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  1. https://www.facebook.com/pg/GrafSupportTeam/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1489689017750320
  2. The 2 first pictures are of the technical turret trainer ( ETT in french ) The others are the crew training simulator (SEE). When 4 are linked, it's the platoon training simulator (SEP).
  3. Sorry, but with a better cpu and gfx I ran at 4fps with SB PRO PE 4.0. Core 2Duo 8600@4000Mhz; GTX560Ti : 4 FPS
  4. Me too, one of the participant!
  5. PaMas G1= beretta 92 under licence.
  6. There is a friend from 501 RCC with the team
  7. Core 2Duo 8600@4000Mhz; GTX560Ti : 4 FPS (my rig until SB 4.0 came) Core i7 6700K@4300Mhz; GTX 970 :60 FPS (my new rig) Core i5 6300HQ@3000Mhz; GTX960M: 35 FPS (gaming laptop for deployment)
  8. Blue on blue, or for instance, red on red. Red killed by blue artillery are accounted for blue kill ("killed by artillery" in the AAR)
  9. press T key and the TC will let you engage your current target.
  10. Had been in the simulator at CATT 10 years ago, but did not recall how it is (I used the Challenger 2 one during 2 weeks)
  11. Me too, as a Leclerc platoon it's now 4 tanks and 4 VBL.
  12. I 'd like a map icons editor the way you create map mission graphics (see pics).
  13. It was just easier to produce (less welding) and to fix on the hull (each part had an steel arm over the road weel to maintain space with the hull. Composition and arrangement is the same.
  14. From the developpment name to current designation: EPC AMX Leclerc GIAT Leclerc NEXTER Leclerc It's nickname in the french army is XL (for AMX Leclerc, as we called the AMX30 serie X30, AMX10P X10...) Leclerc renovation is called XLR AMX56 is a wrong denomination from Jane's. Initial project was 48 tonnes. Prototypes were 53 tonnes. Serie 1, 54T Retrofited Serie 1, 55T Serie 2, 56 T Serie SXXI (and not serie 3...) 57T XLR, NOT KNOWN currently.
  15. it does not give the range in execution phase, only in sight or not (Black or white dot)