commanders position of any unit, is always available. The manual azimuth setting in the mission editor only controls whether the tank clock automatically rotates or if it stays fixed pointing "up." You can activate the compass when looking through binos, but it won't actually show the compass tape on screen until you zoom out. It would be nice if the map had some basic "ruler and protractor" functions. You can work around that by printing a map and using real-life tools, but that seems a bit sub-optimal when SB is being used as a "game" as opposed to a real-life training tool.
  7. As demonstrated in this trailer for TITLE:
  8. Yes, it just plays the credits.wav file in the "eSim Games\SB Pro PE\music" folder. Rename or delete it, or replace with a different one (renamed credits.wav of course.)
  9. New item for the Content Wish List: Bayonets!
  10. And be sure to go through the tutorials to gain proficiency with the basic functions of the sim and particular tank you're using.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Yet another variant of the old "Tanks!" scenario. Randomized starting location for your vehicle and enemies, enemy riflemen in woods, FASCAM artillery, and ATGM teams. Includes separate scenarios for: BMP-2 Centauro CV90/30-FI CV90/35-NL CV90/40-C Leopard 2A4 Leopardo 2E Leopard AS1 M1A1(HA) M1A2(SEP) M3A2(ODS) M60A3(TTS) Marder 1A3 T-72B1 (m.1985) Too hard, too easy, or want different tank or different enemies? Load it up in the mission editor and change 'em, it's easy!
  12. I figured out what it's doing: the "Mission text -> Copy..." function clears the navmesh for some reason.
  13. Firing an AT-5 from a BMP-2: