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  1. Are there plans for other stuff in the terrain patch, like a traditional patch? Or is just closing out the last upgrade with the terrain patch?
  2. I resent that
  3. This is getting out of control
  4. I think he was joking
  5. You might be looking, for Word of Tanks. There is a huge damage model. Its more detailed than anything I know of out there in the game space. There aren't hit decals and 3D representation of damage or such if that is what you mean.
  6. I would call that a laptop at the high end of mid-range. That's based on the clock speed of the CPU being in the high 2's. The video card is decent, and a lot better than an Intel chip. You should be able to run pretty decently, but may have to drop shadows or back off on a couple other graphics features.
  7. Exactly...thank you.
  8. My point is that this has become a game help forum for you, not a content request list.
  9. Can I ask why that is a workaround? Its the way it is supposed to work and it works. Also, can you put your questions about how the game works in a separate thread, and not the wishlist thread?
  10. I'm sorry, I am missing your point.
  11. Last numbers I saw from 2015 and it was 75% of US and 76% of EU had broadband at greater than 200kB speeds. I see this all the time that urbanites and tech people online think everyone must have fast internet connections. There still large swaths of the US and Europe that don't even have reliable mobile phone coverage.
  12. "IF they were really such crap" Ever hear of the infamous missile gap? Western intelligence tended to not evaluate the actual quality of Soviet equipment. Billions of dollars were wasted chasing after Soviet prortypes. There are numerous examples of the analysts hyping Soviet capabilities that turned out to just that...hype. The IS-3 is a perfect example.
  13. Well, except when the module has failed, Eagle Dynamics has had to step in and finish the module themselves. It looks like the WW2 module caused all kinds of issues for ED and their involvement has delayed other development.
  14. To me its more about scale than turn/wego/real-time. Operational and strategic can work OK with hexes. But when you get down to tactical where units are single vehicles et al., hexes tend to create a lot of artificial rules and abstractions.