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  1. Saw two issues during todays Kanium mission: First was water lilies that glow in the dark: And after the mission I noticed that the AAR weather/visibility at events is incorrect. The first screenshot shows the non event time step before the following event showing the correct visibility/weather: And the following event with the wrong visibility: Here's a link to the AAR: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1amuD4gXkzNDNq0L9JdCdIv8cPpnU3JeT
  2. Here's a gallery of screenshots taken during the game: https://imgur.com/a/aAwAzoW
  3. We love videos

    Since there wasn't a SB specific video thread like the SB screenshots one, I figured I'd start one. Here's an uncut run of Zipuli's Tank Platoon in Attack using the M60A3 (TTS):
  4. Here ya go: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Lucj4kLbdGl5o_hCG_q33KtbGdM7YzcM
  5. We love screenshots

    A whole bunch of screenshots from the Kanium game today in an Imgur album: https://imgur.com/a/aAwAzoW
  6. We love screenshots

    From the 2018-07-13 TGIF:
  7. I'll be there, I'm happy to take whatever is needed.
  8. Steelbeasts pro not starting

    It might be the same issue mentioned in this thread:
  9. We love videos

  10. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1amuD4gXkzNDNq0L9JdCdIv8cPpnU3JeT
  11. We love screenshots

    I've seen two vehicles pass each other 5 m apart in an open forest without spotting each other. Sometimes I wonder if the AI takes a smoke break when there's no players nearby to notice.
  12. We love screenshots

    From the Kanium mission today: A T-72 having a bad morning: An enemy BMP-2 killing an M1 in very low light early in the scenario before dawn:
  13. We love videos

  14. We love videos

    A few shots were taken and received in last nights TGIF:
  15. I don't see any depleted uranium mesh in there, I think you got short-changed.
  16. We love videos

    And my full video from the same game:
  17. We love videos

  18. Suspected Bug - L30 gun HESH drift direction

    Does SB even simulate spin drift and other subtle ballistic effects?
  19. Documentation for the Eagle IV

    There's a full tutorial for the Lemur OWS in Steel Beasts, cleverly hidden away behind that "Tutorials" button on the SB Main menu. SHIFT-N is the default zoom out key combo on the Lemur.
  20. Just noticed that the HEMTT Supply truck repairs vehicles, which I assume (perhaps incorrectly) isn't intended behavior. Test scenario attached. Supply_repair.7z
  21. One other thing to note about bumpiness is that it doesn't actually make the terrain bumpy in SB 4.023 as we have neither the new tesselated terrain nor the old simulated bumps from SB 3.
  22. We love videos

  23. Simulator VS Real-Life visibility is always going to be an issue. A person using a 40" 8K display is likely going to have a rather significant advantage spotting enemies compared to someone using a 16" 720p laptop display. Different simulators over the years have tried different techniques to try to compensate for this, like Falcon 4 (and its descendants) smart scaling feature which enlarges objects where needed to keep them from shrinking down a single flickering pixel when they should still be within real eyesight visibility range. The "lead forward to zoom" function you get when using TrackIR I suppose does simulate really staring intently at something, which I don't find too unreasonable, but then for non-TrackIR users you'd need to have another zoom/unzoom key combo besides the current one that activates binos when you could just as easily use the binos anyway which instantly give you a magnified view of whatever you're looking at (something that is probably a tiny bit unrealistic in itself compared to fiddling around with binos in a moving tank.)
  24. If you're referring to the ability to zoom while in the external observer view, that's controlled by the realism option in Steel Beasts. When set to Low or Medium you can zoom while in the observer view with any vehicle. When set to High realism it's disabled in crewable vehicles because it's not particularly realistic. If you want to look around with zoom, switch the commander and either use whatever optics it may have for the commander to use, or stick your head out of the hatch and use binoculars.