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  1. @Marko I remember watching the film you posted. It inspired me to buy some books on the subject and read up on it. I'm glad these heroes finally got the recognition they deserved, and that their story finally become known.
  2. As of this posting, there is still room for an XO/FO, and three Mechanized Infantry slots.
  3. You can definitely consider starting to get into multiplayer scenarios now. There is a LOT of misconceptions about how "hard" multiplayer is, or a general level of anxiety about how you don't want to mess up, etc. As long as you know the basic controls, you will do fine. There are plenty of options out there; the New Players Guide has plenty of info on VUs. Also, check the multiplayer engagements portion of the forum for the latest and greatest offering by the community.
  4. Nope. I downloaded it directly from this site using the link provided.
  5. Actually, I can't do any modifications because the mission is password protected. I think there were probably some changes caused by the difference in versions. That being said, I would love to see this scenario with more traditional scout vehicles (M3A2s, ASLAV-25s, etc.) to focus on training reconnaissance tasks and skills. I played this one the previous night before myself and Apocalypse did session you see in the video; there is definitely plenty of replayability!
  6. @Apocalypse 31 and I played the mission Platoon Tactical Movement Exercise by @MDF. This is without a doubt one of the best uses of terrain and scripting that I have seen; the enemy ambushed us at the end with an entire Battalion, all hidden behind an IV line. While we technically "won" according to the scenario, the AI definitely got the drop on us!
  7. I'm slowly catching up on the backlog of Kanium videos I have on my hard drive. I cut this one from about an hour and 30 to 15 minutes. Overly dramatic music and nihilistic endings come standard.
  8. Yes, there is a problem with that one. Download this version and it should fix the issue.
  9. In my opinion, Tactical Movement is the hardest scenario in the entire Camp Hornfelt series. I would recommend starting with Destroy an Inferior Force and go from there. Retry Tactical Movement once you have gotten some experience under your belt.
  10. Not military or Steel Beasts related, but here is a video I took while doing a short off road driving stint at the Dona Ana mountains in New Mexico.
  11. Played the mission Area Reconnaissance at Neustadt am R├╝benberge 1989 by @Panzer_Leader as part of Kanium. Lots of fun, and plenty of deadly Mi-24s.
  12. Do you have a preference for position? There are 2x Leopard 2s open, 1x CV9040, and the entire Engineer Platoon.
  13. Thanks to @Zipuli for creating the original scenario!