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  1. New Computer

    Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\logs You should also try launching SB with the safe mode shortcut that was in the same location as the debug one.
  2. performance

    SB 4 is 64 bit only.
  3. Resolution issue

    Another thing that can cause that error when switching between windowed and fullscreen is any program that hooks in to SB, like recording software, reshade, etc.
  4. We love videos

  5. 25mm Bushmaster STAB question

    If you jump in to the commander's position and switch between emergency and manual fire control you can see the AI is using power traverse in emergency mode with stabilization damaged:
  6. Long range lawn dart action: Events Shooter Target Target damage Time Type Unit X Y Ammo Type Unit X Y Target distance Hit location Destroyed Immobilized Commander Gunner Loader Driver Fire control system Radio Turret 21:18 Tank (Leopard 2A6) 1/1/A (Blue) 8800 3000 DM53 APFSDS-T Tank (T-55A m.1970) 1/1/A (Red) 0989 3000 21892 Front 21:42 Tank (Leopard 2A6) 1/1/A (Blue) 8800 3000 DM53 APFSDS-T Tank (T-55A m.1970) 1/1/A (Red) 0989 3000 21892 Front X X
  7. Dark parts of textures inverted

    I'm fairly certain this has been around a long time (and is probably known,) I just don't remember anyone ever actually mentioning it: The high res textures interact oddly with the low res textures and can cause dark areas to become inverted, more often in forested areas where the ground is rendered darker:
  8. To clarify the bushes/line of sight thing: There are two kinds of "bushes" in SB, the first being the ground clutter ones that are purely a graphical effect and can be up to 1 meter tall. Then there are the ones placed with the Bush tool in the map editor, which can be much larger, do block line of sight for the AI, and are not effected by the ground cover setting. Here are two screenshots making the difference between the two very clear, one with ground cover set to 5, the other to 100: As far as sounds go: Yes, turning your engine off to see if you can hear enemy engines works, with the caveat that there is a bug in SB where the direction you hear a sound coming from may be completely wrong when there are multiple sound sources at once. As far as I am aware the AI ignores sound, so turning your engines off for stealth reasons only works against other players. As for reducing the volume difference between crickets and sabots, you can try turning on loudness equalization: Open Start, do a search for Sound, and open it. On the Playback tab, select the current default speaker (the one with the green check mark). Click the Properties button on the bottom-right. ... Click on the Enhancements tab. Check the Loudness Equalization option. Depending on your sound card you might have to use the manufactures control panel instead, on my Asus Xonar card it's callled SVN (Smart Volume Normalization) and is only available in their control panel, not through the standard Windows settings as described above.
  9. We love videos

    And the full video:
  10. 911: a threat to SB-PE and your computer?

    Virtually all CPUs since around 1995 are vulnerable to the Spectre V1 and V2 exploits. The Meltdown exploit is an Intel issue (and I think one ARM cpu.)
  11. We love videos

  12. UGV nitpicks

    No, but they will shoot at and eventual disable it.