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  1. It seems the http://www.steelbeasts.com/online/ page tracks older connections, if you go down the list it goes back 14 hours.
  2. I think these 800mm mortars are seriously OP and need to be nerfed ASAP:
  3. It looks like the chance of getting tracked is very low, at least for the M1A2 and M2A2. Attached is scenario that makes testing it pretty easy, except for the PCs which won't voluntarily drive over the triple strand wires. concertina_wire_test.7z
  4. And the two games from the 30th:
  5. Here's the two games from last week, I'll try to get last Friday's up tomorrow:
  6. Other than the CV9030 and 35, which have full-time autofocus (which itself can be terribly frustrating when driving in forested areas when you really don't want it autofocusing on some tree branch that's partially in the field of view,) all other vehicles I tested just keep the focus at infinity when there's no targets visible, which far more useful than keeping it at the minimum (about 20 meters) which is what the CV9040 does:
  7. When leaving the gunner's position the thermal imager focus will always move to the minimum range. An easy way to see this in progress is by going to the gunners seat, focusing the thermal imager on a distant target, jumping to the commander and then watching the extension sight.
  8. The bullet has a diameter of 8.204 mm, the diameter of the barrel between lands is 7.9 mm, and 8.20 mm between grooves in the rifling. The bullet squishes down to fit the barrel so that it forms a gas seal and so that it engages the rifling. A .22 Long Rifle bullet has a nominal diameter of 5.72 mm, fired through a barrel with land and groove diameters of 5.51 and 5.64 mm, respectively. Here's a .22 LR round after being fired:
  9. The 7.92×57mm round actually has a bullet diameter of 8.22mm, the barrel itself has a diameter of 7.89 mm. I love how gun/ammo designers randomly pick groove or land diameter for the caliber designation. 9x19mm Parabellum has a 9mm round fired through a 8.8mm barrel for example.
  10. "Alt. range" is the key binding that lases in first return mode, I'm not sure if it's got a default binding.