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  1. Mouse and text issues

    And exactly why is that? Because I said the windowed mode doesn't work also. And I pointed out SB isn't the only game with the issue. Are you guys really so sensitive to any perceived criticism that I can't point out what doesn't work? I laid out the options I have. I pointed out another game with exactly the same issues. What has you guys all twisted up over it? I read Snake's reply and pointed out the his short term solution doesn't work. I also pointed out I know another game company I know that had the issue. So, should I have said nothing?
  2. Mouse and text issues

    I know, I read it. Not sure your point of repeating it.
  3. Mouse and text issues

    Actually, windowed mode isn't a solution. The text in windowed mode stays the same size no matter resolution and window size. So in windowed mode, the text runs out of boxes and into each other. Its pretty unreadable. Also, the cursor boxes around texts seem to be offset so that I have to click to the side of the text to activate. It makes playing darn close to unplayable, just to get to through the menus. Even while playing, the menus run into each other and text in the map screen is all running together. I ave a few options... 1) try playing without a mouse cursor in full screen 2) Play windowed with etxt all messed up and a performance hit 3) Take my MSI back from my son so I can play SB. 4) Stop playing SB and maybe sell my codemeter stick Really only 3 and 4 are viable. I have played around with the DPI and scaling settings a lot, but with no real success for 1 and 2. I also haven't tried on an external monitor to see how that works. But that is a limiting option. The only other game that this was an issue with was Command Modern Naval and Air Operations from Matrix and the devs eventually fixed it.
  4. Mouse and text issues

    But face it, its getting bigger and it is inevitable. Its just a matter of how long...
  5. Mouse and text issues

    So it appears any fix to this issue is based on hopes and wishes.
  6. Mouse and text issues

    Just got a brand new Surface Book 2 (i7 8550 (4.3GHz single core speed), nVidia 1050, 16 Gb RAM). It runs faster than my older MSI with a slightly older i7. It has a 3000 x 2000 display. Couldn't see the mouse cursor and tracked down the various threads about SB not built for hi res displays and causing invisible cursors. So went to windowed mode (which I hate due to taking 5%-10% frame rate hit), just to play. Now I can see the cursor, but all the text runs together in the map menus and buttons and on the 3D screen. I did note that no matter what resolution I set for SB, the cursor was invisible in full screen mode; even low resolution settings I have tried experimenting with the shortcut DPI compatibility settings. They seem to work initially, but when I close SB, it seems to reset the DPI settings. I am assuming the mouse issue in the 2-year old threads has never been addressed, but maybe I missed it. Any suggestions on the mouse or the DPI issues would be appreciated.
  7. Panzer_Leader scenarios updated for 4.0

    Ooop! I was responding to a year old post on page 1...nevermind.
  8. ETA on terrain patch?

    Are there plans for other stuff in the terrain patch, like a traditional patch? Or is just closing out the last upgrade with the terrain patch?
  9. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    I resent that
  10. how to dig a hull down position?

    This is getting out of control
  11. Leo 2A5/6 turret res. 1628 mm KE / 2817 mm CE

    I think he was joking
  12. armor charts graphic meanings and blowing the ammo

    You might be looking, for Word of Tanks. There is a huge damage model. Its more detailed than anything I know of out there in the game space. There aren't hit decals and 3D representation of damage or such if that is what you mean.
  13. SB on mac system

    I would call that a laptop at the high end of mid-range. That's based on the clock speed of the CPU being in the high 2's. The video card is decent, and a lot better than an Intel chip. You should be able to run pretty decently, but may have to drop shadows or back off on a couple other graphics features.
  14. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Exactly...thank you.
  15. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    My point is that this has become a game help forum for you, not a content request list.