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  1. The RCL technical being made crewable would be fun.
  2. As per this thread: You only need to forward 2 ports for a SB 4 host: 2300 and 2400, UDP.
  3. In MP sessions the lead vehicle of client owned platoons in coil or herringbone formations will creep forward even on stay orders if the client isn't currently in that lead vehicle. To reproduce with attached scenario, have host take platoon 1 and client platoon 2. Wait for the vehicles to get to the proper positions and then have the host and client each jump into another tank in their respective platoons. The host's lead vehicle should remain stationary, but the client's will slowly drive forward indefinitely. coil_test.7z
  4. Why do you think there are 24 rounds in the hull? In the M1 the semi-ready rack is to the left (looking from the commanders position in the tank) of the ready rack in the rear of the turret. It's slow to reload because the door is manually operated and officially you're only supposed to transfer one round at a time: The commander has to crank the door open, pull one round out, crank it shut, then the loader opens his door and stores the round.
  5. The vehicles with dark text are crewable (I.E. you can gun, drive, command, etc.) :
  6. While I am looking forward to the update, the breathless part was just a joke at my own expense.
  7. I for one am waiting breathlessly for the update.
  8. The end on the water will be above the surface, but the bridge itself bridge arcs up and then back down to the end, which looks a bit odd. Also, some bridges (concrete 2 lane for example) have broken concrete and rebar sticking out of the free end and don't look bad like that, but the stone bridges just cleanly end if they're not blown up by explosives. As far as the pathing goes, you need to put the bridges on the lane that vehicles want to drive on, which varies from bridge to bridge. So, for the stone bridge where vehicles drive so far over that they partially clip into the wall on the side, you'll want to place the bridge accordingly.
  9. There's something a bit odd with the Unimog troop and supply trucks and HE rounds in 4.010. The HE rounds generally don't explode when they hit the covered rear of the truck, but in the case of the troop version will easily kill the vehicle. Hits on the body on the other hand explode with strangely non lethal results. Here's a video showing this happening, the test scenario is attached. Left facing vehicles are troop transports, right facing ones are supplies. Frag vs trucks.7z
  10. The wiki only mentions the gated range switch, which isn't the switch I was referring to. And yep, anything over 3000 meters needs to be manually dialed in.
  11. Ah, thanks! And it does work, guess I didn't pay enough attention when I was fiddling around with it the first time.
  12. There's a switch on the lower part of the T-72 LRF panel that's usable and is labeled "РУЧН <> АЅТ", but doesn't seem to do anything obvious. Google translates РУЧН to manual, but doesn't come up with anything for АЅТ.