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  1. Asking from ignorance...would that Scimitar's suspension be wreaked and would the tank even be controllable like that, let alone banging the crew around a little.
  2. They had to take what was on the lot. They needed the recoilless option package.
  3. 1) Is their variable quality for vehicles like the quality setting for infantry? I thought I had seen it before, but noted that the options menu only has a quality setting for infantry. 2) Is the 100mm gun for the BMP-3 still not functional beyond the ATGM round? I hadn't seen any update on it and was just wondering.
  4. As there are bugs that effect both the AT-11 and BRDM-2 AT (AT-3, AT-5, and AT-5), is there an estimated time when this update will address this bug. I am attempting to build out a scenario and am trying judge whether to remove the BRDM-2 AT. As is, its useless, but if the fix is near, I'll just finish the scenario and wait. If its far, I'll have to find something to substitute.
  5. I am not pissed. Far from it. I am asking honestly. I just went back and looked and my perception is most of the people who respond here are MP or respond from an MP perspective. It seems the focus of the development is more on what MP players need and SP comes along for the ride. I am OK with that. I just want to know so I'll not waste my time or yours and just play with what I have.
  6. I may be completely off base here. I assumed there were other single players. It seems that a lot of the responses here are from people talking about MP play perspective. If asking for SP features is out of whack, I'll stop posting requests around SP and save everyone's time.
  7. I used the exact same terminology as the game uses. World vs map. I also had to restate twice now, even after the obviously needed 3D term, that I was looking for a hot key.
  8. I just ran a single player game with about 75 units for 20 minutes. The AAR file size was 20Mb. So it would be 80Mb. An hour run would be 300Mb. Make it single player only if you want or only when running in test mode. Make AAR an option when running as a selection in the editor. There has to be some way to give the option of having more granular recordings when needed. I am kind of surprised file size came up as an issue. For smaller scenarios, the file size is tiny. As to FPS, making it an option would solve that. If you don't want to invest in the SP side of the game, that's fine. Put it in the editor only to make scenario development a little easier.
  9. I'll say it again...in the 3D world. Maybe I missed it, but this only works in the map.
  10. I think I requested this before, but I can't find it. In the AAR, can we have shorter increments than 4 seconds. If we could get it down to at least a second between frames, that would help in reviewing not only an event, but what led to an event. In lieu of that, could we make any firing of a weapon an event. Sometimes, from a scenario building standpoint, a fired but missed shot is as important as a hit. Again, these are interesting from a play perspective, but from a scenario building perspective, they are good productivity boosters.
  11. Yes, I know about the pull down and arrows on the map screen. I am asking for a key to do it quickly in the 3D world. Eliminates the need to go back to the map every time I need to change sides.
  12. I have off and on looked for this feature, so maybe it exists, but I can't find it... Is there a hot key to change sides in the editor? When testing a scenario, I would like to quickly change sides in the world view to get a perspective from both sides for setting up positions. To add to that, in test mode when paused, I would like to be able to use the menus and edit as if unpaused so that I can make changes without the clock ticking down. Both of these would be small productivity boosters for scenario design.
  13. Seems like the way all BRDM trips end.
  14. It was beyond 1700.
  15. Of course as soon as you posted that, my next test run through had a 75% hit rate for the AT-10.