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  1. Now I am really confused...You ever set something down and just a few minutes later you cannot find it??? Well I restarted the scenario and all of the vehicles have the right camo....
  2. 73 eastings..Camo is IQ and US 1990 M1A1 HA and M2 Brads..Iraq has T55M2.BMP 1 and unimog vehicles..
  3. When playing desert scenarios my armored vehicles are all woodland camo..What am I doing wrong??? Running win 10..
  4. Your scenario has many wire barriers the one I was using has a single triple wire barrier...That could be the reason they waltz right thru it...
  5. I know but in this sim I just ran a 5 tank platoon of m-60A3 thru triple strand concertina at slow speed and they didn't even slow down..I got caught in some as our platoon was leaving Lai Khe thru the east gate and didn't make it 20 ft..Talk about a screwed up mess...The mp's got quite a laugh out of it...
  6. Can this be implemented in to the next patch?? This is what really happens when Tanks and P.C."s encounter razor wire..
  7. Just a little item on the soviet tanks...Why are most of the .51 cal machine guns pointed to the rear??Wouldn't it make more sense to point them to the front???
  8. AHHH Come on Ssnake.... They are "small and sometimes pretty damned agile" and my gunner on the coax does need practice....
  9. Just upgraded to 4.010....I am one fussy old man that likes eye candy..To the ESIM team thank you for this new upgrade,hell I can even see tracers in thermal mode now...This is a true work of art...Thanks ESIM...
  10. A new find from the IDF...Look at the gun tube,its bent..This is a atgm launch system...Missles are launched fron a rear mount pop up system...
  11. Ssnake will you be adding the HOT 3 missile anytime soon???
  12. Thank you Gibson...
  13. Are there any non soviet anti aircraft units??