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  1. A quick video I put together explaining how the Rhodesian Fireforce tactic was normally carried out. The footage is from Nick Downie's film Frontline Rhodesia. It is the best example of Fireforce in action that I have seen so far.
  2. I ran into a knife fight in the woods. A Platoon of T-72s rolled into my line of sight at extremely close range. Luckily, I saw them first. Also included is an image of the enemy's destroyed tanks on Objective 2. 3rd Platoon and the CO can be observed advancing through the objective.
  3. Thanks you! After I crossed the river, I didn't encounter any more enemy forces until I reached the Objective. I looked over the AAR and saw that there were some obstacles that I didn't know where there, but I pushed my forces a lot further west. I can send you the AAR in a PM if you want.
    This mission was absolutely a joy to play! It was challenging, and inspired me to spend a good amount of time on IPB and developing a maneuver plan. The scenario felt fairly well balanced: the terrain offered advantages, and disadvantages to both sides, and the enemy, while in the defense, didn't feel completely overpowered for the forces at your disposal. Also, variations in the enemy's plan makes replayability high. All in all, a standout scenario that I think every Steel Beasts player should try at least once. So, what are you waiting for? Download it immediately!
  4. When I was making a plan for this mission, I identified AoA Mace as being my least preferable course of action, due to bounding right into the enemy's Kill Zone and having my flanks exposed. I was toying with the idea of playing the mission again, but trying to make an advance "straight down the middle" work. I might come back to this mission, edit it to be set in a more modern era, and see if I can actually do it. I certainly enjoyed my first play-through of it!
  5. Is there any documentation available that gives a fairly in-depth look at the ERCWS-M for Steel Beasts? I couldn't find anything on this site, aside from the Wiki article.
  6. Thanks for the feedback! I was certainly EXTREMELY liberal with the use of artillery (got rounds? Shoot 'em!). Looking back at the AAR, I could have cut back on the expenditure of rounds and had a similar effect, since the main area that it really helped was at the Objective. In general, I am not as familiar with the artillery system as I am with other aspects of Steel Beasts, guys like @Hedgehog, and @D u k e continue to amaze (or frustrate, depending on if we are on the same side ) me with their employment of it in multiplayer.
  7. I had a blast with @Panzer_Leader's scenario "Combat Team Flank Attack at Hamelin." I happened to be extraordinarily lucky in this mission, but that certainly didn't rob me of my enjoyment! I also tried out @Wardog's new Challenger 2 Pack. The BATUS Camo looks quite impressive! Definitely check it out if you haven't already. As always, I appreciate any feedback, tactics or otherwise.
  8. Gibsonm's guidance is spot on. Pick a vehicle and stick with it until you are very comfortable on that platform before moving on. The easiest is probably the Leopard 2A5, but I would pick the vehicle that you are most passionate about. Even though the Leopard 2A5 is usually recommended as the best "starter" tank, I trained on the M1A1. Once you have completed ALL the Tutorials for the vehicle, I highly recommend for you to hit the Tank Range hard. Practice until you can get at least a score of 90 every single time. Once you are good with that, download Tacbat's Gun Runner series, change the default tank to whatever you are training on using the mission editor, and run through those scenarios until you have about 80% accuracy and 10 seconds average time to kill. From there, try your hand at instant action, and practice berm drills (or jockeying if you prefer) and gunnery against targets that shoot back. Also, practice calling in IDF; it is a vital skill for any single player scenario. Once you have made it to this point, download the Camp Hornfelt scenarios, change the tanks as necessary in the editor, and run through all of those. All the info for these scenarios should be found in the Starter Guide on the Wiki (thanks, Gibsonm!) If you are able to complete all of these scenarios, you will be FAR better off than the majority of newcomers going into their first multi-player game.
  9. This video does a good job of describing how the L85A1 acquired it's rather bad reputation.
  10. 1st Tank PLT please. (Also, this filled up quite quickly!)
  11. I'll have you know, that 14 year old was a Lieutenant in his best-friend-from-school's *elite* MILSIM unit. The amount of training he went through to attain that rank is no laughing matter! Have you ever played ARMA 3 for two days straight? He has! He deserves YOUR respect! Or, he just asked his buddy if he could be an officer... That being said, we don't do that around here. The main goal is fun, and that is what we try to provide.
  12. If in regards to Steel Beasts missions similar to Team Yankee, yes; see the above two posts. If in regards to the book, try Amazon. The reprint seems to have some issues with editing, so you might want to see if they have an older copy available. If it is in regards to the new Battlefront Miniatures game, then you would be best off checking it out here: http://www.team-yankee.com Is there another "Team Yankee" you are thinking of?
  13. So, check your email; there might be a time-based license in it. If so, activate that one, then you can play. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the CodeMeter to arrive. Don't worry, you cannot activate the unlimited license without a CodeMeter being inserted into the computer.
  14. No. There are plenty of free alternatives to WinZip, like IZArc or 7-Zip, for example. I think Windows might also have a program that extracts .zip files as well.