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  1. Steel beasts on Windows 10

    To fix the inverted tanks when using DXWnd, enable expert mode in the options menu, right click on your SB shortcut in DXWnd and pick modify. In the Tweaks tab enable "ddraw:AllowSysMemoryOn3DDevices". And just in case anyone is curious, d3drm.dll is for Direct3D Retained Mode, which was not updated past DirectX 3 and was dropped from Vista or 7, not sure which.
  2. Nation camo codes

  3. 911: a threat to SB-PE and your computer?

    You're a month late:
  4. CV-90/35 VIS bug

    I couldn't reproduce it, I just figured out what he was talking about.
  5. CV-90/35 VIS bug

    Ah, I see what you mean, sometimes the camera doesn't stay aimed at the screen, similar to what used to happen with the Leopard 2 commanders monitor.
  6. Spintires Tank mods.

    I wouldn't go so far as to call Spintires realistic, it's definitely tuned for playability, not accuracy. Even when stuck in mud deeper than its axles the UAZ handles mud like it's one of these things, including having a continuously variable low gear:
  7. Voice Attack profile

  8. We love videos

  9. Golan Heights revised.

    Also, which vehicle?
  10. Several problems seen during last nights TGIF

    It only did it immediately after jumping into a unit, so I cut out everything else except me jumping into units.
  11. SB 4.023 - Rain and focus shader

    Here's better video (from that scenario) that makes it even clearer. It also shows another issue that effects daysight and thermal focus: the focus shader is doing something very wrong when the focus distance is beyond objects. It looks kinda like it's using a minimum filter instead of an average filter, causing thin objects to expand into large opaque chunks.
  12. SB 4.023 - Rain and focus shader

    Here ya go. The rain starts at 1 minute, the effect itself at about ten seconds later. rain_focus.7z
  13. SB 4.023 - Rain and focus shader

    I figured I'd put this in it's own thread: The depth of field / focus shader does not work correctly with rain when using thermals. The daylight sight focus effect (on the Lemur RWS for example) does work fine in rain.
  14. First problem was units spinning their guns around in random directions when you jump to the vehicle, even if they're engaging an enemy. Next was the thermal sight DOF shader going bonkers and causing the dark sky to "bloom" and obscure targets, seen at 1:10 in the video. And finally the AI fired a TOW at nothing after the enemy backed away, at around 1:40+.