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  1. Here is footage of the Kanium mission we ran yesterday. It had a bit of surprises, and had a very high level of intensity right from the start. It was a blast!
  2. Here is the replay on YouTube from my perspective:
  3. Certainly belated, but here is a recording of the session from my point of view:
  4. You should be fine with your config files. Steel Beasts doesn't have an automatic update; you'll have to download it from eSim.
  5. Here is an "executive summary" style article exploring why the Turkish Leopard 2A4s are performing poorly: https://southfront.org/reasons-of-losses-of-turkish-leopard-2a4-tanks-in-syria-report/ It boils down to a lack of crew training, ineffective doctrine, and their tanks not being equipped for a 360 degree combat environment found in Urban Areas.
  6. Here is Wibu Systems' description: http://www.wibu.com/us/codemeter/codemeterruntime.html Essentially, if you are running your CodeMeter on a LAN or WAN, it retrieves the licenses. If you aren't using that setup, it shouldn't have an effect on running Steel Beasts. The Runtime Server is harmless, so I never disable it and let it do its thing. Where you might need to enable it is if you have a secondary license, and you want to allow a friend to use your secondary license to try Steel Beasts. You can use the Runtime Server to allow him to access your secondary license over the Internet, and play Steel Beasts on his PC. He would not need a CodeMeter dongle to do this.
  7. Welcome! You will be the first XO I have ever had in Steel Beasts.
  8. Interesting... They should have desert camo... You might try changing the theme in the mission editor. Can you send me the scenario? I can take a look when I get home.
  9. Great, I'll hit the range and become proficient!
  10. Which scenario? Also, did you try changing the Camouflage Schemes? Some selections will not have a desert skin.
  11. This is very nice! Great find, and thank you for sharing! It sure makes inputting weather information much easier.
  12. I don't know about being "elite," but I'll be there. What variant of the CV90 will be used?
  13. Gentlemen, I just sent out the orders to everyone I can confirm is Blue from the manning list. if you did not receive it and are playing as Blue, send me a message and I'll add you. If you are on a time crunch reading the order, focus on understanding the Enemy and the Execution. I have included the plan file, so you can download it and examine it in game if the provided graphics are not clear. I'll see you all in a bit!