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  1. Problem with License

  2. Problem with License

    Last version that i had installed working fine V4.019 Yesterday i try to play and show the window error Now. Install new CODEMETER SOFTWARE v6.60. install SBPRO V4.23 But not works, same message again. Thanks Ssnake, but I entry in your avatar but not see your email. Sorry.
  3. Problem with License

    I have a problem with my SBPRO4 License in windows 10. After an update of w10 I can not execute SBPRO Today appear this window when i execute SBPRO. I suppose it has something to do with the activation of my license, and that I have to activate it again. The dongle is connected to a USB in the tower and illuminates the led in red, I restart windows an reconect donngle to usb sometimes. If I click on activate license I get these options But I do not know how to proceed and I'm afraid of making a mistake. Somebody could help me? Thank you. PD. Sorry for my english!!
  4. Only Defenses (V3)

    Version 3


    Four simple scenarios to play with various tanks, our mission is defend our cities.
  5. We love screenshots

    V.4.19 With 34" monitor 3440x1440...
  6. Words in Ilegible menus

    I can not do this. Buy a better monitor to see everything better. Degrading this monitor to the resolution of a normal monitor would be an error. The immersion that gives you a screen of 34 "is infinitely better than one of 27" for example, I have a lot more FOV and that is not counting that it is curved. In other simulators the letters and menus, agree with the resolution, I do not know why in SB this does not happen, that's why I'm looking for a solution. It becomes quite annoying the trick of having to strain your eyes to have to read them given their size, I can play because many of them are in memory, but that between the small print and that there is not much ocontranste behind because they look pretty bad the truth. Let's see if someone can help me. A greeting. Thank you.
  7. Words in Ilegible menus

    Hi. I recently changed my monitor for a new 34 "monitor to a resolution of 3440x1440, the problem is that I can barely read the briefing and hardly see the menus, they are not clearly distinguishable. Is there any way to solve this problem? Can i change the font or size ? Thank you Foto https://goo.gl/photos/bmZ3ct1vFJnJyzRc8 SBProPE64cm 2017-05-12 04-32-02-04.bmp SBProPE64cm 2017-05-12 04-32-02-04.bmp
  8. Would you purchase a WW2 version.

    Love WW2 sim tanks, I play Steel Fury or Panzer Elite yet,Know to much people and friends dont like modern sims. A WW2 Tanks simulator with the charecteristics of SB will be the best, sure!!! :clin::clin:
  9. Anti Tank Weapons (3.025)

    Version 1.0


    Exercise with all AT Weapons, Fire at Will !!!!
  10. Only Defenses (V.3.02x)

    Version 1.0


    Based in Red Defense mission, change tanks, map and visual conditions. Simple 3 missions, we must defend our positions and wait for reinforcements. Can Played for 1-8 players well. Enjoy!!
  11. Red Defense (V3.011)

    Version 1.0


    T72 vs T72 Simple mission, you must defend two cities and waiting for reinforcementes.
  12. Hola a todos. He redactado una guia rápida en castellano, que me parece que puede ser util para aquellos que comienzan con este simulador, he intentado respoder a las preguntas que yo me hacia con una breve descripción de los menus y su utilidad. Podeis leerla en mi blog, proximamente intentare hacer un pdf para subirlo a descargas. Guia Rapida en castellano. --------------------------------- Hello everyone. I've written a fast guide in Spanish, which I think may be useful for that beginning with this simulator, I tried anwer any questions with a little descriptions of the menus. You can read my blog, soon will try to make a pdf to upload it here.
  13. Unidad virtual hispano/hablante

    Da gusto leer castellano para variar. Somos pocos pero algunos de cuando en cuando le damos. Pasate por aqui tambien. Entre unos y otros pues algun tiro pegamos.:luxhello: como comprobaras somos la misma gente en ambos foros practicamente. te dejo mi blog para empezar un pequeño tuto. http://tanquesyblindados.blogspot.com.es/2014/12/steel-beast-pro-pe-guia-rapida.html Ultimamente Coolbrook y yo estamos pegando tiros internacionales los Domingos, pero puede no es muy apropiado aprender asi, asi que si quieres una guia rapida un dia, pegar dos tiros y lo basico, quedamos por Team Speak y charlamos. y el escuadron http://www.escuadron69.net/v20/foro/index.php?/forum/153-steel-beasts/ saludetes.