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  1. I'll have a YouTube video of the session up not later than Tuesday. I just finished editing, and reduced the video from 2 hours to about an hour and fifteen minutes. I'll finish up tomorrow evening, and I'll upload it while I am asleep.
  2. I'll take a Stryker and a leadership position. In the meantime, I'll just check out the local African bars. What could possibly go wrong?
  3. Yep, I figured. Well, looks like its back to the time-tested method of trial and error.
  4. Absolutely! I actually rebinded the controls for Steel Armor: Blaze of War to match those of Steel Beasts, due to ease of use. I enjoy having detailed interiors. I think this is an important discriminator that separates Steel Beasts from the other Armor Sims out there. The T-72 in Steel Beasts, for example, seems much more "alive" when compared to something like T-72: Balkans on Fire. As much as I like having new playable vehicles, I don't want to see a compromise in the "character" of these vehicles.
  5. For the issue of driving through trees, have you tried just creating a route via waypoints? I commonly do this, and I haven't hit a tree in quite a while. Sure, you won't be moving quickly, but you are driving a vehicle through a forest. There is bound to be underbrush, vegetation, and trees of differing sizes all over the place, so driving slowly seems realistic to me. Also, I can sit at the gunner's station, and I don't have to worry about manually controlling the vehicle, and I can instead focus on finding and engaging enemy targets. Edit: peXmo, the "quick route" already exists. Hold the right control key, and you can place a waypoint in the 3D view. I use this often to move my tank.
  6. I'm at UTC - 6, so my normal game time is about 1:00 PM. I'm normally at work during that time. I can try to do earlier or later; let's discuss further in a PM.
  7. Is this person also acting as the CO for the Company? Also, I'll go for CO, or XO.
    If you have ever been bothered by the camo-mismatch between US Infantry and US AFV Crewmen with the US 2000 camo, this is the ideal solution! This mod looks incredible, and feels like it was included with the base game. A must have!
  8. Splash, I just wanted to say that your texture mods are an "automatic install" for me! They look great, as always!
  9. 1. No. The quickest way to tell is to open up the Steel Beasts Mission Editor, and go to place some units. Units that have their text in gray are not "playable." 2. Yes; check out the release notes on eSim's website. http://www.esimgames.com/index.php?page_id=1390 3. I'm not sure the exact version, but I am pretty sure it is at least version B, due to having Thermals.
  10. Thanks for the due diligence in getting everything sorted!
  11. I request to be moved to another Company if possible. I plan on recording this game, and I don't want to accidentally record Gibsonm's voice.