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  1. I think it was explained that it is working as designed. Maybe not as you and others feel it should work. I even think esims said that was the case. So I'm questioning whether its broken or just doesn't have the fidelity.
  2. Is the helicopter damage model broken? Or just not what you want? I really didn't think it was broken.
  3. Still not a bug, as designed. I am again just pointing out that the this thread validates one of the reasons for not including unfinished vehicles. I am actually for including a lot more non-playable vehicles. But having unfinished interiors will lead to threads like this one, for good or bad.
  4. When you use the word bug in a support forum, it tends to draw a response. My response was bringing this right back to the push back on including unfinished models. No matter how innocent the question, it fits nice and neatly into that conversation.
  5. Wasn't there just a thread where people were clamoring to include unfinished vehicles? And the counter argument was having to address comments and complaints about unfinished vehicles. Can't find it now of course.
  6. You can always try it.
  7. How about looking at some existing scenarios? Some have a PW, but most don't.
  8. I think someone is confused and doesn't read the forums, even a little.
  9. Thanks...I would never have thought to look there...
  10. While I like hunting around on the interweb like the next guy, can someone post a link for the video. I don't remember reading about it.
  11. Asking from ignorance...would that Scimitar's suspension be wreaked and would the tank even be controllable like that, let alone banging the crew around a little.
  12. They had to take what was on the lot. They needed the recoilless option package.
  13. 1) Is their variable quality for vehicles like the quality setting for infantry? I thought I had seen it before, but noted that the options menu only has a quality setting for infantry. 2) Is the 100mm gun for the BMP-3 still not functional beyond the ATGM round? I hadn't seen any update on it and was just wondering.
  14. As there are bugs that effect both the AT-11 and BRDM-2 AT (AT-3, AT-5, and AT-5), is there an estimated time when this update will address this bug. I am attempting to build out a scenario and am trying judge whether to remove the BRDM-2 AT. As is, its useless, but if the fix is near, I'll just finish the scenario and wait. If its far, I'll have to find something to substitute.
  15. I am not pissed. Far from it. I am asking honestly. I just went back and looked and my perception is most of the people who respond here are MP or respond from an MP perspective. It seems the focus of the development is more on what MP players need and SP comes along for the ride. I am OK with that. I just want to know so I'll not waste my time or yours and just play with what I have.