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  1. I am sure V can host a mission with full map updates catering to your specific request.
  2. Superbowl 2018 riot

  3. Superbowl 2018 riot

    Eagles WON !!! suck it NE Patriots! This is how Philadelphia celebrates!
  4. Cryptocurrency miners like me, But don't worry, it's coming down in a month or 2. In fact, if you have rx470,480, 570 , 580 or Nvidia 1060,1070,1070ti,1080 or 1080ti you should consider selling these NOW and make double the money you bought them while you can. Just a thought not financial advice.
  5. Best music for PRE-combat ?

  6. Please comment

    Kiwi Army ?
  7. People Like me drove the GPU prices up ! Sorry !

    You're missing the point, Rotar. Point is to make a profit on the hype of cryptocurrency and not about whether its "stable investment" or not. Only investment i made in cryptocurrency that i haven't got back it the mining setup i did, I will make rest of my investment back in next month. And if the market crashes all I have to do is sell all the GPU's I have and trust me RX570 and 1070ti are still pretty good cards. As long as there are people willing to buy someone will be willing to mine. I wasn't advising you should sell it to me. Trust me if i build another cryptocurrency setup my wife will kill me. You can sell on ebay or craigslist and buy a GPU that still runs SB but not good for mining. Eg- GTX 1050, 970. etc...
  8. WOT is a great stress reliever and its a different class of game. Its cannot and should not be compared to SB. I am not sure why folks do that.
  9. Meh, thanks for adding cost and logistical nightmare for a simple infantry soldier.
  10. Video Thread

    Indian Border Guards fight with Chinese PLA.
  11. Pictures ITEC 2017

    Beautiful !!!
  12. Snake's post is good enough for me. Nothing else matters !
  13. Poor/funny choice of words. Specially considering you're speaking with Zaphod.
  14. Video Thread

    STRV-103C: what a beauty ! With modern upgrades this will be great defensive tank.
  15. eSimGames logo is iconic and brilliant

    Alternate history !
  16. BRDM

    Does something like this help ?
  17. Nevertheless , allowing one "Mature" VU to have a channel will result in demand/request from others too. I am sure the Mods dont want to open that door anytime soon.
  18. Dont fix something that aint broke ! Specially since the VU channels have gone there have been less drama. Anyone who wants their own VU channel has already moved to other locations or have their own TS server. I think its fine the way it is.
  19. Video Thread

    After 2 Indian soldiers were beheaded. Indian Army destroys the Pakistani bunker with ATGM.
  20. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Manual Fire RPG would be nice.
  21. OPFOR 4-22-2017

    Bah Humbug
  22. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    what if we do old equip. scenarios ?
  23. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Radio/ Comms Man in a squad . Losing him will result in Loss of comms for the Inf squad.