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  1. The M3 has less dismounts and more missiles compared to the M2. The controls are the same for either vehicle. Tactically, you are scouts, not infantry, so you don't have the numbers to act as your typical mech infantry (assaulting urban areas, for example.)
  2. That might be helpful. If you haven't played as a Company CO, I highly encourage doing it at least once. It is a whole different perspective. @kapylemha The M3 has less dismounts and more missiles compared to the M2. The controls are the same for either vehicle.
  3. I always need an XO. Still, go with what is necessary for manning right now. The list looks a little light.
  4. Gamemaster. I'm pretty sure he is referring to the Instructor/OC mode.
  5. Delta Squadron, please.
  6. Yep, that helped. I hate how it automatically turns on when you install the newest driver updates. You mentioned something about a report; would there be anything you could tell about performance from it?
  7. 18 FPS with an i7/6700k @ 4.00Ghz. I feel like there is something wrong with that number... I'll investigate on my end.
  8. Fully agree. Sure, some of the subject matter may be disturbing, but I wouldn't consider it distasteful. Maybe put a disclaimer in the download description, but don't censor your work.
  9. Maybe it worked in 3.0, but deleting the number of units seemed to solve the issue you were having. Try it for yourself.
  10. So, I gave your scenario a test run. My units did engage the enemy, however, I did notice some issues with the AI not engaging targets close to them, as well as bugs I have never seen before. You can't tell from just the screen shot, but the turret from the destroyed tank in the middle of the screen was spinning in circles like crazy. Honestly, I think it is due to the number of units you have placed in the scenario. My FPS plummeted to the single digits with this scenario, and my PC is certainly not lacking in power by any means. Try it with less units (70+ Platoons is overkill), decreasing the overall visibility range, or both. I played the same scenario, but reduced the number to 12 Tank Platoons per side. They started shooting each other as expected. So yeah, try reducing the number of units to something a little more manageable.
  11. Right click on the unit, and select fire control status. It should give you options for max engagement ranges, fire at will, return fire, or hold fire. Also, posting that scenario will help a lot in figuring out the problem. It could be something else not related to the fire control status.
  12. I'm starting to build a scenario off of the first vignette. I'll release it for beta testing when I have made more progress on it.
  13. Check the fire control settings on all units. If you gave them a scout order, they will not fire at will. Also, posting the scenario might help for purposes of figuring out the question, since it could be one of a number of things.