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    Dijon . FRANCE
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    Many ...Jet fighters , tanks ,PC\'s ,..sex
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  1. Hi Mapman , I 'm just around to check the forums and responding to you is a pleasure . No more SB for me right now , maybe one day I 'll be back ... How 's life ? Kind I hope ... Do you remember the 2nd Dragoons ?.. Ah ! What a good fun it was ! By the way , I say a big "hello" to all my old friends too . You are far too many for me to name you all but I remember EVERYTHING . That 's all for now , see you on Teamspeak soon ... Cheers .
  2. Hang on a minute ! Since when Americans know about beer ??? :mrgreen: Unless they get the good stuff from a store selling Euros beers , they 're stuck with rubbish local stuff . All of us ~Europeans~ should pray for these poors Lads :calim: :angel: :mrgreen: We are soo lucky and they 're soooo unlucky ... :mrgreen: Btw , I agree with Shot : What beer Americans like ? (I did not say it) Cheers . :3starSK:
  3. Kriek Lambic or Bellevue , rasberry flavor (better than the Cherry version) . It 's the number 1 on my list : http://internationalbeershop.com.au/products.asp?product_id=85 Cheers . :3starSK:
  4. Through the Nvidia control panel . Cheers . :3starSK:
  5. Version 1.0


    3rd scenario of the Korean Campaign . A US Task-Force is to assault a Town defended by the North-Korean DPRK Forces . A big reinforced Company on Blue side + Paras from the 101st Airborn . Bluewings .
  6. Version 1.0


    2nd scenario of the Korean Campaign . A US Company has been tasked to do a Recon by fire nearby a Town occupied by the DPRK ...
  7. Version 1.0


    Due to general demand , I turned my old SB1 Korean Campaign into ProPE standard . This is the first scenario . The War has began in the Korean Peninsula . The North-Korean DPRK Forces have decided to unify Korea by the mean of Force . They took the UN and everybody by surprise by launching an all-out attack on multiple fronts ... The rar. file includes a .hgt (Height file) which must be extracted in the height sub-folder of the ProPE Maps folder . Enjoy . Bluewings .
  8. Version 1.0


    Head to Head scenario . Asymetrical Warfare . Blue (US) is attacking Red (fictional European Country) who is tasked to defend a small Town .
  9. I might have exagerated a bit , but count how many people on these forums are having trouble with NVidia drivers . For the past 6 years , I had numerous video cards from both Companies and had very little to complain about . Regarding the Quake3/4 and Doom3 story , it is iD 's fault because they implemented NVidia 's code into their softwares . ATI had to find a way around to make up for it ... Cheers . :3starSK:
  10. But they have absolutly shit drivers . NVidia better get things sorted quick ... Cheers . :3starSK:
  11. Version 1.0


    Bradleys and APCs only scenario . Attack different Objectives . Fuel and ammo Trucks supplied .
  12. Version 1.0


    Head to Head scenario . 2 Companies on each side . Blue has Abrams + PCs Red has Leo2A4 + PCs Asymetrical Warfare .
  13. Version 1.0


    Head to Head scenario . 2 Companies on each side . Blue has Abrams + PCs Red has Leo2A4 + PCs
  14. Version 1.0


    Head to Head scenario (Rather big , needs 8 players) . Blue has Abrams + Pcs Red has Leo2A5 + PCs Very hard terrain , go SLOW ! Winter time , visibility very low .
  15. SB2 : most likely in 2008 . Cheers . :3starSK: