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  1. In the US you can get Lidar data freely (and without any strings attached) from various sources, the USGS being the obvious federal level source: https://earthexplorer.usgs.gov/ . There are various state sources as well, like this one: http://kansasgis.org/resources/lidar.cfm
  2. I was just speaking generally. Besides the getting a point cloud, there are three more refined products: Bare earth: First return: And intensity: And to compare those 1 meter examples to what SB currently supports, here's a 12.5 meter version:
  3. Yes, bare earth generally means no buildings, bridges, trees, grass, etc. First return products on the other hand will show everything, meaning grass, bushes, etc.
  4. I think the time limited license will work with SB 3, but I would contact eSimGames and ask before trying.
  5. You need to say what CPU and GPU are being used, but it's a good bet any thing old enough to be using DDR2 is going to be insufficient to get reasonable performance in Steel Beasts, if it would even run at all.
  6. The BM-15 PELE round cannot harm an M113A1 from the front or sides even though it should be pretty effective against them. Attached is a test scenario. BM-15 PELE test.7z
  7. I've had that happen once myself. I wonder if the forum host has some kind of security feature (DDOS protection for example) that can rarely get triggered from ordinary use.
  8. It looks like this effects all missiles, not just the TOW. And like you said, you shouldn't try to fly the missile, but instead track the target with the crosshairs so it isn't a big issue. However, if we were to get the MCLOS version of the AT-3 it would be a bit of an issue as you do have to manually fly the missile and the beacon disappears before it reaches the full 3000 meters range.
  9. Some amount of squinting is inevitable when firing on targets over 4000 meters away.
  10. I just checked closer and it's not the model, but there's a fixed distance (not effected by resolution or camera field of view like LOD models are) where the flare effect disappears. Happens at the same distance with SB running at 1280x720 or 3840x2160. These screenshots were cropped from 4k shots:
  11. In the attached scenarios, in scenario 1 with flat ground the missile will reach a target at 4400 meters out. In scenario 2 the missile will fall about 400 meters short of the target. Also, the flare on the back of the TOW isn't visible in the distant LOD model. TOW Aero RF range.7z