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  1. If playing as a TC on older tanks that lack CITVs or the Leopard "Peri" don't be so averse to popping you head out of the hatch and scan for targets with your binoculars. An old maxim of Israeli tankers goes something to the effect of "a tank loses 60% of its effectiveness with its commander's hatch buttoned up".
  2. Indeed, part of the reason India stopped at 36 Rafales was because HAL, India's domestic combat aircraft manufacturer, is notoriously difficult to work with for foreign designers and manufacturers. Not content with a frankly incredible agreement for technology transfers and a production contract for 108 of 126 Rafales slated for service in the IAF, HAL overplayed their hand and demanded that Dassault guarantee the work which Dassault inevitably refused. The Indian MOD got around this problem by reducing the order to 36 which can be seen as a sweet spot of establishing the Rafale as a significant part of the IAF but not enough to justify a domestic production line.
  3. I'm curious as to how it was ascertained that what was fired was a TOW-2A and not some older version like the legacy TOW-2 or BGM-71A/B or ITOW. Was there anything from the footage that distinguished it as that? Had the people who filmed it had a close look at the missile at some point? Was the TOW-2A known to have been supplied to this group of rebels?
  4. Any particular reason why it would have been deactivated? It would seem to me if you were working with the latest and greatest in the Russian arsenal it would be prudent to err on the side of caution, and I somewhat doubt fuel consumption is a concern since urban combat does require that a unit proceed slowly anyways. By the way, can you link to the discussion about Shtora's effectiveness against TOW-2?
  5. Purportedly Relikt was able to defeat tandem charge warheads, so that might explain why the turret didn't get sent all the way back to Nizhny Tagil. What is curious is that the very visible Shtora electro-optical dazzlers did not spoof the missile.
  6. If what was shipped was the laser-guided variant, then I fail to see how countries like Russia or China could have gleaned something from it that they haven't already figured out 15-20 years ago.
  7. A comic book reader iPhone app for French bande dessineé I was quite fond of using had to take some titles off of its service, since with the French being who they are generally had steamier content than us Americans in their comics and didn't have the Comics Code to limit its creative freedom at some point in its life.
  8. From the History Channel Youtube channel, though this almost makes up for the years of Duck Dynasty, pawn shops, and Nazi "aliens". https://youtu.be/pcVzfOmt4Tg
  9. I am designing a scenario for Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations in which a joint NATO force of the United States and Turkey launch a marine invasion on Crimea. It's title: "Operation Thanksgiving" :bigsmile:
  10. What do you suppose that cutout to the left of the T-14's gun on the turret is? The gunner's sight?
  11. it is said that everything within the strike radius of the CVBG remains intact at the Task Force Commander's discretion :gun:
  12. Thought I'd get a thread going for some help with some scenarios and hopefully sharpen up my tanking skills. How have you guys managed to complete the Heroes of Hohenfels part I scenario? It seems that taking position in the prepared defenses the platoon immediately sets out for is a sure ticket to death (not to mention the fact that it doesn't give you a very clear line of fire, and more often than not the barrel doesn't even clear the mound of dirt in front of it). I've tried going in forward and going hull-down for a defense in depth, but it seems the AI is real spot-on with its artillery spotting, and you can only realistically kill 3-5 units before you have to reposition before an ICM strike rains down on you. I'm spamming the hell out of my own ICM strikes as well, but that does little to stop the Red Tide when it finally crests. Should I leave the BRDMs and BTRs to the Marders and not-Luchses and save my ammo for the BMPs and T-72s?
  13. Well the Russian MOD has progressively slashed its order from ~166 for the production aircraft that would eventually come of the PAK-FA T-50 program down to as of this post 12 airframes as a result of the recent sanctions. I think it quite likely for the foreseeable future that the biggest customer for the latest and greatest of Russian conventional military tech will continue to be India.
  14. https://youtu.be/PN_CP4SuoTU
  15. I think the next step should be the "Joint Mobile Offshore Base". We fix the problem of regular airfields being static and vulnerable and regular carriers being too small to host conventional takeoff craft by making carriers too big to sink by conventional means. Put a bunch of MIM-104 Patriot batteries on board and have it flanked by Flight III DDGs and a bird doesn't take a crap in its airspace without a say so. :gun:
  16. Sorry for reviving this thread, but... Came back to this sim after a while and thought I'd play through the "Deliberate Assault" missions, and for the life of me I can't get an acceptable number of tanks to secure OBJ Viking in the first scenario "Hurricane at Fulda" fairly unscathed (or with enough ammo to repel the impending reinforcements. In spite of the fact that I managed to get a 100% rating in the Tank Gunnery Range the AI tankers in my company are unable to score hits on the tanks in prepared defences, and they expend all of their sabots trying to do so. I've tried nuking that entire position with ICM barrages but most of those T-72s are hardy enough to shrug the submunitions off with light damage.
  17. So the ERA on the tank in the photo is Relikt, not Kontakt-5? I had been under the impression that there were few if any cosmetic differences between the two. Or is the way the bricks are arrayed indicative on the ones in service with the CIS? From what I've seen the Ukrainian T-80s have retained the rubber flaps over their Kontakt-5 bricks while many newer T-72s and the T-90 have done away with them to give them a a more clamshell appearance. What sites did you discover this on (for citation purposes, not that I doubt the validity of them unless you would recommend taking it with a grain of salt).
  18. Sorry if this is an egregious case of necroing and if it's verging into potentially volatile territory as it involves the current troubles in Ukraine. I'm engaged in a discussion over T-72s in Ukraine at the moment among friends (nothing vitriolic, I assure you), in particular footage of a T-72 that is supposedly of a T-72 that is exclusively in Russian service: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-28961080 What is the probability that it is an abnormally modernised T-72 that was in Ukrainian stocks and not of Russian make as IISS suggests?
  19. http://mobile.bloomberg.com/news/2014-07-01/tank-builders-krauss-maffei-wegmann-nexter-systems-to-combine.html So what does this mean? The Eurokampfpanzer Leclercopard? the Leoclerc? Another step towards that superpower "Etat-Franco-Allemand" everyone's been talking about?
  20. Do you believe the latest incarnations of the Leopard 2 have areas in which it is deficient that could not be offset by modular systems and thus would necessitate an entirely new design? Does it need better engines? Additional hull protection? Next-generation reactive armour? Better IVIS systems? A TIS and CITV suite comparable to the M1A2's? Even more COIN-oriented systems? Or am I being too unambitious and the next step is directed-energy/magnetically-accelerated weapons, nanotech-reinforced alloys, and quantum-computing systems able to reduce CEPs to micrometers and provide low-latency platoon-level to theaterwide situational awareness and command and control?
  21. Reminds me of this passage from Mark Bowden's piece on remote piloted vehicles from The Atlantic: The article here: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2013/09/the-killing-machines-how-to-think-about-drones/309434/
  22. Was your research also informed by what was known about the L11A5 used by the Chieftain and the Challenger 1? Though I acknowledge that its within the realm of possibility that the same round fired from an L11 and a the L30 would be like going from the L/44 to the L/55 using the same round, but I'm curious about the performance figures for the older gun.
  23. Steven Zaloga's works suggest that early ERA, like early '80s composite armour developed in Chobham and its derivatives, provided fantastic protection against CE while providing comparatively minimal additional protection against KE. Using the diagram for the early T-72B in the wiki, how much more protection does this translate into for KE and CE?
  24. Back on topic: To give you an example, parts of the airframes of the A-10 and the AH-64 Apache were rated to be protected against up to 23mm autocannon fire (although taking sustained hits from these rounds at a rate of 800-1000 RPM from a Zeus certainly wasn't good news for both of these aircraft). Though my knowledge of the Hind isn't as extensive, its role of a fast-attack helicopter that would make repeated passes against enemy positions using rockets (it was rather poorly suited for hovering and bob-up attacks compared to the Apache, the Havoc, and the Hokum) meant it had to be able to take at least a fair amount of punishment from heavy caliber rounds.
  25. http://youtu.be/UuZGX46X4Tg