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  1. Up grades or patches??

    In Vietnam we called it RPG fence/wire...We would set it up from the 30 degree angel to about the 75 degree and the 310 degree to about and 290 degree angel front left and right of our tanks...It was supposed to detonate RPG's when they hit the wire..But on at least 2 occasions I saw RPG's that had pushed thru and were snagged by the tail fins and would just hang up..
  2. ETA on terrain patch?

    Not 1 post on this subject since 09/04/17...I am impressed...
  3. ETA on terrain patch?

    Ok troopies...I am volunteering myself as a zippo target...How about we leave Snake alone and let him and his crew make this update happen..(In layman terms shut the intercourse up and let him alone)..Ok..I am prepared to be given a life time ban so let her rip...
  4. What are acceptable losses?

    In reality..How many letters do you want to write???
  5. Calling artillery

    I would like to know is how do you cancel and arty fire mission??You have targets spotted and have knocked them out and as you roll over there position some idiot asssed officer decides that's a great place for and icm strike...I have shot a lot of officers in this sim...
  6. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Now you have me drooling!!! You do know that a Logitech solar keyboard costs $40.00+ don't you???
  7. In game map view cursor color

    Any way to change it from white to another darker color??? My old eyes are not what they used to be...Thank you..
  8. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    I think Israel is pretty tight lipped when it comes to their MBT's...Especially that one..
  9. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    I know I will never see it but the Mekerva MK 4...Beautiful vehicle....
  10. 4.019

    Just a little hint...Do not let your vehicles near concertina,they won't make it past the 1st wire...
  11. Enemy infantry

    Would it be possible to add the infantry kills as well or would that entail a major effort that would not be worth it ? I wish they would...The scenario will probably take about 3 hr to finish once you start it...It is one heck of a fight I have actually run out of coax ammo on the breds in some replays....I am thinking of adding a platoon sized sweep around the perimeter after things quiet down,if I still have that many grunts left.Every time I tested it the perimeter was over run in at least 3 sections.....I even put in some humorous messages in the plan...
  12. Tank platoon rank structure

    In 4.010 the platoon leader is the 11 element and the 14 tank is the Platoon Sgt's tank..In 4,010 you have the platoon sgt as the 12 tank..Can this be corrected??
  13. wide spacing

    How to keep your armor on a wide unit spacing ..Set your route and at the final defensive point you can set to wide and they will maintain that formation...Instead of me complaining all of the time I finally "think" I found a possible solution for spacing..
  14. Choppers

    So that means if I take off the atgm I cannot replace with ffar...Doesn't make sense..Some real life missions call for balanced or certain weapons according to the mission...Would you go into a grunt heavy (no armor support)contact with atgm's or would you favor more ffar's?? Can a update be made to change this to where we can have the weapons we need for each situation??
  15. Choppers

    Tried that you can take off weapons but cannot replace with different rockets..And example if you want a full loadout of hydra's consisting of 72 rockets you won't get them...You have either 2 pods of hydr's and 2 pods of atgm or just 2 pods of which ever you choose atgm or hydra..