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  1. Great work,but can i get the password to edit the blue side,i would like to change the M 1 to other vehicles.
  2. great mission Cobra,80 minutes of intense clash of the titans!,i won of course but close. great work!!
  3. very nice!!Thanks:) pm send
  4. If its not to much trouble:),would be Nice!,but i think it would have to be redone when 4.0 Comes out,
  5. Could it be possible to squeeze in the proper dutch camo for the NL troops?,..
  6. Nice!
  7. A frightening mockumentary made in a parallel world in which the popular uprisings against the communist regimes in Eastern Europe in 1989 lead to a very different outcome. Soviet President Gorbachev visits East Germany, promoting Perestroika and Glasnost, which leads to mass demonstrations against the hardline East German government. A successful military coup then takes place in the Soviet Union which installs a fanatical communist General in the Kremlin and sweeps away all of Gorbachev’s reforms.The Soviet Union takes increasingly provocative action against NATO, and the West retaliates in kind with increasing sanctions against Russia. The Soviet General orders the invasion of West Germany, which does not go well for him as Warsaw Pact forces are pushed backed well inside the Soviet Union's satellite States.Western leaders such as Margaret Thatcher and George Bush are shown making public comments about the worsening international situation (of course, their words are taken out of context to make them fit the events of the mockumentary). Finally the Soviet General presses the nuclear button, and during a live television news broadcast in Washington DC air raid sirens start sounding.The 'documentary' is made some time in the future, showing the events that led to the outbreak of the Third World War, and interviewing the surviving key players on both sides to give their view of the events and their part in them. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_III_(film)
  8. i run steelbeasts on windows 10 without any problems,have you tried running the program as "administrator"? or maybe you're missing some directxdrivers.
  9. The night fighting in steelbeasts looks good enough for me!:)
  10. just wondering,can we expect oculus rift support in the future?
  11. hey,i finely got around to test the 3.19 Beta version..i was hoping that the beta version would would fix the crashing problems,but it did not help.it crashed again,here is the crashdump file> https://www.dropbox.com/s/tbi3m6mesfwh570/SBProPE64cm.exe.2708.dmp?dl=0. i wonder what causes this nasty problem..