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    well I made it... It's a very hard mission, so well played as multiplayer as well as single busy player. Time is an issue in this mission, if you move fast eny will not have time to reorganize, if you move slow with no deception, you will meet his concentrated force multiple times
  2. Map Request Thread

    Dear I'm considering producing some scenaries around Metz where Patton in 1944 struggled from sep to end november on his push toward the Rhine, some days with higher American looses than they suffered during D-Day. He was figthing an stubborn eny consisting of newly conscripted VG (Volks Guards, equal to national guard), city security units and an signal NCO and officer training school, and a single SS Div consisting of 1 Battle Group wo heavy weapons). To do this I need the specific maps around Metz. 1 map north Metz (49 20'05.00N 6 11'43.77E) (49 15'37.50N 6 19'00.22E) (90/95 div and 10 armd advance) 1 map South Metz (49 01.23.34N 6 05'03.34E) (48 59'19.55N 6 05'13.96E) (387, 388, 389 Reg crossing) I saw there was a scenaria Ivo METZ (Kelly's Heroes) on the server on a very limited area of the map, so maybe somebody have or can make the maps) Thanks Metz.docx


    any position
  4. no problem, there will be another time. If we make it tonight, I need 15 minutes to be ready to go, so just let me know

    Version 1.1


    This is my first publich scenario. Situated in a Canadian/finish/northern Sweden like environment, in a mix of closed and canalized terrain with some farmland. Can be played as single (1 recon section, 2 Mekinf platoons and 2 Tk platoons, and morter and support) or multiple players. Tne concept is a deep Advance to contact, clean up and finally seize the objective in a industry part of city. Eny is a single forwarded force with heavy artillery support. Enemy is randomized and very responsive action to yours. I tried to make him proactive and tricky. Just to make it fun to replay. Further instructions in the briefing in the scenario. If maps are needed download Kingston maps. The Maps are build together with LEO MACDONNALD from CAN 1 armd div in the SB community. IF I GET 3 COMMENTS, PLEASE ADD YOUR IDEAS FOR A SCENARIO, I WILL MAKE A NEW SCENARIO. Pls issue any comment and enjoy the simulation. Be aware the mission is very difficult and very hard to achieve success in. The scenario has no politically or realistic intention or setup. a mix of old, new equipment, new zeeland APV, german tanks old and new russian and a bit of UK.
  6. I will like to join in. Out eating with a customer, but should be able to join. Though dont wait if I'm not there
  7. Version 1.0.0


    CANADA, ONTARIO, Kingston Maps. consist of 2 maps created from high quality Army vector maps. 90x90 km area WEST KINGSTON (Named NAPANEE) and 50x50 km area EAST KINGSTON (Named GANANOQUE). Small issues like signs are placed on roads, and must be moved. All buildings are same type and facing same way. Have corrected it and added google maps features like small henge, rocks and swamps in the parts of the map, I have build scenaries, but not all over due to the large size of maps. The Maps are build together with LEO MACDONNALD from CAN 1 armd div in the SB community.
  8. Gunner and TC in LAV25, ASLAV and T-80/T-90

    ok, I need dismounted inf. The LAV itselves is ineffective against most armd targets from OPFOR. I will try out both. Fortes Fortuna Juvat. BR Knispel
  9. Gunner and TC in LAV25, ASLAV and T-80/T-90

    thanks, I will replace LAV25 with ASLAV25 in my missions. Then the mek inf guys can do their jobs :-)
  10. How do I get access to play a T-80 and LAV25 etc in a mission I create myselves? I found some missions (convoy security in Jugoslavia) where I could act as LAV25 gunner, but if I add a LAV25 to a scenarion, I can't fight as gunner / TC. Same goes for some BMP, T-80 and T-90 and properly more. Do I need to download additional resources and where/how do I find those?
  11. Map Request Thread

    Thanks a lot to LEO MACDONNALD for providing map and heights. I look forward to share with college. If any need these maps (Ivo KINGSTON, ON) or like to try out some exercises just write to me. I will later upload to down load
  12. Map Request Thread

    Hi, Im studying a year at Army staff collage in Kingston CAnada, and I'm looking for a map Ivo Kingston (40 km). I have downloaded the geo hight map data from 70W to 80W and 40N to 50N. Can any of you help me with a map of the area? Thanks a lot in advance. My mail is peter_moldrup@hotmail.com DTED_W80N40.zip
  13. Map Request Thread

    I'm studying at Kingston Staff Academy in Canada. To test my deliveries and challenge myselves, I would love to try them out in different scenarias in Steel BEast, but I can't find existing maps or import height geo maps of the area 0-40 km EAST KINGSTON. I hope some of you entusiasts might guide me how to do, or maybe make the import and send me the blank map. be free to write directly at peter_moldrup@hotmail.com. The map attached South West corner is 50 WEST 70 NORTH DTED_W80N40.zip