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  1. That's a pretty neat little tool. Thanks for pointing it out.
  2. I believe you meant to say:
  3. Effing Microsoft! Recently (and all of a sudden for no apparent reason), every time I opened a file explorer window, a dialogue would pop up asking me to sign in to OneDrive. I don't use it, nor do I want to, but Windows didn't bother to ask or even give me the option to tell it. I tried disabling it in the registry to no avail. I ended up having to uninstall it altogether.
  4. Pfft. Just rifle the HESH itself like a slug for a smooth bore shotgun.
  5. Happy New Year!!
  6. Merry Christmas, everyone!
  7. "Calibers" are simply fractions of an inch. So, if you want to convert from mm to caliber, multiply the mm by 0.04. (Actually, 0.03937007874... but no need to get that precise.) Shotgun gauges are where things get weird. A "gauge" is determined by how many lead balls of the diameter of the barrel will add up to one pound. So, if you divide a pound of lead into twelve equal balls, the diameter of each ball will be 12ga. The only exception being .410, which is the caliber of the barrel.
  8. NICE!! Merry Christmas!
  9. Welcome to the forums.
  10. My wife bought me a six-pack of this for our anniversary. I like it. The label says it's a "wee heavy scotch ale". It's quite dark and reminds me of "Danzig" (by the same brewer) or maybe even vaguely of Guinness. Very rich, slightly sweet. Relatively high ABV.
  11. I just left a comment on his SoundCloud page.
  12. I've been playing SB since its first incarnation, and this has never been a major problem for me. Sure, I've had the odd vehicle end up in the drink. But it never occurred to me to blame eSim for it. I've found that if I'm simply careful about the routes/tactics I give my units, they [usually] do just fine on their own. This applies to plans made in the mission editor, the planning phase and in "real time" in the execution phase. I won't deny that sometimes a vehicle will end up in the water even if I've given all the "right" orders. But, as GSprocket pointed out, this happens in real life, too. Orders aren't always carried out perfectly, and no human is immune to error...why should the AI be any different? Just MHO, YMMV.