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  1. Ah, one thing that might have an effect even when looking at the report is vsync, you might want to turn it off.
  2. Eh? The render distance shouldn't effect anything as you should be looking at the blank report page on the map, not the 3D view.
  3. Attached is a simple scenario to get a CPU performance comparison with SB that shouldn't be effected by graphics cards. It's just the USSR Motorized Rifle Regiment BMP template, with nothing on the red side. When you run it, just go to the map and switch to the report view and hit ALT-F12 to get the FPS counter. Vsync probably has an effect on this, you might want to turn it off (you'll need to close and reopen SB for the change to take effect.) My desktop gets 25 FPS and has a old Core i7-860 overclocked to run at 3.4 GHz with all cores active and 4 GHz when only one core is busy. My laptop gets 30 FPS with a Core i5-3230M which isn't overclocked and runs at 3 GHz with both cores busy and 3.2 GHz with only one core busy. Both FPS results were rounded down. I hadn't realized the newer generation CPUs were that much faster clock for clock, and that was just 1st to 3rd generation. CPU test.zip
  4. Rarely, SB will fail to load on my laptop with a warning about there being no hardware-accelerated Direct3D devices available, with this line recorded in the log: [18:14:29,297] ERROR: No hardware-accelerated Direct3D devices were found. This program will now exit. And yes, the odd carriage returns are in the actual log. Run SB again and everything's fine. Also somewhat rarely, the blur effect when loading in SB will show the contents of my second monitor: The laptop is running Windows 10 Home, version 1607, build 14393.1066. CPU is a Core i5-3230M, GPU is the integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000.
  5. The hellfire missiles have this little flame that sticks up vertically out of the exhaust, kind of like the rocket exhaust in old sci-fi films where the flames go up and the sparks fall down.
  6. The micro UAV in SB ( http://wiki.microdrones.com/index.php/md4-200 ) has a climb rate more than twice the actual thing: I measured it at almost 15 m/s in game when the specs say 7 m/s. I was going to complain about the flight speed being so low (compared to my quadcopter in real life,) but the specs say 8 m/s which matches with SB.
  7. Keybinding issue maybe? I just checked and both the UAV and UGV worked with the PL element from regular infantry, not just mech infantry.
  8. Just joking about how it makes breaching minefields a lot easier and faster compared to having to use separate vehicles.
  9. The suspension on the left side of the Wisent AEV doesn't animate correctly, the wrong wheels displace vertically in response to the ground. I don't know if this is new for 4.019 as I haven't used it to breach a mine field in a while as it is OP and makes breaching too easy.
  10. Running the test scenario from the third post on my laptop, SB 4.010 was getting 6 fps on the full map and 9 on the map with just fences. SB 4.019 got 21 and 52 on the same scenario. 3.5-5.8 times better, nice!
  11. Uh, it's still messed up on the site. Here's the correct links for part 3 and 5: http://dl.steelbeasts.com/SBProPE4_019.part5.rar http://dl.steelbeasts.com/SBProPE4_019.part3.rar
  12. I think that's got to be a bug. When in the commanders position the smoke launcher will default to using both when you use the smoke grenade shortcut.
  13. On a normal log the very next item would be "[08:07:44,697] TRACE: CreateDevice succeeded". The log stopping right before that makes me suspect the issue might be related to the video drivers and/or Direct3D. You could try to update your video drivers, perhaps the Windows upgrade did something odd with the previously working drivers you already had installed.
  14. Any errors or anything else like that pop up, or does it just do nothing? You might check the debug log ( Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\logs ) to see if anything gets reported there, assuming SB loads far enough to do so.