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  1. Meh, thanks for adding cost and logistical nightmare for a simple infantry soldier.
  2. Indian Border Guards fight with Chinese PLA.
  3. Beautiful !!!
  4. Snake's post is good enough for me. Nothing else matters !
  5. Poor/funny choice of words. Specially considering you're speaking with Zaphod.
  6. STRV-103C: what a beauty ! With modern upgrades this will be great defensive tank.
  7. Alternate history !
  8. Does something like this help ?
  9. Nevertheless , allowing one "Mature" VU to have a channel will result in demand/request from others too. I am sure the Mods dont want to open that door anytime soon.
  10. Dont fix something that aint broke ! Specially since the VU channels have gone there have been less drama. Anyone who wants their own VU channel has already moved to other locations or have their own TS server. I think its fine the way it is.
  11. After 2 Indian soldiers were beheaded. Indian Army destroys the Pakistani bunker with ATGM.
  12. Manual Fire RPG would be nice.
  13. Bah Humbug
  14. what if we do old equip. scenarios ?