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  1. The AM is drivable?!
  2. Would you happen to have a video of that operation? Sounds awesome.
  3. *Slaps Duke* Haha
  4. Also, AW has the worst sounds ever. Lol
  5. Any screens of the T-55A? Thanks!
  6. Snake is probably laughing at this thread since he has no more Fuchs to give.
  7. I'd be happy with a crewable T-55 and later model T-72s. I'm a simple man. Lol
  8. "......7...8...9...10! Ready or not, here I co.......awww crap".
  9. Was this stuff reported already?
  10. Found these and wanted to report them. Not sure if this is a model issue or intentional. The road wheel is placed in the "way" of the smoke dischargers. Easier to move the road wheel or remove it? lol Thanks for your time and product!
  11. I don't really notice a difference in the lighting. Maybe because I haven't played in a few weeks and forgot what the old lighting looked like. The maingun tracers look a little different than what I remember.
  12. Was the M1A2 roof roadwheel/pinon moved over a little? It currently blocks the smoke launcher, so when it discharges it keeps hitting my loader in the eye.......and he's getting pissed!
  13. So we have an A-10, P-51, and "light" ground combat game. An F-18 in progress and a Las Vegas map. Maybe next they will go for a combat diving module and yachting simulator. How about just ditching the ground sim stuff and maybe focusing on an AH64 and Kiowa?
  14. Rise Of Flight has a similar DLC model. Essentially, all of the addons are installed via official patches and people who purchase the new flyables get the crewable positions and ability to fly them. Everybody has the DLC, but only those who paid have them activated as flyable and both parties fly online together with no issues. Works flawlessly.