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  1. We love videos

    From the other side:
  2. Here is Wibu's page about those licenses: https://www.wibu.com/us/products/codemeter/cmactlicense.html It seems vendors can pick different levels of tolerance, or customize it. The list of hardware for the custom options are hard drive, network card, CPU, and motherboard, so presumably changing the video card should be fine.
  3. Here ya go: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sxSgafjFma7B-8yhLzaAV7iKlPZ9k5Il/view?usp=sharing
  4. German Marder Milan

    Options menu -> Camouflage scheme That lets you pick various default camo schemes, or make custom ones. As for the Marder MILAN, I believe the reason why they didn't include the vehicle mounted launcher was that SB doesn't currently support infantry crews removing a weapon that's actually mounted to the vehicle. If you wanted the dismounts to carry a MILAN you'd end up with the vehicle and the troops each having their own launcher when there should be one shared between them.
  5. We love videos

  6. SB Pro PE Maps/Scenarios question.

    Here is a quick and dirty update of that scenario for SB Pro PE: A Village Called Netreba_update.7z SB 4.023 wouldn't even load the scenario at first, logging these errors: [19:03:41,975] ERROR: Unknown type (0x24). Cannot create unit! [19:03:41,975] ERROR: Invalid formation size 'Size: 0; '! I narrowed it down to the Jaguar 2 platoon. I had to temporarily change them to another unit in SB before I could load it in Pro PE and change them back into Jaguars. I didn't feel like messing around with the bridges or water so I switched the scenario to a winter theme and made the water "ice." There's no score as the scoring from SB scenarios does not automatically convert to the ProPE scoring which works a bit differently. There's also various ammo and artillery differences.
  7. We love videos

  8. Where are my unit descriptions?

    It appears in the chat text entry area on the very bottom of the SB screen.
  9. NATO Reticle explained?

    And here's a test scenario with targets for each range on the commanders day sight reticle; BMPs for AP, trucks for HE, and troops for MG. Pizzaro_range_test.7z
  10. NATO Reticle explained?

    Correct, it's the commanders day sight.
  11. NATO Reticle explained?

    I just checked the commander's reticle on the Pizarro and something is definitely wrong with it. With the AP ammo you have to aim at the 2000 meter mark on the sight to hit a target at 2500 meters. With the HE ammo it's incorrect in the the opposite direction, requiring you to use more elevation than the sight would suggest.
  12. The sky appears to currently use 8 bit shading without dithering, which can cause some pretty noticeable banding, especially during twilight: And brightened 4x: Using a debanding post-processing shader from Reshade makes the sky much nicer looking: And again brightened by 4x: Applying such a filter in post-processing has drawbacks, like blurring any subtle but intentional shading anywhere on the picture, such as the Milky way texture in this example, so that's not really a proper solution. Just thought it might be something interesting to look into at some point.
  13. We love videos

    If I remember right, it was Volcano who was driving this particular IED: https://youtu.be/7n_migIfXgU?t=4654
  14. We love videos